Olive Film's Blu-ray: Stone Cold (1991)

Stone Cold (1991)

Company: Olive Films

Starring: William Forsythe, Sam McMurray, Lance Henricksen, Brian Bosworth, Arabella Holzbog

Plot: PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Fed up with a system that allows criminals to walk free, Joe Huff (Brian Bosworth, Three Kings, and The Longest Yard) is a cop on the edge. While on suspension for insubordination, Joe is strong-armed by the FBI to go undercover in the Deep South to infiltrate a dangerous white supremacist biker gang known as The Brotherhood. Taking down The Brotherhood’s murderous leader, Chains Cooper (Lance Henriksen, Aliens, Near Dark), and bringing the gang to justice, won’t be easy. But Joe doesn’t do “easy.”

My Review and Thoughts:

Now this is what you call an action-packed, no holds bar, ass kicking, fist fighting, explosions, chases, everything you could want in a perfect, Drive in, late night classic piece of cinema. I absolutely love this film. I was so happy and giddy with excitement when I heard that Olive Films was releasing it on Blu-ray. The Blu-ray is absolutely brilliant, loved the wraparound artwork for the case. The video transfer and sound is perfect, and I could not ask for anything better.

To me this is a perfect, action-packed classic, true cult style following. Bad ass hero on a motorcycle. What more do I need to say, oh yeah, he has a mullet.

I first saw this back in the day when it first came out. This is one of those movies that you can always go back to, at least the guys do. This is a living man cave experience.

Fun, over the top action.

An action packed good time. A character we can all relate to. A character that if you piss him off, or do something, he is going to get the job done.

This is a wonderful, manly, action film that lingers long after you’re done. You smile at the moments that push pure action. The story is your basic good guy, bad guy reality. The good guys and the bad guys come off as believable.

The cast is one of the biggest strong points. As it stars two of my favorite performers of all time. Lance Henriksen and William Forsythe, both brilliant performers that are the true essence of acting as being entertainment .

Also directed by a badass director that knows how to lay down the action, Craig R. Baxley. He was responsible for 80's action classic, .Action Jackson and 90's Sci-fi Action. Dark Angel. He is a director that knows what he wants. He also has done stunt performances throughout his long career, and it just shows you his ability to understand, and accept, that certain films don't need to be anything spectacular with CGI and animation. This movie was during a time when stunt work, real man, real women acted it out and performed through amazing explosions and action-packed scenarios. I miss this reality of real ness. Movies today are saturated with CGI-cartoons, and animation, tacking away the real life action, it doesn't have the same appeal that these old-school classic films have, when it felt real, when it was real.

Olive Films did a great job bringing this out on Blu-ray. Wonderful high-quality video transfer and equally beautiful vibrant sound. I was thoroughly entertained. A great product. I highly recommend.


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