Brinkvision DVD: Female Pervert (2015)

Female Pervert (2015)

Company: Brinkvison

Starring: Jennifer Kim, Skizz Cyzyk, Brian Cafferty, Joshua Mikel, Jesse Price, Kate McManus, Taylor Proctor

Plot: Product Description: Phoebe is seeking a true connection, unfortunately she doesn't relate to people like most in "normal society." She starts making changes, and as her road to self-improvement unfolds, her more eccentric interests lead her down a darker path. She meets a few men, hoping to spark a love connection. But her perversions are hard to suppress. Will she change or will she accept she is a female pervert.

My Review and Thoughts:

What an absolutely, laugh out, hysterical, film brought out on DVD by Brinkvision. This is truly a one of a kind film. Total original and is something you won’t forget. I don’t think I have ever really seen anything like this before. This is a comedy-drama that takes the bounds and steps into a subject not often explored by the female reality. This changes the buttons of modern day reality. Men are the ones that usually demoralize, and sexually categorize the female. In this film, a female named Phoebe takes over the reins of the dog style male persona, and leaps into the realm of sexualizing men.

A very unique film. Wonderful characters. A plot that is brilliant. Directed and written by Jiyoung Lee. Lee created a fresh film that stands out. Lee is also in the film as the character Amy. This stars as your main lead, the wonderful Jennifer Kim as Phoebe. Kim aces the part, and creates a truly memorable performance. Kim has been acting for many years now and her ability, and expertise in creating her characters, shine on screen, and Phoebe is no different.

Brinkvision yet again has brought out on DVD another film that is truly a gem, and a one of a kind experience. An independent comedy that many won’t get, and many might put down, but for those who love original cinema, and not the rehashed world of just about everything that comes out of Hollywood, I think will take to this film.

The plot is very simple. Phoebe is a videogame designer. She can’t find Mr. Right, and more or less the reasons are, she is openly sexual, and wild in the ideas of sexuality, and exploring that means by weird, and eccentric means. From wanting to cut a man’s public hair, to all kinds of odd actions. But that also plays with the idea of the subject of the film. Why is everyone so stuck up about sex? What can’t two persons explore sexually in every way? That is what Phoebe wants. She wants to find someone that understands her extreme sexual adventure. Mix in a very odd therapist, and also Phoebe’s extreme explorative nature, and in my viewpoint you have a wild film that lingers.

What I like about this is it turns realities. If the man talks sexual or explores his sexual side society just goes about it as normal, men are dogs, or become the Male Pervert, but when a woman wants to experience, and explore sexual means through being frank, and descriptive, a female becomes a whore, or how could she. In this the man is not the pervert, the female is, hint the title of the film.

An absolutely funny, interesting exploration of the Female Pervert. Brilliant.