Twilight Time's Blu-ray: A Midsummer Night's Sex Comedy (1982)

A Midsummer Night’s Sex Comedy (1982)

Company: Twilight Time

Starring: Mary Steenburgen, Tony Roberts, Woody Allen, Mia Farrow, Jose Ferrer, Julie Hagerty

Plot: Product Description: A Midsummer Night’s Sex Comedy, is a period-style romantic roundelay set in and around a stunning—and possibly magical—country house. The film focuses on a nutty inventor, his frustrated wife, a philosopher cousin, his much younger fiancée, a randy doctor, and a free-thinking nurse – the possibilities, of course, are endless. Gorgeously shot by the great Gordon Willis.

My Review and Thoughts:

Film: 3.5/5

Here is another wacky comedy from the film genius and guru Woody Allen. This 1982 film is everything you would expect from this film master. Woody Allen was and is a director that always knows what he wants in a film and how he wants to go about the final touches to finish the film. This like many of Allen’s films has a wonderful cast of actors and actresses. Your main female lead is his once wife and often a stable in many of his early films, actress Mia Farrow. Always a wonderful treat to see. An amazing actress that owns and creates a memorable character that only she can do. Also starring the true Hollywood icon Jose Ferrer. He was a true performer in everything he did in his long career. The beautiful and very talented Mary Steenburgen, the amazing Tony Roberts and the stunning Julie Hagerty make up the cast of this simplistic comedy.

Woody Allen has a style that only he can do and get away with in film. He has a natural talent of creating truly original pieces of cinema. His ultimate completion of films is something that stands out as being one of a kind experiences.

Twilight Time has lovingly brought out another Allen film with a new outlet that is flawless and an example of how to treat a film. Twilight Time has released many Allen films on Blu-ray. You can read my review here for: The Purple Rose of Ciaro and Love and Death.

You either love or hate Woody Allen movies. Most of Allen’s films are simple, down to earth and nothing grand, just great interaction of performing. That performing holds the watcher and creates a satisfied experience, no matter how simplistic it is.

Now A Midsummer Night’s Sex Comedy is not Allen’s best, and not his worst. I think it’s a film that many like, and many say it’s okay. This I have to admit is not really my favorite of his films. I thought some of the acting was really not up to the quality you would expect in Allen’s films. Which comes to the reality that this is the only time, that an Allen film has ever been nominated for a Razzie Award. A Razzie Award, is an award ceremony for the worst in film. And Mia Farrow was nominated for her role in, A Midsummer Night’s Sex Comedy as worst actress in a film. I don’t agree with that reality, I didn’t think her part was that horrible. Might I add this was the first time Farrow acted in a Woody Allen film?

I personally think it’s a great fun time even with its elements of not being Allen’s best, it’s funny, and everything you would expect from early Allen film making. It’s a great watch for lovers of Allen, and for those who love a simple comedy that only Allen could make work. I personally feel it’s an over looked, and underrated film even with its flaws. I think Twilight Time did a fantastic job in picking this film for one of their special edition blu-ray's.

It’s never looked any better. The quality of this blu-ray is a fantastic experience. I love how Twilight Time honors a film and gives it the wonderful treatment they do. There are so many films out there that deserve this treatment.

Yes this is lessor known Allen film. Many people in my direct movie friends, have never seen it and that is something that is sad. Because there are certain directors no matter if it’s not their greatest film, that should always be seen, and Woody Allen is one of those directors that should always be expressed.

A Midsummer Night’s Sex Comedy is like Allen took the city to nature. He took the bustling simple style of directing a city like Manhattan, and leading into the forest. He took the city and returned it in his style to nature. I think it’s a very funny film that gives great laughs, that you will remember.

Audio/Video: 5/5

Another beautiful and amazing example of these top notch special edition blu-ray's that only Twilight Time can master. Audio has never sounded any better and the imagery is crisp, vibrant in color and excellent to the eyes.

Extras: 2/5 

The very important isolated music score. A fantastic listen. The music displayed in the film was by the great composer and legend of the past, for the score, Felix Mendelssohn.

Original Trailer

Also you get the wonderful insert booklet. Written by the amazing film guru historian, the wonderful, smart and film educated, Julie Kirgo, which is always a treat to read and is an important part of these special editions.


I have to mention the cinematographer behind this film. Gordon Willis. A master at his craft. Sadly passed away in 2014 but not without leaving a major career of cinema. He was the cinematographer for many Allen films, and one of my personal favorites, Allen’s comedy masterpiece Annie Hall. Willis was the director of photography on many masterpieces of film, including two of the greatest films in history, The Godfather and The Godfather Part 2. Other important films, Klute, All the Presidents Men. His ability for capturing beauty and his expertise on film shines in his work. He brought that skill to A Midsummer Night’s Sex Comedy.

This is a fantastic blu-ray to experience this film. Amazing video transfer and equally amazing sound quality. I highly recommend this product.


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