Wild Eye Releasing: Queen Crab (2015)

Queen Crab (2015)

Starring: Michelle Simone Miller, Danielle Donahue, Rich Lounello, A.J. Delucia, Kathryn Metz, Steve Diasparra, Ken Van Sant

My Review and Thoughts:

Wowzers. Where to begin. First and foremost I laughed my butt off. This is one of those unique and old school style creature feature films that the olden days of Sci-fi horror cinema was all about. This is pure Drive-in brilliance.

Adventure back into the days of Stop Motion Animation. This is a pure homage to the old cinema of pure B-movies at its cheesiest best. Lovers of Rubber Suit monsters, Ghoul Hosted Midnight films, and b-grade cinema, will understand and absolutely love this true romp of corniness.

I haven’t laughed or been so B-style entertained in a very long time. It’s hard to explain this style of cinema unless you understand this style of viewing.  This is back in the day when you took a trip into the unknown. A trip into the vast recesses of low budget wonderment. This is about fun, simple, no-brain cinema at its best. It’s about guns, explosions, and whatever type of acting.

As you would guess there is a scientist. His little girl Melissa one days finds a crab. She happens to mess around with his experiment. Some of the experiment is eaten by the crab and there deep in the recesses of the water, a beast grows and awakens. The beast that wreaks havoc and destroys all in its path. A small town must strive and fight against this beast. A Giant Crab that is awakened and has one goal, to destroy all in its path. Truly a modern day homage to the classics of stop motion animation. A brilliant modern originality that uses an old form of creation to display once again to a modern generation.

This is a late night, all night viewing of the forgotten and obscure cinema that's swept its way under the rug of time, or into the makeup of cheesy nachos. I grew up with the greats like Roger Corman and Saturday Matinees, Ghoul hosted midnight viewings, cult following masterpieces of corniness. From simple B-movie glories. From modern made for TV features, to direct to video action packed explosive cinema. Sometimes cinema is forgotten. Sometimes for a good reason, but other times not, for there is always a gem in the pile, even with all it's outrageous, over the top clarity.

This is directed and written by Brett Piper. Piper is a low budget, special effects genius in his own right. Creating a vast array of low budget brilliance for the fan of truly cheesy cinema. I have watched Piper for many years now, and he is always able to create, and spark a little brilliance in his style of film making. He first started directing, writing films in the early 1980’s, and has continued to amaze the world of lower budget cinema with one over the top adventure after the other. I am a huge fan of his style of cinema. He is a director that knows what he wants to do, and creates that style perfectly through his low budget expertise. Many will probably know him for his 1990 cheese fest, A Nymphoid Barbarian in Dinosaur Hell. Many might know him for his several films for the wonderful B-movie company Shock-O-Rama Cinema a.k.a. Alternative Cinema, which he created such B-grade classics starring the beautiful amazing Erin Brown, a.k.a. Misty Mundane, 2003 Screaming Dead, 2004’s Bite Me, 2005’s Shock-O-Rama. Piper has yet again created B-movie bliss with Queen Crab.

This is lovingly brought out on DVD by a true wonderful company that I am real fond of. They truly give you all the low budget wonderment's of the modern film making world. A vast array of one B-movie after the other. From horror to sci-fi, to anything beyond Hollywood; they are the perfection of Low budget cheesy cinema. They give and display everything a fan of Drive-In, Late night flare could want, and now they have done it again with Queen Crab.

Queen Crab is like all the greats that warned us of mutations, giant creatures wreaking havoc on the population. When the screen displayed warning’s like: Beware the Beast. Don’t step on THEM! They will step on you. I dare look as It Came From Beneath the Sea, and as I turned The Deadly Mantis made its way toward me. Beware the shock! Beware the chills! Can you stand the 8 Tentacles of death! Watch out for the created mutations through unrelenting scientific experiments run rampant.

Queen Crab is truly a wet dream of pure B-movie perfection.

An orgy of over the top acting, special effects and pure cheesy entertainment at what I consider its best. Queen Crab is a true throwback to the golden days of cinema when the brainwaves didn’t matter, when all that mattered was cheap thrills, and popcorn fun. Queen Crab is a true hoot for any fan of B-movies.

Like the old days, Grab the popcorn, the extra-large pizza, the soda pop and let's rock down to this modern cult classic cinema.  Brilliant. It truly belongs to the cheese covered ails of movie bliss, and wild orgies of "oh my god did I just watch that".


Absolutely loved the extras. A true treat to an already treat-full piece of cinema.

Commentary with Director Brett Piper and Mark Polonia.
Blooper Reel.
Behind the Scenes Features
Sneak Peek: Triclops. I so can’t wait to see this.
Trailers for: Jurassic Prey, Triclops, Dark Sleep, Raiders of the Lost Shark, Paranormal Halloween, American Poltergiest, The Amazing Bulk, Queen Crab, The Mothman Curse, Swamphead, They Will Out Live Us All.


Turn your brain off. Get ready to roll the eyes and giggle beyond means. For lovers of low budget, cheesy cinema; it’s a must see. For lovers of stop motion animation, a must see. 

For those who get this style of entertainment, you will be satisfied beyond means. I feel this plays homage to Ray Harryhausen, Roger Corman, Fred Olen Ray, and Brett Piper playing homage to himself. And this plays homage to all those others who adventured into the weird, wild world of low budget entertainment. 

My Rating: B- For B-Tastic, C – For Cheesy bliss, W – For What the F*** did I just watch.