Power Rangers Legacy: The First 20 Seasons 98-DVD set containing all 767 episodes!

Power Rangers Legacy Collection: The First 20 Seasons

Company: Shout Factory

Limited Edition: 2,000 Units

Discs: 98 DVD's  

My Review and Thoughts:

Boy did I get a surprise. My mother bought me one of the coolest gifts. I grew up with The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and behold Shout! Factory's tour-de-force, one of a kind, greatest products to grace the DVD world. This is one of the Best experiences to have once again, delving deep into those wonderful Rangers from my childhood. Shout! Factory knows the fans, loves the fan, and gives the fans what they want. They give them high-class products, outlets to amazing movies forgotten by time. They also through their Scream Factory label, bring out some of the best and forgotten horror films on wonderful special edition Blu-ray's. Something I am greatly fond of is all the classic television shows through the Shout label.

Through Shout Factory, the fans can experience the love they grew up with and one of the greatest realities of my childhood was the Rangers, and my mommy gave me a wonderful gift in the mail.

She bought this for me and I am utterly floored and happy and it's something I've always wanted, just never could fork out the money for it.

My new magical Toy, as Gollum would say, "It's my preciousssssssss".

I grew up watching the original MIGHTY MORPHIN POWER RANGERS. They were and still are a pivotal part of my life and memory. I remember making sure I never missed an episode of this fantastic imaginative show when I was a kid.

There is so many fans of this show and the reality of the Power Rangers, to imagination and adventure is important in life. Imagination is something sadly the grown up world seems to forget or push a side. I grew up watching and still watch today cartoons, and the love affair of imaginative stories of make believe, and legend, folk lore, and super heroes. One of those important imaginative shows and ideas, are the Power Rangers in all their glory and story arcs. I grew with the many countless changes through the show. My favorite being the first three seasons. The originals have always been the best to me, but I love all the different versions of this adventurous show. I love ZEO, ALIEN and when it went to Space, I ended up falling away from the show as time went on, high school, growing up, and jobs. That did not mean, I lost favor with the show, it was just time went on and the reality of life took over and I could not watch every single episode. I would end up buying countless VHS copies to allow my love affair with this fantasy show.

Thankfully I have the means now to explore those memories again. I have returned to this show my whole life. I loved the creatures and the concept of aliens and fighting the bad guys.The landmark story lines of the Green Ranger and White Ranger and everything else still floods my memories.

I have total love for the show and all those involved in it, and all the memories that those who were a part of it allowed, my imaginative child mind, to experience the wonders of imagination. I personally did not have a great childhood, I was abused in many ways and so I had no means to escape accept into movies and TV and one of those perfect escapes was The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. I look at them as personal heroes, because in a sense, they saved me, and gave me peace from my abuse every time I tuned in, and for that, they will forever be a part of me.

One can now join in on this love affair with spandex super heroes, fighting creatures and one evil women named Rita. Let's not forget the twisted leader named Zedd. Most of all the villains of the universe NEED A GOOD BUTT WHOOPING and Shout Factory has supplied that.

The pictures I am posting is basically just me going through everything, with the details, opening the box, being surprised, utterly floored with the beauty of the helmet and all 20 seasons of the Power Rangers, and most of all, excited for the special features. I can't speak highly enough about this production of this product, it is just stunning. Specifically for the nerd, for the childlike wonderment of long ago, back in my hands to supply my inner child with adventure again. I am going to watch this from beginning to end and then watch it again, and again, and again.

Do yourself a favor if you don't know about Shout! Factory go over to the website, www.shoutfactory.com check out all the wonderful products. I've bought many products from them, specifically the 15 disc special edition Halloween Blu-Ray set, which is something that should be owned. Also I have bought the special edition, three disc Nightbreed, which I had no hesitation on buying that one. I had been waiting for the uncut version of that film for so many years, and Scream! Factory just did it, and gave it to the fans, and it's beautiful. The movie is totally different and it's so much more in depth, and is, flawlessly done. I have bought many other Blu-Ray’s and DVD’s from the company. 

I am so excited that a company pays respect to the inner fan, to the inner lover of cinema and television. They have a great selection and I have bought many of their sets of cartoons. I am a diehard fan of childhood memories and TV shows. Shout! Factory has many, many of my favorites for sale.

