Please Punish Me (2015)

Please Punish Me (2014)

Starring: David Sackal, Joanna Donofrio, Bradley Rhodes, and Mark Carter.

My Review and Thoughts:


I think one of the hardest types of film making and storytelling is short films. These have to consist of grabbing so much detail and story that the viewer has to understand and be satisfied in such a small period. To make a successful short film to me is a very hard accomplishment because I need detail and focus on a subject to really grasp the understanding of the piece. With that said I am a true fan of the medium and art form of short films. To me a true skilled director or artist is the one able to crunch the imagination of a films subject into a small space.

My Review:

Moving on to this short film which last a little under 15 minutes.

I first experienced Chris Esper’s work in his short film Still Life from 2012 which you can read my review for here:

Chris has a talent with the lens of a camera. He expresses what I detailed in my short little introduction. He is able to capture a complete story in a small amount of time, and that is the beauty of solid film making.

Punish Me is a totally different subject. This is pure comedy. It’s a funny trip into a short film that lingers on your made, and makes you giggle even after it’s over. The plot is written by two, Tom Paolino and Rich Camp. Both have created a funny, memorable short. Esper’s quality of direction, mixed with written humor, and actions satisfies the film lover.

The low down of the plot is your main character Scottie Lee has everything going for him. Life has given him everything and more and the persons around him have bad luck, or crap happens. Now through many situations he feels, and sees that he shouldn’t have all this great luck fall into his hands. So he takes it upon himself to be punished. One of his coworkers hands him a card for a place called PUNISH ME PALACE. He seeks out this business in hopes to be punished, adding a true comical flare to the mix is his attempt by seeking out the dominatrix setting, which ends up becoming not what it seems.

Your main character Scottie is played by David Sackal. David does a great job as the, punish seeking businessman. The part of Michelle played by Joanna Donofrio is absolutely memorable. Both have great performances. The shining role is by actor Mark Carter, absolutely hilarious. The whole cast works. The tight direction by Chris Esper’s is what shines. He is a gifted film maker I see moving on to bigger projects. Please Punish Me is a great little film that stands out.

A fun, comical short that thoroughly entertained me.