TLA Releasing Blu-ray: Love or Whatever (2012)

Love or Whatever (2012)

Company: TLA Releasing

Starring: Tyler Poelle, Jennifer Elise Cox, Joel Rush, David Wilson Page, Jenica Bergere, Kate Flannery

My Review and Thoughts:

I first reviewed this on DVD when it was released by TLA Releasing. Now it’s on a wonderful, beautiful blu-ray. This movie belongs on this new outlet, should be seen, and talked about. This is a great new product for this film.

This is a wonderful romantic comedy. A nice mix of wonderful acting, direction and over all love story of a relationship. The movie has a perfect chemistry of characters on screen. A fantastic film of love, relationships, and finding oneself. A passionate approach of film making. A memorable story. Memorable characters, and an awesome reality of love and companionship.

A great cast of actors and actresses performing brilliantly on screen by creating their characters in flawless ways. All the actors shine. Tyler Poelle is perfect as the character of Corey, who is dumped by his boyfriend for a girl. He is now somewhat lost and decides to set out to find himself, and ultimately falls again in love with Pete. Pete is played amazingly by Joel Rush, who might I add is stunningly sexy, and also perfect in the part. Many will know Tyler Poelle from the television series Scrubs. Poelle owns the character of Corey, and makes the viewer believe in the character, and the drama he is going through.

Joel Rush also creates the character flawlessly in a believable fashion which might I add I fell in love with. Both Poelle and Rush play off each other’s perfect acting, and create wonderful chemistry on screen. Joel Rush is known for the ongoing gay movie series, Eating Out, and also for the TV series If Loving You is Wrong.

Corey is a therapist whose ultimate joy is helping those who come to him, find a way of happiness in their lives. Now Corey has a sexy Jock boyfriend named Jon, played wonderful by David Wilson Page. Page is a great actor that creates Jon in perfection on screen. Now Jon has been a part of Corey’s life for two years. Corey’s lesbian sister and best friend Kelsey tells him he needs to pop the question.

Kelsey is played by the amazing actress Jennifer Elise Cox who many will remember as Jan Brady from the Brady Bunch movies. Cox has acted in many, upon many, TV and feature film roles, always adds a perfect flare to her characters, and Kelsey is no different. So after pushing from his sister, Corey wants to marry, and has all the courage to finally pop that ultimate question, “will you marry me”? What Corey doesn’t know is Jon knows, and Jon decides to go out and party. Jon finds a woman and ends up sleeping with her. The attraction is more of need at the moment, and want then anything. Jon confesses to Corey. Jon leaves and now Corey is left hanging with a personal struggle. The shock is that, Jon’s mystery woman, is named Melissa, who happens to be one of Corey’s clients. Corey does not let on that he knows, and so he continues to see the client to get all the facts, and info on the relationship. The character of Melissa is played top notch by a great actress who has acted for many years in TV and movie, Jenica Bergere.

So begins the story and Corey’s journey to find love again. Some attempts are by horrible means and after a while, he finally finds a social dating network titled Grindr. There he meets Pete, a sexy poet Pizza boy. But as you can guess, Jon the Jock shows up again wanting back with Corey. Soon all the truth and lies come out in disastrous moments of comedy and drama. Soon Corey has to face the final showdown to make the right choice, or the struggle of making the choice he wants. Whatever he chooses those actions will change his life.

I think this film is directed perfect by Rosser Goodman, which this is her second feature film. Her first being Holding Trevor in 2007 which might I add, she also aced. Rosser Goodman did a great job at maintaining her actors and creating a perfectly flowing film for the viewer. This is written in a comical, drama induced plot by two wonderful writers, Dennis Bush and Cait Brennan. I think they aced the story and created something to remember.  This is Dennis Bush’s first writing of a script. Brennan is an actress and has written scripts before. Bush and Brennan create a great story, and a character driven love affair of reality, which I think most people can relate to. This romantic drama stays with you long after it’s over.

Put out by KGB Films. Is a Canteen Outlaws release which is under TLA Releasing? I feel this is a film that leaves a lasting mark on the viewer. Captures the beauty of love, choices and struggle. I enjoyed the light heartiness at times, and also the struggle at times.

A perfect mix of comedy, romance and drama. The film comes together in a sexy, beautiful stunning way. A passionate love affair, romance, choices, secrets, relationships and the ultimate reality of setting in stone a personal future.


There is no fault in the audio and video. The imagery is crisp. The sound is pure ear candy to the watcher. Top quality Blu-ray product.
1.85:1 Widescreen. Stereo.


Official trailer, Sexy Trailer
Director Commentary. S great listen. Very informative.
Behind the Scenes. Director and cast Interviews. Always is a treat to see and listen to the performers talk about the film and characters.
Theme Song Music


Top Blu-ray of a great film. TLA Releasing did a flawless job in creating a perfect product to own. The film is equally wonderful. Highly Recommended.

Love the characters. Love the story. Awesome direction. Amazing performers. Love the sexiness and comedy. This film shines in all its romantic, drama and comedy reality that we all can relate to in one way or another.