Drink Me (2015)

Drink Me (2015)

Starring: Chris Ellis-Stanton, Emmett Friel, Darren Munn

Plot: Product Description: James and Andy are a couple in their prime. Great sex life, everything seems to be working out just fine. But life hits and Andy loses his job. To make ends meet they take in Sebastian who is willing to rent out a room. Soon nightmares come to life as Andy realizes that Sebastian is hiding a dark secret. Could Sebastian be the killer stalking the streets of their neighborhood?

My Review and Thoughts:

This is a very erotic, sensual retelling of a modern vampire. Equal parts drama, and equal parts Horror Drama. I loved this film. I think it has a truly original take on the aspects of vampiric reality, sit inside a relationship of sex, love and erotic darkness. I absolutely loved the eye candy of the feature film. You cannot help but become a part of the story.

This is a film from the UK being brought out by the one and only company, which I am a huge fan of everything they accomplish in the film world, TLA Releasing. I honor and respect TLA because they see the world through a different reality. They give outlets to important pieces of cinema, both foreign, independent, adult oriented and cult like reality. They are a company that to me is one of the greatest companies around, because of the diversity of their products.

Drink Me is another one of those films chosen for release by TLA that I found myself thoroughly entertained, in more than one way. I have always been a huge vampire horror lover and seeing the world of sensuality, with a backdrop of the vampire legend, is a total plus to me, and this film captures that reality perfect.

I mean who wouldn’t want a love triangle with a vampire.

All the beautiful men, blood, sex, weirdness. This takes the beauty of the body, the desire of the flesh, the need for blood and mixes it with the aspects of the Drive-in movie atmosphere. The film comes off with the ultimate twist, of the erotic nature.

All three stars are sexy, deep and stylistically delicious.

The plot is simple. James and Andy are lovers. A gay couple that seem to have the perfect life. But sadly that all changes when everything seems to happen at once. Andy ends up losing his job. They soon end up taking in a stranger named Sebastian as a renter. Soon Andy realizes something is not right. Someone is killing men. Could Sebastian be that killer?

I fell in love with this style of film. Its descriptive reality, though imagery, and a dream like state, works for the imagination. Old school, descriptive in actions, erotically mastered. I recommend this film for lovers of supernatural/horror of the erotic nature. Those who like Anne Rice’s sensual world of Vampires, will take to this. I enjoyed how the characters are captured in vivid detail, everything happening, with the ordeal of three people. I feel the characters where fleshed out in actions and each play, and is given a sense of dread, fear and most of all, the will to try and understand what is happening. The watcher is given, the feeling, to face the horror that is taking place, or at least trying to figure out the ultimate darkened desire waiting.

I loved the performances and the erotic nature of both characters. Darren Munn and Emmett Friel come off like real lovers. They seem passionate and embracing. I felt their characters as if they were real. The film is very deep in the sexual nature. The intensity of the very sexually charged relationship is golden. From the sex filled dreams, to the full on body pumping, it leaves nothing to the imagination. Hot naked butts, penises and raw, late night games. Equally and thoroughly entertaining is the part of Sebastian, played flawlessly by Chris Ellis-Stanton. All three give mastery in their performances. I think that is what stands out with this film. The solid direction and acting make this, a gifted experience.  

I have to mention that this film was amazingly put together in just a week of filming. I am utterly amazed at that idea. This comes off as a professionally done film that looks like it took a great amount of time to finish.  

Directed and written by Daniel Mansfield. I feel he has a great descriptive direction and writing ability. I felt the story was very entertaining and erotically spooky.


Coming in at a run time of 74 minutes.
The sound is Stereo 2.0.
Feature film is in color and with English language. There is no fault in the audio or video. The colors are vibrant and the sound is crystal clear.


You get an audio commentary with director Daniel Mansfield and actor and star of the feature Darren Munn. I love me some accents, sexy. A great commentary and very informative on the creation of the film.

A making of feature, which comes in at a running time of 8 minutes 5 seconds.

Interview with the filmmaker. Coming in at a run-time of 7 minutes and 37 seconds.

Trailers included are:
Drink Me coming in at a running time of 1 minutes 42 seconds.
Three in a Bed with a running time of 1 minute 59 seconds.TLA Releasing DVD: MY REVIEW
Errodity with a running time of 2 minutes and 3 seconds.TLA Releasing DVD: MY REVIEW


This is a solid film with tons of nudity and some awesome eye candy. Full frontal assault on the eyes and tons of fake sex. Blood, nightmares and murder. Secrets of darkness and The Boy, no the Vampire Next Door. Highly recommended.