TLA Releasing: Fulboy (2015)

Fulboy (2015)

Company: TLA Releasing

Starring: Tomas Farina, Jorge Luis Medina, Gonzalo Peralta, Facundo Talin, and Cristian 

My Review and Thoughts:

A candid behind the scenes life and daily workings of a Soccer star. Moments of humor, sexiness, and realism.

Here is another wonderful DVD release by the wonderful diverse Company TLA Releasing. Another solid pick for a release. A wonderful art house style documentary. Real life reality, drama, all captured with imagery, personal stories, and a reality based direction. The film seems to come to life before you. The characters are captured in in thought provoking way that showcases the real life atmosphere with an ease.

Tomas is a soccer player. He is on his way to achieve his stardom in the sport. During this process he allows his older brother Martin, a ticket inside the sport, locker rooms, and gatherings. Martin dreamed of playing soccer, but ended up wanting to make films, and so this is like he is able to experience, and follow his dream, at least on the inside of the sport; and those who play. Martin uses his camera to capture his experience. There is mixed feeling about this reality. Some of Tomas’s teammates think the idea is different, allowing a somewhat stranger to enter there closeted world, capturing them in image form with the lens of a camera.

Most of all the film is beautiful in the male form. The movie captures a candid expose of the male figure in all its sexiness, and frankness. An eye candy of images that grace a very provocative film. The movie at times is like what you would see on a basic day, random shots of normal, mundane moments, which just add to the realism of the documentary. 

Written and directed flawlessly by Martin Farina. Farina is able to showcase a beauty of the human form, inside an exploration of the sport of soccer. The men who play it. The behind the scenes. The locker room. The workouts and the bonding. Farina captures a life experience for those who live for soccer, and the sport. Most importantly Farina captures humanity in the form of male persona. The film is very artistic in the way it’s films. There are close-ups, chopped images, and conversations that are only filmed from one perspective.

I have to give huge accolades to Martin Farina. This is his first filmed movie. He not only executed a dynamic documentary on the exploration behind the scenes of soccer players, but also added an artistic poetry to the film. Martin not only directed, but he was art director, cinematographer, writer, producer, editor, sound department. He had his hands in everything, so you can say this was his baby, and he delivered it flawlessly. 


A Short Film called: Tomas the Defender


This Argentinean Sport, documentary is beautiful, and educational. Equal parts inner exploration, and equal parts pleasurable. Really loved the music by Pedro Irusta. Irusta composed a great piece of music for this documentary. It adds another unique appeal to the film.  

I highly recommend this for its artistic value in telling a reality of life through camera work, and it’s exploration of the daily behind the scenes life of soccer players.