They are a company that I hold on high standards. Every year I do a countdown of the top 10 movies of the year, and top 10 actors, and actresses, and directors and last year 2014, they were number one in my category of greatest companies, and this product of the Rangers, just seals the deal of why I choose them on my Top 10 list. 

I have looked at this product many, many times, but just could not afford it, and now that I have it, it's everything that I could imagine and so much more.

I don't think I've ever experienced such a high-quality product. Shout! Factory created a piece of artwork in this limited-edition Helmet. 

The first 20 years of this iconic series in one product is breathless. As a fan it's priceless. As a collector, it's a very important and pivotal product in the collection of iconic pop culture. 

Out of all my years of collecting movies, collecting VHS and then on to DVD and Blu-ray's, never have I seen something so amazing. I have collected some amazing special edition collectors’ items, but nothing comes anywhere close to what this product is. It is worth every red cent.

Something that I can't stand, that really gets on my nerves, is when you fork out the money for a product and it ends up becoming a lackluster item. Simply put, not worth the money spent on it. Thankfully this one is worth every cent and more. I felt like kid in a candy store or a child, that's nine years old, waking up on Christmas day, running down the stairs and pile driving himself under the Christmas tree, screaming as the presents awake.

Bonus Features included are:

The 98-DVD set contains the following bonus features:

Disc One:

Morphin’ Time! This runs 32 minutes and 46 seconds. This feature looks back at the original MIGHTY MORPHIN POWER RANGERS.

A Morphenomenal Cast. This runs 35 minutes and 7 seconds. This feature is about becoming a Power Ranger, auditions and what it takes. 

Lord Zedd’s Monster Heads. This runs 25 minutes and 4 seconds. This feature is a Halloween feature length program where Lord Zedd throws a Halloween party bringing together many of the classic monsters in one setting. This is an old Halloween program that ran during the original series run.

Alpha’s Magical Christmas. This runs 23 minutes and 4 seconds. This was a Christmas special that ran in the original series run.

The Good, the Bad, and the Stupid (The Misadventures of Bulk and Skull). This feature runs 52 minutes and 13 seconds. This is great feature with this comical due that reminds you Laurel and Hardy. Bulk and Skull where perfect characters and always getting into hijinks and mayhem.

There is a special Easter egg skit running, 2 minutes and 24 seconds. This was utterly fantastic and amazing to see. It was a skit of an opening created by Haim Saban of the program called the Galaxy Rangers. Saban sent it in 1992 to Bandai America, this skit is extraordinary to see what might have been.

Disc Two

The Fans Power Up! This runs 13 minutes and 45 seconds. A nice program on the fandom of the Rangers. I being a fan understand the beauty and art of being a diehard lover of the Power Rangers.

MMPR Fan Club Video. This runs 29 minutes and 48 seconds. This is a great program, this video was part of the fan club. You got this video when you joined and the video itself is a must own because you get to see so much behind the scenes. This is one of my favorite features of the special features. I never had the means to join as a kid and so I have never seen this and many of the special features in this collection are first time watches and utterly mind numbing to me as a huge fan.

MMPR Karate Club: The White Ranger Kata. This program runs 51 minutes and 15 seconds. This was an old-school fantastic feature of learning karate exercises hosted by Jason Frank a.k.a. The Green and White Ranger. A fun video to allow the art form of Karate as a workout.

MMPR Live. This program runs 1 hours 11 minutes 59 seconds. This is worth gold in my viewpoint. This was a look at the live tour of the old school Power Rangers, the original cast in the high of the fandom of the 90’s.

Disc Three

Tales of the Giant Banana. A great program running 22 minutes 10 seconds. You look back on Bulk and Skull. Both the actors Paul Schrier and Jason Narvy talk and look back on their parts and how the two characters where pivotal points in the show. Also other cast members, Rangers, talk about the importance of these two.

Behind The Mask. This program runs 14 minutes and 5 seconds. This to me is very important. It’s in honor of all the stunt performers who made the show possible through action and the hard work behind the costumes and masks. Something that never gets the respect it deserves is the stunt performers, they are possibly the most important of the Power Rangers legacy. I give huge applause and respect to all those involved in giving and supplying the adventurous action that made this show what it was.

A Convention with Attitude: Power Morphicon. This program runs 9 minutes 30 seconds. It’s a feature on one of the coolest conventions around. A convention celebrating all things Power Rangers.

