Olive Film's Blu-ray: The Babysitter (1995)

The Babysitter (1995)

Company: Olive Films

Starring: Alicia Silverstone, Jeremy London, Nicky Katt, George Segal, J.T. Walsh, Lois Chiles

My Review and Thoughts:

I remember renting this on VHS the day it came out, and seeing this movie for the first time back in 1995. I have not seen it again, and so I was really happy to experience this campy, cult status like film, once again. What better return to this film than a Blu-ray outlet, lovingly put out by the company Olive Films. Olive Films has away with grabbing feature films that seem to be over looked. I am glad that The Babysitter is getting this wonderful Blu-ray edition to its reality of entertainment. The imagery is crisp, vibrant, and beautiful. Looks as if your experiencing it, in a whole new way. Olive Films created a wonderful product that is a must own for lovers of this film, or entertainment itself.

Sadly the movie really has not gotten any respect over the years. Most reviewers hate it, but I like its campy, cult style feel. Plus one of the major realities to it is it stars the amazing, late great, J.T. Walsh. I still can’t believe he is no longer with us. He was truly a gifted performer that knew how to capture a character, and bring them to life, place that character in your thoughts or under your skin as you watch. The character of Harry Tucker is no different. Alongside J.T. Walsh is the much underrated, Jeremy London playing the character Jack. Rounding out the cast is the main lead, Jennifer, The Babysitter, Alicia Silverstone.

This is a thriller of obsession, drunken choices and asinine thoughts. 

Directed by Guy Ferland. This was his first movie as director. His career still continues to this day. His eye for creating tense, dramatic moments can be showcased through his direction and even with The babysitter campy, cheesy, over done appeal, it still is a prime example of that. Starting in 2004 he has done nothing but television as of this writing. His style of telling a story through his lens can be seen no matter small or large cinema. He has graced his expertise on such shows as The Shield (which is one of the greatest series ever), Torchwood, The Walking Dead, Sons of Anarchy, and many, many more. It’s great to revisit his start in Hollywood with this Olive Film’s Blu-ray edition of his first film.

The Babysitter was inspired by Robert Coover’s stories in the short story collection Pricksongs and Descants (1969). Guy Ferland wrote the script for the film adaption.

The plot is what you would expect. The babysitter named Jennifer is given the job of watching Harry Tucker’s kids as he and his wife go to a party. Now, three men, Harry Tucker, Jack, Jennifer’s ex-boyfriend, and Jack’s friend Mark, all have desire for Jennifer. Each one fantasies over Jennifer the teenage babysitter. As you would guess this desire, obsession, clouds their judgement, mix in booze, and so begins a night of choices and actions that spiral out of control, and lead down into a realm of depravity.

Like I say, many seem to not like this film. The negative reviews, and low ratings I feel is a shame because I thought it was entertaining, even after only seeing it for the second time. Olive Films did the film justice, in displaying it on a beautiful Blu-ray.

Campy, cheesy, over the top entertainment.


No fault in this department. It looks great for age, and its original Direct to Video reality. I think it looks amazing compared to its older release. Olive Films gave it the outlet it deserved.

Screen: 1.78:1 Aspect Ratio; COLOR
Languages: English


A direct to video thriller, mixed with drama and also a cult film like mentality. 


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