Twilight Time Blu-ray: Vampires (1998)

John Carpenters Vampires

Company: Twilight Time

Starring: Maximilian Schell, Daniel Baldwin, Sheryl Lee, Thomas Ian Griffith, Tim Guinee, 
James Woods

My Review and Thoughts:

Film: 4/5

I probably have seen this well over 50 times. It’s one of those movies I tend to return to over and over again, or at least watch every time it’s on TV. I was super excited to read that Twilight Time was going to be doing a special edition 5,000 Unit Blu-ray of this film.

I first saw this alongside my Grandmother on one of our Friday Night visits to the Theater in Ludington Michigan back in 1998, which seems so long ago. I have always been a Carpenter fan. Carpenter needs no introduction into the movie world. He is a master Horror director. A master director period, delving deep into the recesses of nightmares. His talent shines, and his unique gifted imagination, and imagery through film, is something that makes you follow along. His mastery in music, and storytelling is a dynamic reality that he owns, and operates with an expertise that few directors can ever grasp. His cultish fans, (I included) well love this Twilight Time Blu-ray.

Vampires is a unique blend of horror. It has Carpenters, trademarks, and also the touch of a Drive-in style, late night film. It’s a film of bloody gore, and over the top wonderment of old school horror, mixed with a dirty gritty style of classic Carpenter. The violence, sexual imagery, and humor all come together to create one of Carpenters gems.

Twilight Time has busted there butt’s yet again in creating a top quality product that has to be seen to be appreciated. This having only a 5,000 Unit production is easily going to vanish. Twilight Time did a truly fantastic job bringing this late 90’s classic to Blu-ray. The film has never looked any better. It’s a true beauty. The imagery and sound quality is magical. This is a truly impressive blu-ray. Seeing this film on Blu-ray is almost like seeing it in a whole new light. I can’t speak enough about this Special Edition.

So the plot and story line is, Jack Crow is a vampire hunter who the Catholic Church uses to slay the creatures of the night. The Catholic Church has been doing this for countless years. Crow has a team of vampire slayers. Soon Crow is given a priest sidekick that must follow along. Father Adam Guiteau joins, and soon realizes the horror he is now involved in. Crow and his team seek out a relic, a relic that will allow the creatures to walk in the day light. Crow and the team must fight a horde of bloodsuckers, and seek out the main leader before the find the relic.

This has a wonderful cast. The main starring role is played by James Wood. His character of Jack Crow is a very memorable performance for its outrageous, and ludicrous reality. Over the top, and yet corny all rolled into one. Wood always adds an extra flare to his performances. The beautiful and amazing Sheryl Lee, who I will always remember as Laura Palmer in one the greatest television series ever, David Lynch’s Twin Peaks. Lee plays the character of Katrina in Vampires. She has been bitten by the head blood sucker and taken into the team, because those turning have a connection with the leader.

Also starring the wonderful Tim Guinee, playing Father Adam Guiteau. Tim is an amazing actor, and someone who I feel never gets the lime light he deserves. He has been acting since 1986. He is a solid performer in any part, and the part of Father Adam is no different. He is always a treat to see. Starring as your main bad guy is the wonderful Thomas Ian Griffith. He owns the part of Jan Valek. He brings a ghoulish reality to the creature of the night. Griffith is another one of those underrated actors that always gives his all, too every role. The wonderful, amazing icon of cinema Maximilian Schell plays a small part in Vampires. Schell needs no introduction. He was one of the greatest actors in cinema history. He was an Oscar winning actor, and 2 time Golden Globe winner that shined throughout his many years. Sadly he is no longer with us, but he left a vast array both large and small in the cinema world. Also starring a wonderful, vast array of actors and actresses, Adam Baldwin, Mark Boone Junior, Gregory Sierra, Cary-Hiroyki Tagawa, Thomas Rosales Jr. and many others. Each one brings a great array of performances.

Now the movie is very loosely based on the book Vampire$ by author John Steakley. Screenplay writer Don Jakoby adapted it for the screen. Something interesting to note is John Carpenter considers this a Western Vampire Film. It’s a Western with blood, gore and vampires, need I say more, and that is way it’s a must see, must own, must experience movie.

Audio/Video: 5/5

Something that Twilight Time always amazes me with is the top quality there products are. There transfers are some of the best in the business of Blu-ray releases. The audio is dynamic, and the imagery is beautifully vibrant, crisp, and has a perfection that only Twilight Time gives.

VIDEO: 1080p High Definition / 2.35:1
AUDIO: English 5.1 DTS-HD MA, English 2.0 DTS-HD MA

Extras: 4/5

Isolated Score Track. As I have stated in many of my Twilight Time reviews one of the special features I greatly look forward to is the isolated score, which is a bonus on many of their releases. If there is one Blu-ray that needed to have this special feature it is Vampires. John Carpenter always surprises me with his many films. He adds his style, imagination and most importantly his music. To me it wouldn’t be a Carpenter film without his haunting, nightmarish, and simplistic tunes that leave a lasting mark. That is a trademark with Carpenter. I automatically know it’s a Carpenter film when I hear his tunes. Twilight Time did a wonderful job giving this special feature.

Audio Commentary with Writer-Director John Carpenter. It was a great listen to hear the man himself. A guru of horror, and a film maker talk about his craft. An absolutely wonderful commentary, I could listen to Carpenter all day long.

The Making of John Carpenter’s Vampires. Always good to see the behind the shots of making a film.

Original Theatrical Trailer


It’s a stunning example of creating a product with high standard toward the art form of the film. I consider movies a way of life. I consider movies an art form of imagination, and the exploration of life in general, no matter the subject. When I see a company treat films the way they should be treated, it makes me giddy, happy, and worthy to praise them for what they do for film, and Twilight Time gives that reality of respecting film.

Twilight Time went above and beyond in capturing a new outlet for this Drive-in classic of vampire gore. A brilliant special edition that is worthy to be talked about and praised. Great product. Some awesome extras. Truly a must own experience. 


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