Power Playback: Power Rangers Funniest Moments. This runs 21 minutes 29 seconds. It showcases all the funniest moments of the Rangers on the Power Ranger Turbo movie.

Power Rangers: The Lost Episode. This runs 22 minutes and 11 seconds. This is an awesome behind the scenes look at the series and also a lost episode that is very important to see to understand all of its history as a show.

It’s Comin’ ZEO Serial. This program runs 17 minutes 27 seconds. This was a program that ran as a build up to the Zeo change over. Small little skits running in sneak peeks. Here all the serial's are combined together to make a feature.

Gold Lining ZEO Promo. This runs 21 seconds. A promo to the Gold Ranger in the Zeo series.

Stick Together Music Video. This runs 2 minutes 5 seconds. A music video sung by the Yellow Ranger, Tanya, a.k.a. Nakia Burrise

Disc Four

The Voice of a Ranger. This runs 16 minutes 34 seconds. This is a nice program about the ADR. The recording of the audio and voices to the Rangers. Basically the voice over during the fights and when in costume.

Ranger Tales. This is separated into 4 small programs. First one, lasts 31 seconds, titled Lightspeed Rescue, the second running 15 minutes 10 seconds, titled Time Force, the third program runs 11 minutes 7 seconds, titled Wild Force, the four and final segment runs 11 minutes and 3 seconds titled, Ninja Storm. These programs are interesting information told by the actors on the experiences of acting in the Power Ranger universe. An info, get to know style of secrets.

Pure Titanium. This program runs 7 minutes 41 seconds. The actor Rhett Fisher goes about telling his experience playing the key figure, and one of the important landmark Rangers. Before this Titanium Ranger in the Power Ranger Series Light Speed Rescue, the Rangers all had been created overseas or through archive footage. Titanium Ranger would be the very first all American Ranger. This was a great little program on the history and pivotal moment in Ranger lore.

A Web of Fans. This runs 15 minutes 42 seconds. A great program about the fans online and the many important web sites.

Return of the Ranger. This program runs 3 minutes and 50 seconds. This is a nice little video introduction of Jason Frank a.k.a. Tommy the Green and White Ranger on how he returns as the Black Ranger. This is basically a promo for the Power Ranger Series DinoThunder.

Before It Began (“The Hidden Episode”) This runs 7 minutes 40 seconds.

Ninja Storm Katas. This is program broken up into 5 segments. Segment one runs 40 seconds titled, Knife Hand Kata. You have the ability to stop each action to learn the move. Second segment runs 37 seconds, titled, Low Block Kata. Third segment runs 38 seconds, titled High Block Kata. Fourth segment runs 15 seconds, titled Combo Kata. The fifth segment runs 23 seconds, titled Warrior Kata. These are small training exercise like segments, showcasing the work and art form of Kata. Each segment comes with an introduction. The first introduction runs 49 seconds. Second introduction is 47 seconds. Third segment introduction runs 42 seconds. Fourth segment introduction runs 41 seconds. 
Fifth segment introduction runs 52 seconds.

Original Promos. These consist of two promos promoting the Power Rangers Ninja Storm. First promo is titled Ninja Storm: A New Kind of Power running 56 seconds and the second Promo is titled Ninja Storm Promo 1, running 57 seconds.

Disc Five

Mad Props! This is a wonderful program on the many different style of props used throughout the series. I really loved this program. Fun seeing all the props and ideas and reality in bringing these to light. This program runs 18 minutes and 46 seconds.

Rangers on Set! This is another awesome program about the sets built and used throughout the series. It showcases many interviews and thoughts and ideas on those sets. This program runs 17 minutes and 11 seconds. Awesome production value in this series and its showcased through the brilliance and design of these sets. These sets in this series always sent the viewer into the adventure and realm of this imaginative fantasy come to life.

Ranger Tales. This is a program of three segments. First titled Power Ranger S.P.D. running 45 minutes and 52 seconds. The second segment is titled Power Rangers Jungle Fury, running 15 minutes and 28 seconds and the third segment is titled, Power Rangers RPM, running 15 minutes and 50 seconds. These are segments with cast and crew telling tales of their experiences and the behind the passion and power of a continuing experience of being apart of this vast series.

Collect ‘Em All! This is a program on the reality of collecting the products, the toys. It showcases the fans and the toys that are sought after and collected with a passion like no other. Running 15 minutes and 51 seconds of pure plastic heaven. Loved seeing all the collection of fans.

