The Last Straight Man 2014

The Last Straight Man 2014

Starring: Mark Cirillo, Scott Sell, David Alanson, Benjamin Lutz

Plot: The plot is one that the viewer, can relate to, in that we have all, loved someone, that we hide, our inner emotions from, because we are afraid, or that, in reality, we can't have them. Your character Lewis, is a closeted gay man, who just happens to be secretly in love, with his, straight, best friend. Now his best friend Cooper is getting married, to a woman. One night, they get into a drunken state and both hook-up, during the bachelor party. The next day, the reality sets in and the emotions build, but yet, Cooper is too be married. But the story does not halt there in the sexual exploration of two men. For the friends, decide to meet every year in the same hotel room, the same night, so that both can catch up on their lives, and yes, sexual pleasure. Lewis in reality grows closer and closer to his, so called straight friend. He wants to reveal his feelings. His love, his understanding of the relationship is different than Cooper. Over a 10 year period, two lovers interact, and come to terms with the emotional reality of their companionship through memories, laughter and passion.

My Review and Thoughts:

Another wonderful release by a passionate company that expresses the beauty of cinema in a variety of settings. This comical, romantic, gay drama, ends up becoming a, viewing treat for those who love good cinema on a light, yet dramatic nature.

I think what stands out with this romantic drama/comedy, is the chemistry between the two actors. It’s flawless, and seems real through passionate embrace, and human bonding. Both Scott Sell and Mark Cirillo are sexy, and beautiful, and create there characters in a believable fashion, and a personal reality to one another. I loved the complete aspect of emotions. The yearly buildup of a relationship over a period of time, and the ultimate confrontation of personal understands, of who they are; yet, they do not want to come to terms, with their inner sexuality and truth. Mark Cirillo is someone that I have followed for years. His ability to embrace a part, and express believable interactions throughout emotional acting, showcases his talent, and the part of Lewis, in The Last Straight Man is no different. Amazingly this is Scott Sell’s first feature film to act in. Before this, Scott was in a short film, and some TV, but this is his first major feature film. Scott, aces the part, as Cooper and gives it, his all. The passion and emotional reality of both characters, is acted out by both in flawless ways. Both these style characters needed and deserved an emotional approach; and both actors where able to do that. Through the tight direction and interesting story of a one night stand, that lasts over 10 years, the viewer can't help but be drawn into the plot. This is a film that truly stands out in plot.

Written, Directed, edited and co-produced by Mark Bessenger. I think Mark did a fantastic job in giving a somewhat personal journey and understanding of this truthful reality, that many can relate to, yet also look at, as tragic, in that, people still hide, are forced to hide, or cannot come to the real reality of being who they are.

Something interesting to note is the whole cast works. I loved the performance by David Alanson, who is another hottie, and great performer in the role of Berney. This also stars in a small part, Brian Nolan who is a fantastic actor who I absolutely love in the campy queer vampire show The Lair. David Alanson and Nolan are fantastic at owning their roles on screen. Also in another small part, the wonderful Benjamin Lutz. If you follow gay related cinema, or director Mark Bessenger, then you will see many regulars in this film, that have acted in some of his other films. The actors who starred in Bite Marks, that are in The Last Straight Man, are David Alanson and Benjamin Lutz. Lutz was also the producer of Bessenger's 2014 short film, Candy. On a side note, Bite Marks has a character, named Walsh, played by Stephen Geoffrey's. Geoffrey's played one of my favorite characters in all of cinema, none other than, the role of Evil Ed in the 1985, horror classic, Fright Night. And if you notice in Bite Marks, the main character of the film, is named Brewster, played by Benjamin Lutz. Brewster was the name of the main character in Fright Night, played by William Ragsdale.    

In The Last Straight Man, there are moments I absolutely cracked up. I laughed till my lung hurt in certain spots. The movie is an emotional roller coaster, or just about everything that involves the senses. That is another plus to this film, because you never know, what emotion, the film will stir inside you next.

There is an ultimate sadness that this tale delivers. Yes, there is the beauty, the comical, the sexiness and the dramatic, but there is also a true setting of heartbreak, and most of all those horrible regrets, that I feel, we all have been a part of in life. This tale, details that regret in two friends, lovers; the what if mentality of the ultimate relationship.

I think there is a huge message behind this movie. The understanding and concept of just how men hold, or hide, or cover-up their true emotions, and the expression of loving, or dealing with the sexuality, that one is born with. I really loved this film, in that, it gave so much beauty, so much love, so much drama, so much sexiness, so much comical moments, that the viewer felt a part of the story, and the interactions with the actors. The movie felt like real life.

I think this is a film that will become a new classic of gay cinema, or, of cinema period.


Out on DVD March 3rd