Three in a Bed (2014)

Three in a Bed (2014)

Starring: Brennan Reece, Darren Bransford, Verity-May Henry, Coby Hamilton, Kimberly Hart Simpson, Louisa Bettine, Jody Latham

Plot: Nate desperately seeks independence, but when his two sisters come crashing into his life - and with the arrival of his new adorable neighbor Jonny (Darren Bransford) - everything is frantically turned upside down. Will Jonny and Nate find true love? Or will the pressures of living with his two sisters pull them apart.

My Review and Thoughts:

Here is another wonderful example of why TLARelesing is so important to the world of cinema. They spot them and give them an outlet on DVD. What they spot are fantastic films of love, relationships, comedy and unique stories that people can relate to. They give an outlet to cinema that should be seen in all its storytelling and movie making glory, and Three in a Bed is a prime example of that important choice of cinema that should be seen by the masses.

This is a wonderful romantic coming of age comedy from the UK. It's a film that is funny and one that shines in acting, story and direction. The plot is simple, your main star Nate who is a musician lives his life, but soon his two sisters crash the party having to live with him. Well next door to Nate is a new sexy man that he has a thing for. Now he is stuck in the middle, literally, he does not know how his love life can prevail. His sisters don't know he is gay.

Very funny, and sexy. There are many moments I found myself hysterically laughing. The acting by all is what stands out. All the players come together and play off each other with great chemistry and comical moments. Brandon Reece is an amazing and truly awesome actor that gives his all to the part of Nate. Alongside actor Darren Bransford, who plays Nate's love interest, Johnny, both are magical together and work the parts. One of the strongest points to the show is the chemistry between the actors, coming off as real and emotional and comical at times. Both Reece and Bransford perform with ease. These two together, reminds me of acting elitism.  

Nate no longer can live his life now that his sisters have invaded. He hides behind the truth of who he is, causing conflict and drama that only he can fix through decisions, he must make.

Beautiful, funny and brilliant.

A wonderful modern coming of age film that sticks out as being something to remember. I feel the film was able to allow itself a solid story foundation and equally top notch performances and most of all, solid direction. The film seems real. It’s a story as old as time, boy living on his own ends up surrounded by family, hides his true self, fights his coming of age reality, seeks his love, yet hides the true reality of that love. Nate must come to terms and also express his truths before his life can fix itself.

Directed and co-written by Lloyd Eyre-Morgan. Morgan owned his direction and you can tell a solid film when it comes together, and Morgan's talent does that. He created a movie that makes itself known. I will not be surprised if Morgan becomes a well-known director because his talent shows. I see greatness in his style, He created a worthy film to be spoken about in Three in a Bed.

Overall, solid acting by all, equally wonderful direction and a passionate story that ends up making you remember it, long after it’s over.

Before I go I have to mention the strong female roles in the film. This reality is something that kind of makes the film flawless in the performances. Verity-May Henry is golden, Coby Hamilton is fantastic, and Kimberly Hart Simpson, Louisa Bettine, Jody Latham are all three perfection. Each one mixed with Reece and Bransford create a tale of understandable, relatable and most of all, drama inducing, emotional charged, but equally entertaining, laugh out funny.

The passion by all the performers is what makes this film a solid piece of cinema that I feel should be seen and embraced for its wonderful performances. I loved this sweet and cute mixed up emotional coming of age drama/comedy. 

That is something key to this film, is the many mixes of genera's in the story.

I have to mention that Brandon Reece is such a cutie.

I highly recommend this feature. It’s a film worthy to place on your movie shelf and into your heart.