The S.P.D. Rangers Want You. This program is five separate segments. The first segment is titled Jack Landers, running 4 minutes 31 seconds. Second segment titled Z Delgado with a running time of 4 minutes 29 seconds. Third segment titled Bridge Carson, running 4 minutes 15 seconds and fourth segment titled Syd Drew, running 4 minutes 22 seconds. The fifth program titled Sky Tate, running 4 minutes 43 seconds. These are introductions to the Power Rangers of S.P.D. A promo like introduction.

Ranger Secrets. This is broke up into 7 segments. First titled Help, running 28 seconds. Second titled, How Do You Get Your Suits On, running 22 seconds. Third titled, What’s Your Biggest Fear, running 20 seconds? Fourth titled, What’s it like Being a Power Ranger, running, 21 seconds. 5th titled, What Do You call Your Zord, running 21 seconds. Sixth titled, How does Magic help in your Everyday Life, running 21 seconds and Seventh titled, Does it take a lot of Practice to Learn New Moves, running 21 seconds. These are questions asked by kids toward the Rangers. The Rangers answer the questions given. 

Special Messages from the Mystic Force Rangers. This is separated by three segments. First titled, Eat Right, running 31 seconds. Second titled, Stay Active, running 31 seconds and third titled, Volunteer, running 29 seconds. These are little Public Awareness style skits done by the Rangers in promoting good health and good actions.

Mystic Force: Forces of Nature! Running 2 minutes and 44 seconds. This is promo style introduction to the Mystic Rangers and the forces of their power.

Operation Overdrive Files. This is a feature in five separate segments. First titled, Ranger Bios, running 5 minutes 59 seconds. Second titled Ranger Enhancements, running 5 minutes 35 seconds. Third titled, Ranger Arsenal, running 5 minutes 16 seconds. Fourth titled, Ranger Vehicles running 4 minutes 58 seconds. Fifth titled Ranger Lessons, running 4 minutes 23 seconds. These are little segments of information on the Rangers and everything about the R.P.M. Power Rangers, kind of a get to know segments.

Original Promos. These are 10 different promos for S.P.D Power Rangers and Mystic Force Power Rangers.

S.P.D.: Justice Rocks, 27 seconds.
Mystic Force: Red Ranger, 25 seconds
Mystic Force: Green Ranger, 26 seconds
Mystic Force: Yellow Ranger, 26 Seconds
Mystic Force: Blue Ranger, 26 Seconds
Mystic Force: Pink Ranger, 26 seconds
Mystic Force: The Best at being bad, 25 seconds
Mystic Force: The Pink and Blue Rangers, 27 seconds
Mystic Force: Magic Beyond Belief, 29 seconds
Operation Overdrive Promo 1, 28 seconds

Disc Six (available nowhere else)

Good to Be Bad. Running time of 46 minutes and 7 seconds. This is a great program on the idea of the true bad guys in the series. A retrospect on all the bad guys throughout the series through interviews with the ones who played them and created them.

Ranger Tones. Running time 14 minutes and 18 seconds. This is a program about the songs and music. You get an interview with Ron Wasserman, the man behind the original music for MIGHTY MORPHINE POWER RANGERS, Power Rangers in Space and S.P.D. This is a true highlight of the Special Edition programs. Loved listening to the composer talk about how he created the iconic opening music and the vocals. Pure gem to watch.

On Paper: Writing the Power Rangers. Running 22 minutes 18 seconds. A great program on the writing of the stories and script work.

Ranger Tales, this is broke up into Four segments. First titled Lost Galaxy, running 14 minutes 47 seconds. Second titled Dino Thunder, running 6 minutes 35 seconds. Third titled Samurai/Super Samurai, running 13 minutes and 8 seconds. Fourth titled Megaforce, running 16 minutes and 35 seconds. These are tales from the cast and behind the scenes reality of being a part of the show and what it was like.

The Monster Wrangler. Running 17 minutes and 56 seconds. This is perfection on the ideas and creation of all the wonderful creatures and aliens and villains. The costumes throughout the 20 years. I absolutely loved this program and it is a passionate experiences to see the behind the shots of these monster costumes. Something that is the most important reality to the series is the art work through the costumes. This are pieces of living art and are creations like no other. The monsters in the Power Rangers series are unlike anything, they are pure imagination done brilliantly.

