Brink Vision DVD: High There (2014)

High There (2014)

Company: Brink Vision

Plot: Product Description: Hunter S. Thompson meets Barry McKenzie in this dark nonfiction comedy about a real-life, legendary but down-and-out tabloid television journalist who heads to Hawaii to film a marijuana travel series, only to become lost in a fog of drugs, sex and paranoia as he uncovers a secret government war to control the marijuana trade. The film touches on the controversial federal prosecution of marijuana advocate Roger Christie and his THC Ministry. 

My Review and Thoughts:

This is a very interesting and hysterical documentary on the reality of WEED. No, not the things growing out of your flower bed; that is unless you live in Colorado. I think this is a prime example of a perfect Documentary. I was thoroughly entertained. I laughed and was very much educated. I ain’t going to lie, I have smoked a Joint and ate one hell of a Yummy Brownie before. Weed ain’t my thing, but for those who love it, smoke it, or use it as a medical means, I am all for it. It’s a natural plant. If the government was smart, they would legalize it, tax the crap out of it, and sell it like Cigarettes. Our economy would flourish, plain and simple.

This is an experience to watch. Brink Vision has done it again and brought out a very unique film like they tend to do. I really did not know what to expect going into this but was very satisfied in the end. I think it’s a perfect example of the art form of film making through a real person, situations, and the exploration of the human species in all its weird HIGH form.

I can’t speak highly enough about this odd ball non-fiction comedy. A true eye opening trip, pardon the pun, documentary. Mix in all the weird reality of the government, the marijuana advocate Roger Christie, and his THC Ministry, and you have one wild ride of drugs, sex and yes as you would guess, massive paranoia. Now there are two directors both well educated in the form of cinema. Wayne Darwen and Henry Goren. Wayne is a long time journalist and producer, and Henry is a video-grapher. Now something very interesting and wild for all you movie lovers and Oliver Stone freaks, is that Wayne was the inspiration for the character Wayne Gale in Oliver Stone’s masterpiece Natural Born Killers. Now both directors appear in the film under different names, Wayne is Dave High and Henry is Roland Jointz.

This is possibly one of the best documentaries I have seen in a long time. It’s truly original and a perfect example of everything to do in a memorable, wild, over the top and perfect piece of filmed cinema. The reality based ordeal, the characters, the travel log like atmosphere, and the wild comical truths leave a truly lasting impression.

I feel this is a perfect film. There is no flaw with this documentary. I was thoroughly entertained and it gave me a wild ride, simply put, HIGHly recommend.