Twilight Time Blu-ray: Summer Lovers (1982)

Summer Lovers (1982)

Company: Twilight Time

Starring: Barbara Rush, Peter Gallagher, Valerie Quennessen, Carole Cook, Daryl Hannah

My Review and Thoughts:

Film: 4/5

Summer Lovers is one of those films that has always stuck with me after first seeing it as a teenager. I had the hugest crush on Peter Gallagher. Twilight Time has done it again in choosing one of the films I absolutely love. Now days these type of films are a dime a dozen where there is a complex love triangle, but back in the day, this was relatively a newer reality in film, and Summer Lovers is a prime example of that style of film. I think what stands out the most to me is the writer and director behind the film. Randal Kleiser wrote and directed Summer Lovers, but also did another one of my favorite films that never really has gotten the long term love it deserves, 1980’s The Blue Lagoon. Which might I add Twilight Time has also released it on a Special Edition Blu-ray, and you can purchase it Here.

The plot to Summer Lovers is simple and down to earth. Sun, water, sex, and the beauty of human body and it's exploratory nature of emotions. This time around you’re on a Greek Island called Santorini. Your main characters Michael and Cathy are from America, and are tourist to the sea side. They come upon a French archaeologist. Soon there is an unending chemistry between them, and they embark on a love orgy of pleasure, and excitement as this threesome find each other in ultimate desire and drama..

The landscapes and places filmed, is an eye opening experience of rustic beauty and natural simplicity. The cinematography is extraordinary. Timothy Galfas did a wonderful job in capturing the local area displayed in the film. He had an excellent eye for beauty, and it showcases his talent in this film. I think what is so shocking about that reality, is he only did 3 feature films, one short, one documentary, and also one animated feature for a total of 6 projects as cinematography in his life. It seems with a talent for the eye, he didn't help create many projects. Summer Lovers is a beauty visually.  

There is a mix of comedy, drama and most of all romance that brings this film together in all its beautiful glory.

Starring a wonderful cast of actors and actresses. As mentioned the handsome and sexy Peter Gallagher. The very stunning and beautiful Valerie Quennessen, and the fantastic Daryl Hannah. You also get the extraordinary Barbara Rush and Carole Cook. Two dynamic actresses of excellence. Barbara Rush is the very essence of star.  

Something that always shocks me when watching this film is in realizing that Valerie Quennessen is dead. 31 years old. Such a shock every time I think about it. She was such a vibrant, and stunning beauty, and her acting was a fantastic experience to behold in her short career. Taken way too soon by a car accident. Thankfully we have the few films she graced with her expertise in acting to remember her by. Summer Lovers is one of those films. Thankfully Twilight Time Blu-ray has honored this film with a lovely new outlet on a stunning Blur-ray of pure excellence to the eyes and ears.

The movie was filmed on the Greek Island of Santorini, added the realism and beauty of the atmosphere of summer, sun, beach, and an all-around trip to this beautiful place. Other shots were filmed on many different islands such as Crete, Delos, Mykonos, just adding all the more beauty.

Now the director himself is possibly best known for the original and Cult Status musical Film 1978’s Grease. As I have stated I will always look to him for The Blue Lagoon and Summer Lovers, but he also did other films that are dear to my heart specifically the ones I grew up watching such as, 1986’s Flight of the Navigator, 1991’s White Fang, and 1992’s Honey I Blew Up the Kid. Kleiser directed many styles of films from Family to Adult. His mastery showcases in anything he does. Another prime example of his brilliance is a very underrated and powerful film that should be seen, 1996’s Its My Party. A wonderful, dramatic, tear jerking experience. Kleiser like most directors has had hits and misses. But what he is able to do is allow the watcher to experience the emotions of the characters throughout his films, whether it’s laughing, crying, or being satisfied, he is able to do all of it throughout his career.

Audio/Video: 5/5

Excellent. Vibrant in color. And ear candy. A beautiful setting of culture through filmed beauty, that comes off amazingly with this transfer to Blu-ray.

VIDEO: 1080p High Definition / 1.85:1
AUDIO: English 2.0 DTS-HD MA

Extras: 5/5

Isolated Music & Effects Track. Now as I have stated many times before reviewing these Twilight Time Blu-rays, this is the special feature I always look forward to. This time around was another fantastic treat, due to who is behind the music for this film. Musician composer and music guru Basil Poledouris. Chances are you might not know his name (but you should), but you have heard his music. He has composed for so many films from low class films, to high class films, to B-Movies to Grade A films. His talent was what the idea and definition of music is all about. From The Blue Lagoon, to Conan the Barbarian, to Red Dawn, Iron Eagle, Robocop, The Hunt for Red October, Free Willy, Starship Troopers and so many others both great, and small screen. His talent is beyond words, his music makes your senses dance, and your mind is given, ear candy heaven. Sadly this master has now passed but not without leaving a perfect legacy of music. Twilight Time honored this genius of music with this lovely extra.

Not only has Twilight Time supplied the isolated music, but also placed on this Blu-ray as a special feature is a program about the music guru himself. A fantastic program, and an important extra feature. Basil Poledouris: His Life and Music. This is worth the price of the Twilight Time Blu-ray itself. Almost a 50 minute documentary on non-other than the music master himself. There is a lot of filmed footage with the man himself. This was a program created by Film Score Monthly, and is a perfect added feature to this already fantastic blu-ray.

Audio Commentary with Writer-Director Randal Kleiser. This is wonderful special feature hearing the man himself talk about the film, and its process, and trivia. A great added feature.

The Making of Summer Lovers. This is an older feature with behind the scenes and interviews.

Screen Tests. These are really Awesome, and is a true treat to see.

Original Theatrical Trailers


Another excellent example on how to treat a film. A wonderful transfer in video and sound quality. A perfect product. A wonderful, sensual movie experience. Beautiful bodies, landscapes, and story. Highly recommended.


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