The MMPR 20th Anniversary Panel at San Diego Comic-Con International 2012. Running 39 minutes and 41 seconds. This is perfection seeing the Panel and all those stars talk about the reality of the Power Rangers. This panel was hosted by Brain Ward, the man himself, a guru and growing legend in the world of Geekdom and ultimate fandom of many styles of entertainment, specifically working with Shout Factory to release the Power Rangers on DVD. On the panel is the men behind the scenes and the ones that helped bring the legend of the Power Rangers to America audiences, which grew to the whole world, Tony Oliver, Elie Dekel. Very important on the panal is the stars, the original Black Ranger from MIGHTY MORPHIN POWER RANGERS, Walter Jones. The comedy man himself Bulk, Paul Schrier, and the Red Ranger from Power Rangers Samurai, Jayden, played by the very talented Alex Heartman. Also the surprise of Jason Narvy showing up, which is just priceless to see Bulk and Skull together again.

MMPR Karate Club: The Green Ranger Kata. Running time of 41 minutes 29 seconds. This is another karate exercise program. Old-school with Tommy the original Green and White Ranger, Jason Frank going through many exercises of the art of Karate.

Original MMPR PSAs: 10 Total Segments:
Self-Control: 1 minute 5 seconds.
Fights: Run time 1 minute 5 seconds.
The Wrong Crowd: 1 minute 4 seconds.
Anger Management: 1 minute 4 seconds.
Don’t Encourage: 1 minute 3 seconds.
Reality Check: 1 minute 5 seconds.
Determination: 1 minute 4 seconds.
We’re All Different: 1 minute 5 seconds.
Magic of Television: 1 minute 4 seconds.
Teamwork: 32 seconds.


The sixth disc is really nice considering you can only get it in this set. Loved the features. I liked the Good to be bad. Listening to the actors who played the villains, outside there makeup and getting to hear about their experiences and also the 20th Anniversary Panel at San Diego was awesome to see. 

All the special features make this item stand out and Shout Factory is a company that understands and supplies the reality of special features upon their products. There is no company greater than this company, that gives such important features. This set is no different. 6 Disc of special features and one special, special feature disc, I should not have to say anymore. Priceless entertainment at its best.

Something I am most excited about is the reality of my nephew Sean Paul. Sean Paul was born almost two years ago. I am happy that he is going to be able to experience this amazing show like I did growing up. I am never going to have kids of my own, and so Sean is like a son to me, and I want him to experience the joy, adventure and imagination that this show brought to me. And Shout Factory has allowed me to own this product. "Thanks mommy".

It’s hard to believe this series is so old. It makes me feel old, but it’s a good kind of old knowing the imagination and adventure is now in my hands all over again.

The video is transferred nicely onto DVD and the sound quality works in wonderful clarity. I am floored and happy at the love put into this series to be transferred to DVD. I have owned many of the VHS’s of this series and the quality is, well, VHS quality. These high class DVD’s are perfect and you get to experience the show in a whole new means of clarity. This old show has never looked any better.

Something I am compelled to do on a side note is while watching these videos and special features it brought up the reality that we have lost several important members of the Ranger Community. May they not be forgotten by time and as long as there is Power Ranger fans there will be a remembrance of them. Going into this exploring the series all over again was a moving and sad experience seeing many of the ones passed. 

I want to mention three of them. I feel the biggest would be Thuy Trang. She will always be the Yellow Ranger. Watching the first episode again seeing her made me a little teary eyed. Seeing her in the promos and special features just adds to the sadness. She was the unique and very important character in the Power Ranger Franchise. Sadly her beauty and talent at the very tragic young age of 27 was taken from the world in a car crash on. She was a very skilled martial artist who had been learning the skills since 9 years old. It always saddens me when I watch the original series knowing she is no-longer with us. She was a pivotal part of my childhood and will always be in my memory as being the Yellow Ranger.

