Olive Film's Blu-ray: The Mean Season (1985)

The Mean Season (1985)

Company: Olive Films

Starring: Richard Jordan, Mariel Hemmingway, Kurt Russell, Joe Pantoliano, Andy Garcia,

Plot: PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Nearing burn out, the career of Miami reporter Malcolm Anderson is rejuvenated after an article detailing the unsolved murder of a local teen brings him notoriety as well as an unexpected and unwanted fan: a man who claims he’s the murderer.

My Review and Thoughts:

Kurt Russell plays a burned out Newspaper reporter. He wants to quit but seems to be stuck and pulled into each story. Just when he was going to turn his notice in, a murder of a teenage girl. He wants to move with his woman to Colorado and work on a small Newspaper. Just when he is about to officially call it quits, the killer of the girl contacts him. So begins a cat and mouse ordeal.

Also starring the beautiful, stunningly sexy Mariel Hemingway as Christine, Kurt's love interest. Also starring the amazing Andy GarcĂ­a and the equally amazing Joe Pantoliano. The true star of the show has to go to the amazing Richard Jordan. A true iconic actor that knew the art form of performing. He was one of those actors that just oozed mastery. He died way too young. 56 years old was a true shame. He was and still is iconic in his many characterizations. His role in The Mean Season is one of those memorable roles. This also has a cameo by the true bad ass manly, know-holds-bar William Smith. Over 270 performances to his name. Always a memorable character performer. The whole movie is just a collective array of acting brilliance.

An intense psychological serial killer thriller. Directed by Phillip Borsos, a very talented director that sadly died way too soon at the young age of 41 from cancer. A truly sad ordeal. He had away with capturing a situation and made it seem and feel real even-though it is a film.  The screenplay is by Leon Piedmont. The story itself was adapted from the novel In the Heat of the summer by John Katzenbach. Katzenbach is a brilliant author that has written several books which 3 have become feature films, 1995's Just Cause and 2002's Hart's War. The Mean Season is a great psychological murder mystery with dynamic characters and a thick plot.

It's great to see a film when newspapers and journalism in print form was all the rage. Loved all the old computers and phones and notepads. A trip into the old scale of information. 

Just like always Olive Films graced another wonderful Blu-ray. I'm always happy about the films they choose to bring out. The Mean Season is a great trip into the past of cinema that Olive Films enlightened movie lovers with a new release.

Brilliant music soundtrack. An amazing ensemble cast. The acting is what truly makes this film stand out. Filled with both mystery and suspense. Tightly directed. I think this is one of those forgotten gems, overlooked and under appreciated. Thankfully Olive Films decided to spark that ultimate need for a Blu-Ray release. The Mean Season is a complex film that should be seen. A great crime thriller that leaves you guessing and wanting to know.


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