Olive Films Release: Night Game (1989)

Night Game (1989)

Blu-Ray/DVD Company: Olive Films

Starring: Roy Scheider, Karen Young, Lane Smith, Richard Bradford, Paul Gleason, Carlin Glynn, Rex Linn 

Plot: A police detective tracks a serial killer who is stalking young women on a beach front after each game that a baseball pitcher wins.

My Review and Thoughts:

Olive Films really dug up the forgotten, late to the 80's party, slasher, serial killer film Night Game. In all my movie glory, I had no knowledge of this film. Absolutely no knowledge of this eighties/ serial killer film. Unbelievable, considering it's starring Roy Scheider. Just blew my mind that I had never heard of this.

Classic 80's style b-grade slasher film in my viewpoint. Great weapon, great music score and awesome acting. Olive Films won me with this one.  I love to discover new films, I had no knowledge of; instantly becomes a winner in my book. Olive Films is a fantastic company that gives films, a new outlet. They gave this film a new outlet for a modern generation to experience this late 80's slasher.

This is a mixed bag of crime, drama, and the aspects of a thriller, mixed with a horror slasher concept. Pure 80's in every way, from fashion, clothes, music, dance and everything in-between. I found myself actually enjoying this film in all its unoriginal reality. The movie has its flaws, but the product doesn't. Olive Films did a forgotten film Justice with a slick imagery and a brilliant audio.

This plays out like a perfect Drive-in, late-night, b-grade horror slasher. Horror fans of the slasher nature will want to own this. It's an interesting premise with a different type of weapon, which many movies have used since. It's also different in that they show you the killers face, even if blurred you can see him. It's the story of why, that is the main subject.

Now I saw no flaw in, any of the acting. The one and only acting icon Roy Schneider needs no introduction. I like all the character actors throughout this film.

Directed by Peter Masterson. Masterson was a unique actor, director and writer in the mix of Hollywood. Bringing films from drama, action, thrillers and comedy to the masses. He was a director that brought forth cinema that never really was award worthy but just pure entertainment. Simply put, films that are forgotten about, or films that never really left a mark with cinema watchers in the critical reception department. It’s a shame in my book, because I really found myself liking Night Game even with all its flaws.

Masterson was an actor way before he was a director. From small screen, to big screen. He had small parts in some great films, from the masterpiece of cinema, The Exorcist, to the original, ultra-cool, cult film, The Stepford Wives. Now what Masterson is best known for, is adapting a magazine article that ran in Playboy magazine into a screen play, which ultimately became the movie, The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas.

Night Game stars one of the great actors to ever grace cinema, Roy Scheider. Starring in some of the best films ever created, from, 1971’s Klute, to 1971’s The French Connection, 1976’s Marathon Man, 1977’s Sorcerer, and one of the greatest films, 1975’s Jaws. Scheider, was a true actor that could create a character with ease and believability. A tough guy, yet with an emotional appeal. He was one of the greats that will never be forgotten.

Also starring the very beautiful Karen Young as Roy’s love appeal. She has graced many films throughout her long career. Also popping up in this forgotten film is the one and only Lane Smith. Lane Smith was always a great performer and is a golden actor of excellence in anything he did, always a tough guy or S.O.B. or someone in charge. Lane had been, acting since the 60’s, and all the way up to his, untimely death in 2005. Starring in such greats as, Rooster Cogburn, Network, and Dark Night of the Scarecrow; countless TV shows and one of my favorite 80's films, 1984’s Red Dawn. I will always remember him most, in the ultra-Sci-fi classic, and one of a kind, alien invasion TV series, V 1984-1985. I also grew up watching him in Lois and Clark, as the character Perry White. Night Game, also stars Rex Linn. Into days TV and movie world, he is most, remembered for, his role of Detective Frank Tripp in CSI: Miami series. Also starring the very wonderful and stunning Carlin Glynn. Glynn is an amazing performer. She is the wife of the director of this film, Peter Masterson, and on a side note, they have a daughter who is one of the greatest underrated actress’s around, Mary Stuart Masterson. This movie, also stars, Paul Gleason. Always was a great character actor, detectives, police officers, tough guys, smart asses, or a teacher, or someone in charge. He is more or less best known, for his role as Richard Vernon in the 80’s classic, The Breakfast Club. Truly one of those character actors that you always remember after seeing them perform. He had a unique persona to his ability of performing. Sadly he died of cancer at the young age of 67. Night Game also stars one of my favorite actors Richard Bradford. One of the greatest character actors to ever grace screen in my viewpoint. He has a memorable face and an overall acting reality that just made you recognize him. From TV, to motion pictures, he aced anything he did.  I remember watching him, as I grew up in the 80's, in one of the greatest dramatic police shows of the 80’s, Cagney and Lacey.
Night Game is a thriller, and a crime drama that is a unique time capsule of the late 80’s. Tough, slick detectives, chasing down a mad man. A simple plot, yet with the style only the 80’s could do. It’s one of those films that yes, has been forgotten by time, but after seeing it, I feel it’s worthy to be remembered. Thankfully Olive Films has given a new outlet to this interesting, crime thriller. The film looks awesome in clarity. Olive Films did a great job placing this on a Blu-ray. The film looks like it's brand new, as if it just came out. They did a great job in cleaning this film up for a modern generation.

