TLA Releasing DVD: Seek (2014)

Seek (2014)

Company: TLA Releasing

Starring: Adrian Shepherd-Gawinski, Ryan Fisher, Jonathan Nathaniel, Matthew Ludwinski, Matthew Gin, Lesley Hibberd, Helder Ramos, Bryce Michael Sage, Elena Seepe, Graham Gauthier

Plot: Product Description: Evan is a hot young, gay newspaper writer – and he’s just had his heart broken. Attempting to shake off his melancholy, he takes on an assignment profiling Hunter, an alluring gay club promoter. Around the guys are a host of other twenty-something urbanites, all longing for the same thing – approval. Whether it’s by the in-crowd, the hottie across the bar or in the industry they work, all strive for something greater, failing to appreciate what they already have. Seek explores fresher territory in gay cinema, and is all the more tender and heart-wrenching for it.

My Review and Thoughts:

This is a wonderful thought provoking story with flawless performances. This is beautifully directed. An exploration of life, love, passion, and the emotional reality of companionship. The growing relationship between Ethan and Hunter is priceless. The growing aspects of love or passion, makes you giddy with fluttering butterflies in the ideas of love, and the companionship everyone wishes. The strong manly arms of warmth, next to the soft bosom and exploration of love.

Gorgeous and beautiful are the actors Adrian Sheherd Gawinski and Ryan Fisher. Both the main characters quickly grow on you. Both give off vibes of heat inducing perfection. The story weaved around excellent acting and ultimate chemistry leads the viewer into a viewing bliss. I have to mention this is Gawinski’s first feature film as an actor, another unbelievable reality about this film, because he owned and sold his character.

A great example of a simple and down to earth story, that every watcher can relate to. The players in the story grow on you and become apart of you, as if you are there, or as if you are the main characters. The story makes you think. It makes you realize your inner-self. It transcends thoughts and questions.

Directed by Eric Henry who also wrote it? This is Henry’s first film in direction and writing. Amazingly crafted with mastery and film excellence. Floored at this being his first film. He aced it in so many ways. I loved this movie, felt this movie, became a part of this movie, and was in cinema bliss watching it. Can’t praise, or say enough about it. I think this is a wonderful drama, one to see and experience.

The main players Adrian Sheherd Gawinski and Ryan Fisher work perfect. The chemistry is flawless. All the performers are flawless, each of the actors/actresses come across as believable, and the watcher can understand, and grasp the ordeal taking place through the performances. 

The music is also something that needs to be mentioned, amazing. The music created by Kevin Cronin and brilliantly performed by The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra, is worthy seeing the film, just for it. I will remember this movie on many levels and music is one of them. I also have to mention the cinematography. What an amazing job. Adam Makarenko did a fabulous job at this. Which might I add this was his first movie as cinematographer? I think that is what makes this film stand out the most, is the craftsman-ship and passionate excellence in creating this film. It shows through the finished product. The film comes off as something to be seen and expressed and shared. 

This is a highly recommended film. It's a perfection that many films lack. Gay cinema usually sadly lacks in many situations, but this film is not one of them. High class in acting, direction, story, music. I was thoroughly entertained and did not want this film to end. This is one of those movies I will return to often. It's a film that leaves a lasting emotional mark.

This is an important piece of gay cinema. This is an important piece of cinema period.