Twilight Time Blu-ray: The World of Henry Orient (1964)

The World of Henry Orient (1964)

Company: Twilight Time

Starring: Peter Sellers, Paula Prentiss, Angela Lansbury, Tippy Walker, Merrie Spaeth, Phyllis Thaxter, Bibi Osterwald, Tom BOsley.

Plot: Product Description: Two Manhattan schoolgirls both from broken/ breaking homes, who conceive mad crushes on a pompous, ridiculous, deplorably bad pianist, the titular Orient. As they trail him, with enviable freedom, from one New York haunt to another, they somehow bust up his every romantic intrigue, even as they embark on their own painful growing up.

My Review and Thoughts:

The Film: 4/5

Another fantastic film. A truly funny, comical piece of cinema that lingers on the funny bone and makes you laugh throughout its reality. A dynamic cast of performers. Solid direction. A truly funny script. I really enjoyed seeing this film again. Seeing it on this top quality blu-ray, is also an excellent experience. This new Blu-ray outlet by the wonderful company Twilight Time, made this film shine all over again. I was really excited when I heard that this was going to be one of the choices by Twilight Time for their Special Edition, 3,000 Unit productions. I was not let down. The imagery is vibrant and beautiful in crisp color. The sound quality is equally impressive.

This 1964 comedy is one of those films that give a light hearted brilliance to entertainment. This is when cinema played out with a sense of harmless entertainment. This was based on the novel by the same name. Author Nora Johnson was the writer of the story. Johnson based the plot on a reality of her life at Brearley School. Johnson along with her father Nunnally Johnson, wrote the screenplay for the movie adaption. Her father Nunnally was a wonderful director of many pieces of important cinema, such as, the amazing 1940’s The Grapes of Wrath. The amazing 1957’s The Three Faces of Eve, and many, many others. He and his daughter where truly gifted creators of entertainment through story and visual cinema.

This was directed by George Roy Hill. Hill had a long career in the movie business. He created many wonderful pieces of cinema. He is probably best known for Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, and also The Sting. I for one remember him from directing four favorites of mine, Slaughterhouse-Five, Slap Shot, Funny Farm and yes The World of Henry Orient. Many of his films were nominated for countless awards. The Sting itself racked up 10 nominations and 7 wins. His career was a defining reality of cinema history.

The World of Henry Orient is one of those films that you tend to return to, or at least think about when it’s over. It has an amazing cast. The funny guru, Peter Sellers. An amazing performer that really needs no write up, or introduction to the cinema world. He was a gifted, and extraordinary actor. He shined in all his roles, and the character of Henry Orient is no different. Also starring the amazing, talented and utterly beautiful, and might I add, the very definition of performance, Angela Lansbury. Lansbury is a pure god of cinema. Simply point, an acting genius. Also starring a wonderful cast of female actresses, Paula Prentiss, Tippy Walker, and Merrie Spaeth. All three are perfection. The cast in this film is a dynamic orgy of flawless, memorable characters.

Twilight Time aced this release. The World of Henry Orient is a film that expresses the beauty of film making, in that it’s a piece of cinema that never gets old.

Audio/Video: 5/5

As I have said above, vibrant in color. Awesome sound. It has never looked any better.

VIDEO: 1080p High Definition / 2.35:1
AUDIO: English 1.0 DTS-HD MA

Extras:  4/5

Now this is an important extra, the Isolated Music Score. The score is by one of the greatest musicians to ever live. Elmer Bernstein. He created throughout the years many wonderful pieces of music. A composer and conductor of many memorable pieces throughout cinema. His music film scores have always stood out. It’s a true shame to even say he was just a musician. His countless years of music love throughout cinema shines. From such amazing films as, The Ten Commandments, To Kill a Mockingbird, Ghostbusters, The Magnificent Seven, and many, many others. I could write a whole book on this man. His genius, his work, his sounds, his visionary expertise in the art form of music. This is a wonderful extra on this Twilight Time Blu-ray.

Audio Commentary with Film Historians Jeff Bond, Julie Kirgo and Nick Redman. Another wonderful extra. A great listen to these three genius’ of film love. This is a great, informative extra.

Original Theatrical Trailer

Also you get the wonderful Booklet insert by film historian, Julie Kirgo, always an amazing read, and extra to these Blu-ray's.


Another prime example of how to treat a piece of cinema with a new outlet, to express the beauty of film. Twilight Time brought out another top, high quality Blu-ray, that ultimately should be owned, experienced and loved. Twilight Time knows how to handle and treat cinema as historically important.


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