The Republic of Rick (2015)

The Republic of Rick (2015)

Company: Brink Vision

Starring: Dave Abed, Ronnie Lee Steadman, Becky Leigh

Plot: Rick Launer, The ambassador of the Republic of Texas club, spends his days at Alamo reenactments and haranguing U.S. mail man to get off Texas soil. But when he takes things too far, he's jailed and kicked out of his beloved club. Out on bail with a warrant on his head, he manipulates a group of paranoid eccentrics to protect him from the hand of the "oppressive government". As a modern-day Alamo unfolds on national television, Rick must confront what it takes to be a true leader.

My Review and Thoughts:

This movie can be summed up in three ways, hysterical, hysterical, and hysterical. This is an interesting comical, odd and strange film. Surprisingly fresh and pure entertainment. The way this film displays itself is almost like a documentary, but in reality, it's a fictional style telling, with some truths. It is a comedy film but yet also mixes a weird sense of, you don't know if you should be laughing or not.

Comical genius of the dork side of humor, best describes this film. The acting is downright memorable to the point you will be talking about this film long after the credits role.

This has to be seen to be understood. This has to be experienced to fully appreciate its true dorky originality. I laughed to the point of hurting at certain moments. That is what this movie is, a true comical one of a kind reality that creates a goofball mentality.

This is a special kind of comedy. You have to like the goofy, nutty style of humor. This is the style of humor that is pure silliness. Childlike fodder of playground dorkiness. The shinning of the film is the acting by Dave Abed as your main character. His sense of, senselessness is what drives this film.

Another perfect release by Brink Vision to DVD. They gave another outlet to a unique and very entertaining piece of cinema that I highly recommend.