Olive Film's Blu-ray: Coffy (1973)

Coffy (1973)

Company: Olive Films

Starring: Pam Grier, Booker Bradshaw, Sid Haig, Robert DoQui

Plot: Product Description: Coffy is a one-woman vigilante force, out to even the score with those that have hooked her sister on drugs. Using her feminine wiles (along with deadly weaponry), Coffy sets about ridding the streets of low-life drug dealers, pimps, deviants and society’s scum.

My Review and Thoughts:

There is nothing better than a kick ass, action, Blaxploitation film.

The legend, the icon, the one and only goddess of Blaxploitation. She is the very definition of Soul Lady. Her iconic roles of the 70’s left a lasting mark of the film world. This Urban film is all Pam, and all those to follow, starring her and her ultimate beauty, attitude and ladyship is what pure 70’s Drive-In Cinema is all about. Olive Films has honored this lady, this style of cinema with a beautiful transfer on Blu-ray. A worthy film of excellence in all its vibrant glory. The transfer is beautiful, colors shine with crisp superiority against the VHS and DVD quality. Coffy is one film that deserves to be on a Blu-ray Format.

I was so happy when I learned Olive Films for the month of June’s releases where going to be bringing to light the Blaxploitation classics. Coffy is one of those must see, must experience beauties of the 70’s that express all the wild, over the top and violent glory these Grindhouse Style films had. If there truly is an art form of Cult cinema it would most defiantly be the Blaxploitation films of the 70’s. Coffy is a prime example of guilty pleasure.

Also starring in this is a wonderful cast of actors. Many stables of cinema and also an eclectic array of styles and talent run rampant in Coffy. Just a few William Elliott and Booker Bradshaw which both shockingly died very young. Elliott who played the character of Carter in Coffy passed away at 49. Bradshaw who played the character of Howard Brunswick passed away at 62. The whole cast and crew are pure exploitation dynamite. This is a film that forever leaves a lasting impression upon your movie watching experience.

Directed by Jack Hill. Jack Hill needs no introduction to film lovers. A true Cult, B-movie and Drive-In master. Bringing such Drive-In greats as 1967’s Spider-Baby, 1975’s Switchblade Sisters, 1980’s Death Ship, and the other Pam Grier outing directly following Coffy one year later, 1974’s Foxy Brown. A true writer, director and ultimate cult film making icon. A true god of Drive-In cinema. A master at over the top entertainment of the popcorn nature. He is the true exploitation genius. What is so great about Jack Hill is many of his stars return to act in his films such as Horror Icon Sid Haig, who has been in many of his films including Coffy and Foxy Brown.

The biggest accomplishment that this film detailed was the very strong lead of a woman. Movies during the time period mostly had women as victims, or a man saving them. Cinema showcased the women as not being able to hold their own. Coffy was different in that reality, because she was all mega coolness with the vibrant action style character.

Coffy was not Pam’s first Jack Hill movie. She starred in Jack Hill films in 1971’s The Big Doll House, and 1972’s The Big Bird Cage. Coffy is a film that is one of those movies that linger throughout time, as being one of a kind, and very unique in the reality of exploitation.

Olive Films has done an amazing and wonderful job in picking this classic Blaxploitation. Giving a wonderful transfer of a worthy, no-holds-bar, Grindhouse experience of the classic 70’s.


Resolution: 1080p
Original aspect ratio: 1.85:1
Color/dts audio
Languages: English

The film has never look any better, and the sound is beautiful. I loved this transfer.


A must own Blu-ray of great quality. A wonderful cult film of the Blaxploitation era. A film that will always remain a true Cult Classic.



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