Something I would have loved, was some special features, but there is nothing here in that department which is a little let down. Sometimes you can't have everything. The picture quality itself, is a special feature.

Sadly this film was tortured and harassed by the critics and it failed at the box office. The movie was ripped apart and destroyed by critical verbal and written spew. I don’t think it’s that bad. If you go into this wanting a throwback to the 80’s slasher style thriller, then I feel it works. It’s not a great movie, and fails in many ways, if you’re looking at it, or going into it wanting some, award worthy film, then yes it's going to fail. Go into it as an 80’s style, Drive-in slasher film, and I think it works. I am a huge b-movie fan, and that is what this film is like, but with solid acting, and awesome direction. It plays out like a low-budget, late night entry to a Drive-in festival, or a TV Midnight program, hosted by a man dressed as a ghoul. Simply put, I enjoyed this forgotten film even with all its flaws.

I am thankful Olive Films has given this film a chance. They did a great worthy job of a Blu-ray for this modern generation to experience this forgotten crime/horror/thriller.


This is presented in 1.85:1 screen ratio. It’s crisp and clear and looks vibrant in color and image. A nice presentation of a film. Olive Films did this old school film justice with a new Blu-ray that I highly recommend. Never seen this before, so I have nothing to compare it to, but looking at it from this Blu-ray, it's flawless in visual and listening format.

Something I really like in this film, is it being, a somewhat, American Giallo film. You can see and hear this mentality in the movie, specifically with the music. The music throughout this film is old school perfection. Giuseppe Donaggio supplies the music along with many others. Donaggio is an Italian, and you can hear that classic Giallo/horror Italian style music throughout this picture. Giuseppe is a master of the music trade. Created memorable tunes for some of the greatest soundtracks to suspense, horror and mystery films around. He is a music composer that is able to give an artistic, and, emotional charged setting for the films he is involved with. From the haunting classics, 1973’s Don’t Look Now, to the one and only 1976’s Carrie. He gave to the Drive-in flare like films such as, 1978’s Piranha, Tourist Trap. Giving music to such horror classics as, Beyond Evil, and director Dante’s horror gem, The Howling. He is a master composer that shines in the classics of suspense. He has had a long relationship working alongside, directing master, Brain De Palma. Not only supplying the music for De Palma's Carrie, but also for many of his films such as, Dressed to Kill, Blow Out, Body Double, Raising Cain, and most recently, Passion. Donaggio is still going strong today, supplying, amazing music that leaves a lasting mark, and the music in Night Game is no different. The film’s soundtrack should be enough for you to want to see this film. The crystal clear audio on this Blu-ray gives this music soundtrack, a perfect outlet.

Over all Product Rating:

A nice transfer, perfect imagery and audio. This is also being brought out on DVD by Olive Films. Because I am reviewing the Blu-ray, I can say, it's a worthy Blu-ray to own in your collection. This forgotten crime thriller, in a Blu-ray format, looks beautiful. They gave this old school slasher, a new home of beauty. Crystal clarity. Simple put, I repeat myself, it's a Blu-ray worthy to own.


This will be Released on Blu-ray March 24th 2015