Olive Film's Blu-ray: Thrashin (1986)

Olive Film's Blu-ray: Thrashin (1986)


Starring: Josh Brolin, Robert Rusler, Pamela Gidley, Sherilyn Fenn,

Plot: PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: L.A.’s rival skateboarders, the laid back Ramp Locals and the punk rock Daggers go to war for skateboard supremacy in the action packed drama Thrashin’. No sooner has he arrived in Los Angeles to compete in a downhill skating competition, Corey Webster (Josh Brolin, No Country For Old Men, The Goonies) finds himself falling for Chrissy (Pamela Gidley, Liebestraum), a beautiful blonde with close connections to the skating scene. It turns out Chrissy’s brother is Tommy Hook (Robert Rusler, Weird Science), the tough-as-nails leader of The Daggers, who has his sites set on the skateboard competition prize. Chrissy’s love for Corey will be tested when her overprotective brother and Corey face off in a deadly skate race.

My Review and Thoughts:

Thrashin is all 80's. Pure 80's entertainment at its cultish reality of cinema. A perfect throw back film of simply movie making. Olive Films choose another 80's Classic to bring out on a lovely Blu-Ray. Perfect to own and equally awesome in audio and video. I like Olive Films because they give the fans great entertainment films and also give them a new outlet they so greatly deserve.

To me this is one of the great old school skate board movies around. Pure action and pure drama done classic 80's style with music, fashion and you can't forget the hair. This has a wonderful cast of actors and actresses. From the amazing Josh Brolin who needs no introduction to the one and only underrated actor that I have always enjoyed watching. Who acted in countless 80 cinema cult films? Robert Rusler is always a dynamic character. I have always thought he never got the stardom he deserves. Also starring the Beautiful and sexy, 80's Queen Pamela Gidley. Which might I add, this was her first film she starred in. My personal favorite of hers is as the character of Cherry 2000, in 1987's Cherry 2000.

Thrashin has an 80's ensemble of actors who starred in or went on to star in great films. Brooke McCarter, which this is also his first starring role. He would go on to be one of the group vampires in one of the greatest vampire films of all time, The Lost Boys.  This also has child actor Brett Marx. Most famous for playing the reoccurring role of Jimmie Feldman in The Bad News Bears films. Also starring David Wagner as Little Stevie. Wagner would go on to write movies. He wrote such silly films like, 2004's My Baby's Daddy, 2004's The Girl Next Door, 2005's Underclassman, Van Wilder 1, 2&3. This also has the talented and beautiful Sherilyn Fenn who I will always know as Audrey Horne from one of the best TV series ever, Twin Peaks.

Keep a look out for the character T.A. In real life it's none other than Tony Alva. Yes that Alva, the original American Skateboarder and original member of Z-Boys Skateboarding Team. He is the cream of the crop and one of the greats. You can check him out in the perfect documentary, Dogtown and Z-Boys. Which also was made into a fictional feature film Lords of Dogtown. And yes the master Tony Hawk also has a cameo as one of the pool skaters. The whole movie is filled with awesome skaters throughout. Also as themselves Red Hot Chili Peppers, Anthony Kiedis and Flea. Also just because I am a movie buff and love movie trivia. In an uncredited part you have none other than Catherine Hardwicke. Who now is a director most famous for directing the film adaptation of Twilight. But her first film at directing was the feature film Lords of Dogtown which as I have stated, Thrashin had one of the original members Tony Alva.

Now what's really funny is this has actress Alice Nunn in an uncredited role as a Truck Driver. Now who is Alice Nunn. Why it's Large Marge from the cult classic 1985's Pee-Wee's Big Adventure, also playing a truck driver, well a Ghost Truck Driver. “Tell’em Large Marge sent ya."

Something that needs to be spoken about and mentioned is all the stunt work. Huge accolades needs to go out to all those involved. This was written by a team, Paul Brown and Alan Sacks. Sacks is famous for creating the classic 70's show, Welcome Back Carter. Brown went onto to write and produce for some of my favorite shows, Quantum Leap and The X-Files.

Thrashin is directed by David Winters. He is responsible for some of the all-around B-Grade, pieces of Drive-In cinema such as 1979's Racquet, 1982's The Last Horror Film, 1986's Mission Kill, 1987's Code Name: Vengeance, 1988's Space Mutiny. Basically a collective smorgasbord of cinema crap. Yet one little 80's gem amongst the pile, Thrashin is that 80's wonderment of skate boarding mayhem. As the grouchy old adults would say: "Dam kids and their toys."

The whole film of Thrashin is an awesome trip back in the day when skateboarding was everything. This is one of those defining films dealing with this art form and sport. Olive Films has given the fans what they wanted. A great transfer. The film has never looked any better, and has never sounded any better.


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