Land of Storms (2014)

Land of Storms (2014)

Starring: András Sütö, Sebastian Urzendowsky, Ádám Varga

Plot: Best friends Szabolcs and Bernard play on the same German football team. After a lost game and a bad argument between the two, Szabolcs decides to give up football and get away from it all and return home to Hungary for more solitude. He soon meets hunky Aron, and a mutual attraction between the two boys develops when suddenly Szabolcs gets an unexpected phone call that Bernard has come to Hungary to finally profess his love for his friend. Szabolcs finds himself in the middle of a love triangle torn between two worlds.

My Review and Thoughts:

This is another brilliantly done, beautiful romantic drama. It's one of those films, that stick with you. It creates in the viewer strong emotional feelings. You become a part of the story along with the characters. I think what ultimately stands out is the acting by all three. Andras Suto, Adam Varga and Sebastian Urzendowsky are truly beautiful together, and they are able to grab your attention and make you focus on the story, and most of all, each other.

The direction is superb by Adam Csazi. A well-crafted film and a thought provoking tale of relationships, love and finding oneself in a mix of having to choose, or come to terms with an outcome of emotions. This is Csazi's first full length feature film, and that shows just how amazing and talented, this director is, because this is, in reality a perfect film of drama, love and so much more.

TLA Releasing did another fantastic job in giving an outlet to bring this film to DVD. It's another one of those modern gems, that I feel is an instant classic, and a movie that will grow on the viewer, after each watch.

All the men are absolutely sexy and utterly beautiful, and each one play off each other with fantastic chemistry together. It's a story that is, as old as time, a love triangle clouded by differences and emotions and choices. This is a must see for those who love an emotional story, with brilliant direction and flawless acting.

This is a film from Hungary with a running time of 105 min. The video is 2.35:1 Widescreen. The audio is Stereo/ Dolby Digital 5.1 and the Languages: German (Primary), Hungarian, and English Subtitles

The writing of the script is splendid and plays with ease to the imagination as you watch the story unfold. The whole ordeal is filled with many emotions, fun and giddy at times, you laugh, and you feel warmth, and even feel sadness. I love the way the whole story comes together and the viewer can relate or at least believe the situation.

Something I have to mention, is that I am truly fond of actor Sebastian Urzendowsky. I have watched him for many years. He is an extraordinary performer, and is an artist of acting excellence. He has starred in some of my favorite films, such as the first one I saw him in, 2002’s disturbing and brilliant, The Child I Never Was. Sebastian is someone that can grab a hold of you and never let you go as you experience his characters and the character of Bernard in Land of Storms is no different. If you ever get a chance pick up the many films this wonderful, beautiful young man, has starred him. He is good at anything he does, but the one I recommend besides The Child I Never Was and Land of Storms, is the 2007 World War 2 Holocaust film, The Counterfeiters, where he plays the emotional character Kolya. I can’t applaud and speak enough about this actor, and in Land of Storms, it showcases his brilliance.

Adam Varga who plays the character of Aron, is also someone to speak about from this performance. This is his first feature length film and all I can say is, wow. He knows how to become a character and display the emotional reality to that character. Simply put, amazing.  Also this is Andras Suto’s first feature film. Another amazing performance that leaves nothing in doubt, in how to create an emotional performance. Andras also owns and becomes the character. He makes you believe the role, and showcases, also that emotional makeup of the situation happening. A phenomenal cast with flawless acting.

I highly recommend, but I have to say, it is a very emotional film that you won’t forget. It's both gorgeous and deeply thought provoking. Emotionally draining, but that is also its dramatic appeal.

I think this enters the viewer’s mind and plays with the concept of love, passion, lust, anger and the ultimate reality of choices that have to be made, and also coming to a reality on just who they are, and what they want.