TLA Releasing: Everlasting Love (2014)

Everlasting Love (2015)

Company: TLA Releasing

Starring: Joan Bentalle, Aimer Vega, Hugo ALejo, Adrian de Alfonso, Joana Mallol, Miguel Rojas, Sonny Smith, Oriol Vilalta

My Review and Thoughts:

Your main character is named Carlos. Carlos is a school teacher who teaches language. Carlos has an appetite for sex, or at least watching others have sex. After work he adventures into a local spot in the woods near Barcelona. His lust and desire is calmed night after night by watching random moments of sexual pleasure. One night he meets one of his students there, named Toni. They explore each other, and so begins the student, teacher relationship, or lack of. There is a mystery surrounding the teenage boy. This mystery also involves his group of friends.

Directed and co-written by Marcal Fores. Fores has a very unique idea of imagery by displaying a story through a darkened reality of choices, conscience and evil. This is a very sexually graphic film. A touchy film that explores some twisted realities.

This film is a very different film. It has parts erotic sexuality, and equal parts scary mystery. Carlos enters into a world that slowly decides to drag him down into a darkness. The local news is about acts of depravity, happening in the local area. There is a psycho-sexual aspect to this film. An exploration into a world of random sexual encounters, and the horrors that might come with it.

A dark film. Solid and brilliant acting by all. The direction is flawless. The storyline is very deep, and very oddly erotic. The movie is very interesting, and it’s very hard to explain if you haven’t seen it. I don’t want to give too much away, and that is way I am trying to be very scarce. I think its biggest accomplishment is taking many plot lines, or stories, and creating a mystery of the characters. You really never know where it’s going. Loved the Drama, or Psychological twist.

The movie is filmed brilliantly. The camera work, long shots, and dramatic lighting give it a beating heart as if you’re watching moments happen. You’re the spy, the voyeur. The movie is like entering a world of an art-house film. The camera work along with the subject matter, and the mysterious characters, create an emotional baggage upon the viewer. It’s an emotional baggage that I wish to explore, because the film itself is an emotional calamity.

Joan Bentalle is strikingly brilliant as the character of Carlos. He is able to make you feel his tension, desire, heated intensity, and most of all the lingering, and wondering of what is about to happen. Aimar Vega is the true winner of the show. He created Toni to be remembered. He displayed a haunting and yet deeply, dark, sexuality that makes you want to question your own thoughts. That is also something so brilliant about this film is Marcal Fores, created, and directed a film, that you really, should not like the characters. There is a dirty, gritty feeling. It almost leads you to want to take a bath.

A great, odd, dark film, with deeper aspects of sex, and erotic diversity. Intense. Highly Recommended. It is a unique, and very original film. Great acting. Great direction, and an equally great mysterious story.