TLA Releasing DVD: Boys In Brazil (2014)

Boys In Brazil
Starring: Mauricio Evanns, Luis Vaz, Marcello Airoldi, Andre Bankoff

DVD Company TLA Releasing
Plot: Product Description: It's a time for gay pride in São Paulo, which means sun, sex, and the good helping of fabulous flamboyance on the side! But when a group of closeted gay men come face-to-face with homophobic abuse, instead of taking it laying down, each decide to make a solemn pact, they all have until next year's parade to come out once and for all.

My Review and Thoughts:

This is a wonderful comical/drama. Very sexy and mixes a bold reality of coming to terms with yourself. Accepting yourself, and not caring what others say. This is a mix of dramatic drama with a relationship, and sexual exploration storyline. You the viewer become a part of each character. Each individual in this film stands out. Each one is sexy, beautiful, passionate, and is able to create their character in a memorable way that expresses the emotional appeal to their character, and plight taking place. Simply put, they own the role of the character, and create it as a real reality. 

The storyline is touching and simple at the same time. A group of friends. A group of gay men, each one hiding who they are. Each abused in some homophobic fashion. Each one tired of hiding. Each one coming to terms, and expressing that they will come out by the next gay parade.

Directed passionately by Alexandre Carvalho. Loved the dramatic appeal and the overall emotional undertaking of the story written by Andre Colazzi. Something that also stands out is the beautiful and amazing cinematography, absolutely loved this reality to the film.

Yes the plot sounds simple, and yes it seems like, "oh yeah I just come out of the closet". But what people don't realize is how difficult, trying, emotional, and draining it is for an individual to accept who they are, and to come out to a society that still ridicules, abuses and faults homosexuals. What I like about this movie is it displays that reality of that struggle, and ultimate choice, but most of all this is a wonderful comedy. It's a friendship film. It's a compelling piece of cinema. It has an atmosphere of love and passion. 

Now don't get me wrong, there are moments of a reality with the underlying themes that are very serious, such as I have mentioned, abuse against gay people, and those sad individuals who feel they have to create violence through actions, or through the Internet. Homophobic people are no better or different than the racist bigots during the Civil Rights movement. Homophobia should have no place in the world.

Each one of the characters grow on you and you can understand and relate to each of them. You might be or know someone like these individuals. I think the two that stand out are the characters of Rodrigo and Mauro. Even a person that's not homosexual, can relate to Rodrigo's ordeal. His first sexual experience, coming to terms with his emotional sexual reality, and finding himself. His character actually adds a personal feel, a sensitivity to the film. His character is acted by Maurício Evans. Evans does breathtakingly beautiful job at creating his characters reality. Next one that stands out is the character of Mauro. Played absolutely hilarious, and flawlessly by Luis Fernando Vaz. Mauro tends to be most of the comical reality of the film. His character is the drama queen, or the stereo typical style drama queen. Priceless performance and a memorable character.
TLA Releasing has done it again by bringing another wonderful film to DVD. TLA tends to always showcase, honor, and give outlets to films that should be seen, should be talked about, and should be experienced for all the wonderful, dramas, comedies and a mix variety of entertainment.

This is a film I highly recommend. This is one of those movies that I will return to often, and enjoy it's thoughtful, underlining storyline, and also it's comical appeal. Wonderful story line, great direction, awesome cinematography, brilliant performances.


  • Aspect Ratio: 1.78:1 Widescreen Language: Portuguese with English Subtitles. Stereo. Vibrant imagery and excellent audio.