One cannot watch the Power Rangers without knowing and experiencing the one and only Machiko "Rita" Soga. Sadly this is one that affects me the most. I wanted to meet her so bad. When I heard she passed, it broke my heart. She was and always will be the ultimate villain and pure evil. A major part of my memories growing up. She was a perfect character and one that still shines and holds everything in clarity as being a true iconic villain. She was a very talented actress and voice actress. She shined in many roles before Power Rangers and after Power Rangers. She started her long wonderful career in the 60’s and acted all the way to her passing. She starred in the original Japanese version of the Power Rangers Kyoruyu Sentai Zyuranger. I think what is so interesting about Machiko Soga is that she had to also dub herself in the American Version of the Power Rangers when it ran in Japan because of its popularity. A lot of the original American Power Ranger episodes used the old original Japanese version in many spots and so she had to dubbed herself all over again.

She was also a part of many Japanese animated series from Cyborg 009, Obake no Q-taro, and also many others. Her talent was grand; truly perfection.  Sadly we lost her to the deadly pancreatic cancer. To pay homage to her the producers lovingly used some old footage to depict Rita as a reformed person in the conclusion and finale to the Power Rangers series Mystic Fate. I think this idea was a wonderful reality and truly is a touching concept. She will always be a part of my memories. I think she is one of the best villain characters to ever grace any part of cinema small or big. I am absolutely fond of her memory from my childhood growing up watching the Power Rangers. I think any fan of the Rangers can agree with me, that she is Rita, and the character of Rita is Machiko Soga.

One of the great side characters to the original Power Rangers was none other than "Ernie", Richard Genelle. Richard will always be known as Ernie and is that character that a lot of shows in the 80’s and 90’s had, that diner, kid hang out owner. Ernie ran the Angel Grove Youth Center which was a major part of the Power Rangers and was basically in almost every episode. His part was perfection, from 1993 all the way to 1997 he gave the fans the character in a believable fashion, an adult character. Often a character of reason for the teenagers. He was the very term social activities in the part he played. His character was ultimately written out, passing over the Youth Center to the character Jerome Stone as he went on to South America to help out in emergency’s or so it's written in the script. I think Ernie is like the character of Rita in that they are of a pivotal role. Ernie was a character that you liked, understood and was that big brother style character. He was the rational one at times. He gave an outlet to kids. His Youth Center ran birthday parties all the way to martial arts, and to everything in-between. Richard Genelle is another actor sadly that passed at a very young age, 47 years is too young, heart attacks are so rampant. I will always remember him.

Looking at all the memories of this show and the memories that this awesome product brings is a moving childhood and adult experience I am happy to have again.

Shout Factory not only honored the show, but they honored the fan. They crafted this stunning piece of artwork. A Helmet holding the entire 20 year experience. They gave an outlet to a show that deserved to be greatly respected in a special edition. I am so happy to own this product. I am so amazed at the beauty Shout Factory gave to the special features and most of all, adding so many wonderful documentaries.

This is a perfect series with the examples of imaginative characters, story and most of all leaves a lasting mark on the viewer and most importantly, Geek history. The other added beauty to this product is the documentaries and special features and also the wonderful quality of the product. 

Another amazing example by Shout Factory on just how to make a product for the fans. Shout Factory shines for the lover of Nerdiness and the lover of being a total geek. Perfect watch and a perfect buy.

One of the best DVD PRODUCTS ever done. A must own experience that leaves a fresh, new, experience for a new generation of live action, fantasy science fiction entertainment of giant robots, spandex, foam encased monsters and total destruction of climatic brilliance.

Shout Factory did a wonderful and utterly amazing job.

Mastery at its finest. Perfection in awesomeness. Awe inspiring and jaw dropping specials. Flawless in-depth product like never before offered.

Disc Countdown: 

Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers 1 Disc
POWER RANGERS S.P.D. Season 13 5 Disc
POWER RANGERS R.P.M. Season 17 4 Disc
POWER RANGERS Special Features 6 Disc

The booklet that comes with it, is titled Power Rangers 20: Power Rangers Legacy: The First 20 Seasons. 

It is 100 hundred pages of amazing pictures and info on all the seasons. 

It has an introduction written by Haim Saban. 

Each chapter of the book, list all the episodes for each season and what disc contains that episode. 

Also there all throughout the book, there is a, Did you Know Trivia, useful information for any Power Ranger fan. 

Also there are great pictures of each season and each Ranger in those seasons and plus pictures of items inside the original Power Ranger Fan Club.

A massive experience like no other before or since. As any kid would say opening a Wonka Bar, "I have the golden ticket." well the Power Rangers 20 Year DVD Legacy set is that Golden Ticket and so much more.