Olive Films Blu-Ray: Extremities (1986)

Extremities (1986)

Blu-ray Company: Olive Films

Starring: Farrah Fawcett, James Russo, Alfree Woodard, Diana Scarwid

Plot: Product Description: Marjorie the victim of a robbery and near rape by an attacker who has successfully fought off. But her feeling of safety is short-lived when she realizes that the attacker has her address from her stolen purse. Soon Marjorie is facing her attacker again and now she must survive by any means.

My Review and Thoughts:

A pure unforgettable story, acting and direction. It's a film that sticks with you. Haunts your mind and leaves a stain. A stain of pain, suffering and Justice. I have seen this film many times, but nothing as clear and pristine as this Blu-Ray. Olive Films gave this old film a gorgeous new outlet. I often state that reality over and over again as I adventure into these Blu-rays that Olive Films continue to bring out, but the truth is, that reality of truth is the amazing quality that these Blu-Rays are. This film is crystal clear with this new high definition transfer on Blu-Ray.

The terror, heartache and pain and suffering, displays itself in emotionally dramatic acting by Farrah Fawcett. To me this is her defining role, she truly played the victim perfect. She made you believe her plight. Something that I think that is the ace to this film, is it displays the tragedy that happens to a lot of victims during the time period of the 80's and even still today, that the victims are always the one victimized, blamed, or never protected until it's too late. What makes this film so unique and different is the victim’s trauma and fear and ultimate sense of violation spirals into a justice seeking vigilante thriller that leaves a brilliant terrifying experience.

The crime, and taunting is brutal, sadistic and evil.

It really is a brutal film that showcases a heartbreaking brutality that never lets up in spots. Shocking and twisted. It really is a solid film. Amazing direction, but the performances by Russo and Farrah is the very term acting.

I feel this movie is as important and brilliant now as it was then. It's an exploration of violence. It's a statement on the idea of victim and the torment and suffering one feels when being violated, or having their safety taken away. This mixes many emotional genera's into its plot. From drama, to home invasion horror, to the survival reality. I think what makes this film stand out is the acting by both Farrah and Russo. Russo to me is the pivotal idea of human evil in this part. His sadistic nature and torment of an innocent female, his taunting and humiliation is very extreme. Both Farrah and Russo play off each other. It looks real, it makes you feel the pain and suffering. It makes you experience the dread of knowing what is happening. Farrah becomes the very idea of victim. She speaks loudly for the innocent one being haunted, tortured and hurt.

James Russo is an actor that is able to not only become the parts he plays, but he is able to transcend the parts and become the very breathing essence of the character he is playing. The part in Extremities is no different. His character in this film is unbelievable. Russo and Farrah aced perfection in this part.

Now this film is based on a stage play by the same name written by William Mastrosimone. William is clearly a fantastic writer. He has many credits under his belt, some being made into film and other stage plays, or as in this case a stage play becoming a movie. He also wrote the play Nanawatai, which would become the movie, The Beast 1988. He has also written many scripts that ended up becoming very important pieces of film, the wonderful mini-series, Into the West and The Burning Season, which both got him nominations at the Emmy Awards. He won two Emmy’s for the amazing, stunning drama film, 2002’s Bang You’re Dead, which is also based on his stage play by the same name. William knows how to create strong roles. He gives life to his characters. He seems to be able to embody those characters, and give a voice, life, and most of all, the emotions to be alive and make the viewer stunned, floored and absolutely in awe of the story. Extremities and the performances in this film is the very pivotal understanding of that art-form, and talent he is able to showcase.

Farrah received a nomination for Best Actress at the 1986 Golden Globes for her part and rightly deserved it. I think Russo and Farrah deserved awards for their parts. Now on a side note with a little trivia, the original Marjorie character, who was played by Farrah in the film version, in the 1982 play version, the wonderful and amazing Susan Sarandon started the role. Now both Farrah and Russo had also played in the off Broadway play which would lead into the film version.

All the performances are amazing. Alfre Woodard and Diana Scarwid play believable, dramatic and stunning performances right along with Russo and Farrah. Absolutely loved the music and soundtrack by J.A.C. Redford. The whole film works in many ways. Olive Film’s has done another fantastic job in creating this transfer onto Blu-Ray. This is vibrant in color, the imagery is clean and crisp and the sound is amazing. I love how this old film has been cleaned up and transferred to Blu-ray. 


Aspect Ratio: 1.85:1
Audio: Mono


Truly a must see dramatic film that leaves a haunting reality upon the viewer. A great blu-ray experience. A wonderful example of an 80's dramatic exploration of violence and the scenario of being a victim that has had enough.


It will be released on May 19th 2015.

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