TLA Releasing: Hidden Away (2014)

Hidden Away (2014)

DVD Company: TLA Releasing

Starring: German Alcarazu, Adil Koukouh, Joseba Ugalde, Eder Pastor

Plot: Product Description: In the bathroom of a crowded nightclub, Ibrahim, a 14-year old Moroccan boy, crosses paths with Spanish teen Rafa. Although they exchange only a fleeting glance, the encounter has a profound effect on the pair. As his friends try and set him up with a local girl, Rafa’s thoughts remain with Ibrahim. Meanwhile, Ibrahim finds himself isolated in the big city, treated like an outsider, with the threat of deportation hanging over his head. When the two boys meet again, they form a close bond and decide to work together to find a way for Ibrahim to escape his fate and live the life he wants.

My Review and Thoughts:

The film displays itself in a way that you feel the drama. You feel the crush like growing passion. You become the characters, and you become a part of the situations on screen. Wonderful friendship and sensual reality to this story. It is a story weaved together in a dramatic reality that is believable, and most of all, it leaves you with an emotional ordeal.

I don’t give the term flawless often when it comes to cinema but I think this film deserves that title and is everything that can be flawless about a film, is captured in this movie. From the amazing script and direction, to the acting. The whole movie is something one must experience to fully understand that statement of flawless. I loved this movie. I felt it captured everything a movie needs. Its equal parts beautiful, and equal parts dramatic. It gives all the emotional baggage of life, love and hate.

There is a multi-cast of young extraordinary actors. German Alcarazuas playing the part of Rafa is your main character, and is something to be seen. He truly is magical in this part. He gives a breathtaking reality to this character that few movies have done before.  Next would be Adil Koukouh playing the part of Ibra. Both are dynamic together. The chemistry on screen by all is perfection. The tight direction and well written story showcases itself through the film. Now I have to mention that this is German Alcarazu’s first feature film acting. This idea brought my mind to be utterly numb. I cannot believe that this young man has not gifted the movie world with anything else. Thankfully he was able to express his talent in a worthy film for the first time. He aced his part and gave it his all, and more. That is something that ultimately works for this movie, the whole entire cast is amazing. Adil Koukouh is also another actor who only started performing in 2014, the year this movie came out. This film, being only the second acting role for him. Joseba Ugalde playing the best friend, Guille to Rafa, which he gives another powerful performance. Such young actors with a masterly talent is unbelievable. Moussa Echariff, Ana Wagener, Alex Angulo, Eder Pastor, and all the others gave great performances.

Also one has to mention the unbelievably awesome music throughout the film. A great soundtrack to a great film. I think that is another flawless reality to the film is the music. I felt drawn to the music and I think it captures the flow of the film along with it.

Directed by Mikel Rueda. This is Rueda’s second feature film. Pure talent displayed in this film.

A nice drama and also a perfect character driven plot. I felt the story comes together as something the watcher can relate to or follow along at ease. The performances are breathtaking to experience. Each actor mainly your leads display themselves in a passionate understanding of performing and making the watcher believe in the plight taking place.

TLA Releasing once again picked an amazing film to distribute.