Olive Film's Blu-ray: Foxy Brown (1974)

Foxy Brown (1974)

Company: Olive Films

Starring: Pam Grier, Antonio Fargas, Peter Brown, Terry Carter, Sid Haig,

Plot: Product Description: Seeking revenge for the murder of her government agent boyfriend, Foxy goes to any means necessary – even posing as a prostitute to infiltrate a modeling agency that’s a cover for sex trafficking – to bring the killer to justice.

My Review and Thoughts:

The second important Pam Grier flick being released on Olive Films Blu-ray. Foxy Brown is another of the classic cult, guilty pleasure, Drive-in style cinema.

Another Blaxploitation mastery brought out lovingly on Blu-ray format. Again Pam brings her sexiness, and attitude fueled African Queen Goddess, at its finest to the screen. This is another wild trip into the 70’s that only Blaxploitation could do. Another flawless transfer to Blu-ray. Compared to the VHS and DVD this Blu-ray is like finding gold. Olive Films has brought out another fantastic example of pure entertainment. Foxy Brown has never looked any better. Vibrant in color and crisp in sound. A perfect film to enjoy with all its retro 70’s bliss. Pop you some popcorn, and let the soul take over, for Foxy Brown can show just the right amount of pure perfection.

Also starring the wonderful iconic Antonio Fargas. Fargas has been acting since the early 60’s and is always a master at the art-form of acting. From small roles to very important roles such as the character of Quickfellow in the wonderful dramatic film 1974’s Conrack. Many will know him for playing the part of Huggy Bear in the 70’s cult show, Starsky and Hutch. Fargas is an actor that understands his characters and brings them to life in so many wonderful, memorable performances. Fargas is still as of this writing, acting strong with his amazing slick persona.

Also starring the wonderful Peter Brown and Terry Carter. Both equally brilliant actors. I think Peter Brown will always be known for his many long running performances as characters in the 60’s TV westerns. From Maverick, Lawman, Cheyenne, Wagon Train, Laredo, The Virginian, he always aced the parts that he performed. Terry Carter is an equally important actor. He has graced the cinema world both small and large. Most TV buffs will know him for the character of Detective/Sgt. Joe Broadhurst in the long running McCloud. But sci-fi, cult fans will know him as, Colonel Tigh in the 70’s TV classic Battlestar Galactica. Wonderful performances by all in this classic Drive-In piece of cinema.

Directed by Jack Hill. Jack Hill needs no introduction to film lovers. A true Cult, B-movie and Drive-In master. Bringing such Drive-In greats as 1967’s Spider-Baby, 1975’s Switchblade Sisters, 1980’s Death Ship, and the other Pam Grier outing one year earlier 1973’s Coffy. A true writer, director and ultimate cult film making icon. A true god of Drive-In cinema. A master at over the top entertainment of the popcorn nature. He is the true exploitation genius. What is so great about Jack Hill is many of his stars return to act in his films such as Horror Icon Sid Haig who has been in many of his films including Coffy and Foxy Brown.

Foxy Brown is a character that transcends off the screen to symbolize the female role as independent, and holding their own. Like Coffy, Foxy Brown showcases a strong female. 

Foxy Brown is an empowerment to the female in cinema. This character like Coffy gave the strong voice to the female in films.

Olive Films did a fantastic job bringing this important piece of cinema to Blu-ray. Lovers of cinema can now adventure into a high quality transfer of this fantastic one of a kind feature film, in a whole new light. Foxy Brown is what great cult cinema is all about. It is pure popcorn entertainment at its best. 

Pam Grier is at her best in this role. This is the role that stands out to me in her long career. She is a golden ticket of filmed perfection in no matter what she does. She is beautiful, strong, and vibrant, and is a powerful actress that I always look to, love, cherish and admire.


Original aspect ratio: 1.85:1
Languages: English

Another beautiful transfer by Olive Films. The colors have never looked any better. Wonderful crisp images. Sound quality is equally wonderful.


A must own Blu-ray of top quality. A wonderful example of 70’s cult cinema. A powerful example of a female empowerment in film. 



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