And You Belong (2013)

And You Belong (2013)

DVD Company Release: Brinkvision

Starring: Cindy Wonderful, Sarah Adorable, Nicky Click, Mz Sunday Luv, Nuclear Family, BadKat, Joey Casio, Heidi Mortenson

Plot: A visual and musical rocket ride through the queer music underground telling the story of two girl electro hip hop act Scream Club and their network of friends.

My Review and Thoughts:

This is a fantastic trip into the underground, queer music movement, and the exploration of an electro, hip hop, two member, female group, called, Scream Club. Yes, true and original music still exist, and the band, Scream Club, is the prime example of it. 

A wonderful documentary on this unique group, and subculture of the underground music world. This group has been around for 10 years as of this writing. A great documentary brought out on DVD, by the wonderful company BRINKvision, so that it has an outlet to spread, the wonderful music and message of this group. BRINKvision, are true lovers of independent cinema, and cinema that never gets the lime light that it deserves, but thankfully they are around to supply outlets, to these pieces of cinema, that are over looked. This film, And You Belong, is a piece of cinema that should be seen.

A superb watch, of a musical group that can only be described as genius. A well-crafted chronicle, of amazing insight into this musical group, and also the reality of the music movement of queer culture, and the club scene. This is a group that has to be listened to, or seen, to understand, the original, and unique reality of them. I have always been one of the biggest music fans, and hip hop, electric, underground, punk rock, is yes, a required taste, but it is always, an outlet that expresses something, that no other type of music can express. This group, has a true one of a kind sound, and most of all, they master expression, and emotional understanding, through a sound that touches the very soul of the music God inside us all, and makes you want to, move and listen, and express. No matter what decade or genera, one listens to, music can control, and it can become a part of you, and Scream Club accomplishes that.

This film leads you down a path, a start, a journey, showcasing this important group, and also with its music poetry, that tales a story, and a reality of being a statement. The documentary plays out like a page of a book that is turning before your eyes. Pages that shine in expressing the history of this group, in a down in the soul reality, of this movement of music and, what it details. There is an ultimate message here in the music, and in this group; and in this documentary. Sadly, throughout history, not as bad as it was, the queer life, is a tough life. There are haters and bigots, and those who wish to torture and destroy individuals, who are just being who they are. Scream Club goes against the hatred, and has been expressing themselves for many years, and they deserve a documentary that expresses them in a positive light, and thankfully, And You Belong does that.

This is a very funny at times, and most of all, a dramatic of emotions at times. This is a film that was created by director Julia Ostertag, who has directed many amazing pieces of film. Films that shine and stick out, as pioneering, and something to be held, as documents of certain realities in music history and in life, such as: Gender X, which is one of the great documentary’s around. It deals with the club scene, of Berlin's Drag Queens. Noise and Resistance, another wonderful documentary on music, dealing with the punk rock style. Also I have to mention, her feature length experimental, end of the world type film, Saila. I highly recommend all those mentioned, because they are prime examples of thought provoking and important documentaries on film expression. Like those mentioned, And You Belong is another film, that I highly recommend as something that needs to be seen and showcased.

From music videos, photos and original footage, you the viewer take a trip into this music movement that shines in this tale, of two women, and all those involved, friends, bands and fans. This is a piece of cinema that gives the true music lover, and music historian, an in-depth reality of this music group, and the iconic history, and reality of the, queer music scene. You go along as if you are there, walking, talking, singing. You get to feel, Scream Club and the longing, and devotion of their fans to listen, to spread, and to hear the music and the message. The underground music movement wants to get this style, this message across, that true original music is not dead.

A must watch. A must see experience. I highly recommend this film.

I really enjoyed the focus point, the clubs, and the fans, and the other bands, in getting to know about them. The atmosphere, of the bars, and clubs, and also, of the small time performers, trying to get their sound and message listened to. The passion, and the love to showcase, the art form of music, comes off, in vivid detail, for the viewer. 

Truly, a winner in my viewpoint.