TLA Releasing: Super Natural (2014)

Supernatural (2014)

Company: TLA Releasing

Starring:  Nophand Boonyai, Gandhi Anantagant, Baramee Jarinyatorn, Thana Sheanakul

My Review and Thoughts: 

This is a fantastic futuristic love story. A dramatic undertaking of plot, execution of emotional story telling at its finest.

Director Thunska Pansittivorakul has crafted a wonderful art form of an imaginative, and fictional future that creates an erotic example of longing for love, companionship, desire.

The plot is pure imagination yet in reality not that farfetched. Your setting is in a Thai Kingdom ruled by The Leader. The Leader character basically hovers over all the stories that are to be told. Now part of this future is ran and structured, that only good people who follow, gets merits, but the down fall is, it’s a future kingdom where people can’t touch. You can’t love, have sex, or have any type of intimate reality.

This is a film that is both artistically beautiful and haunting at the same time. There is a political statement inside the plot.

Beautiful actors. The story flashes into the past, and to the present, showcasing persons and there dynamic relationships, and struggles in this future setting.

Thunska Pansittivorakul is an independent film director that makes bold statements and exploration into politics and sexuality. His many short films, and documentaries, and movies are really eye opening steps, into many realms of emotional, thought provoking statements. 

This film Supernatural is a wonderful example of a crafted film, that shines not only in plot, acting, but is visually stunning. There is such a beauty not only in body, or erotic moments, but in the everyday surroundings, objects, or futuristic ideas. The whole film comes off as a believable stepping stone of human emotions, and exploring those memories lost by time, yet engraved in our conscience through touch, feelings and actions.

The homoeroticism is a vibrant longing, told through moments, flashes, thoughts, and the beating heart of desire and love.

Starring a wonderful cast of truly gifted performers that stand out. Three characters. Three time periods. Three memories of reincarnated souls. The future is set, a hundred years into the future. The three structured stories you flash to are, a group of 3 men talking about myths. Second a family with traditional values, and third a Spaceship stuck in space. Each story details many emotional realities, and takes place for the viewer to experience the plight of each person. 

You the viewer slowly watch, feel, and come to terms alongside each character. You are placed in these settings as if you’re watching it unfold before you. There is a fanciful and yet down to earth approach to each story, that leaves you the viewer with a twisted spiraling plot of actions, thoughts, desires, and longing to know each of these persons. 

Thunska was able to build these characters and the situations into a believability that lingers long after the credits roll.

Written and directed in a flawless, imaginative, storybook fashion. Thunska created something to remember and experience.

Languages:  Thai (Primary), English Subtitles
Aspect Ratio: Widescreen, 1.78


I have to mention one more time how stunningly gorgeous the imagery in this film is at times. Just artistically breathtaking.

TLA Releasing has done another fantastic job in bringing another wonderful, and an important example of film, to an audience through this wonderful DVD. I think this is a fantastic feature film that leaves a lasting emotional impression upon the viewer.