Wild Eye Releasing's: The Last House (2015)

The Last House (2015)

Starring: Jason Mewes, Ezra Buzzington, Monique Parent, Lauren Walsh, Felissa Rose

My Review and Thoughts:

Here is another fun, horror, Drive-In B-grade style of entertainment.  This 2015 film has some Cultish, actors and actresses in it. The one and only Felissa Rose is in a small part. Most famous for Sleepaway Camp, but has been a part of horror, and low budget cinema for many, many years. It was a great seeing her in this. Also in the lineup of performers is another, one of a kind actor, Jason Mewes, a.k.a. Jay from Kevin Smith’s Jay and Silent Bob fame. Seeing both these cultish cinema iconic performers was a true plus to this low budget horror film.

This is directed by editor, actor, producer, Sean Cain. Cain has been a part of many pieces of cinema in the low budget reality for many years now. From editing, to directing, he is a one stop guru of all things cinema. He has directed such low budget B-movies like, Naked Beneath the Water, Silent Night Zombie Night, Jurassic City, and many other wonderful cheesy, god awful. low budget b-flicks for the lover of drive-in cinema. He is a master at low quality reality. A somewhat modern Roger Corman. He has all the mentality of Fred Olen Ray and Herschell Gordon Lewis wrapped up in one. The Last House is a prime example of his imagery, and talent of this style of low budget b-quality film making. The Last House has everything a fan of this style could want. Girls, blood, death, sex, murder, and a little of insanity B-grade style.

This also stars a gifted actor that has been acting since the early 90’s and is always a treat to fans who love low budget, or horror films of cultish cinema in general. Ezra Buzzington. You might not know his name, but there is a guarantee for fans of this style of entertainment, will recognize him. He was in 2006’s Remake of The Hills Have Eyes, he was the character of Goggle. Also starring in The Haunting of Marsten Manor, Mirrors, Someone’s Knocking at the Door, Scream of the Bikini and many others of the low budget, horror reality. I think he is a wonderful character actor. The part of Hate in The Last House is a memorable character.

Now let’s get passed the confusion. There was originally a movie titled Breath of Hate. Directed by Sean Cain, written by the same writer Wes Laurie, and starred the same cast, and what I gather was the same plot. I guess The Last House is a remake of the old story and film. Whatever the case is, originally titled Breath of Hate and is now The last House, or at least the same vision of Breath of Hate, known as The Last House. Yes I am confused.

Now the story is your main character is a prostitute named Love. She has a boyfriend named Ned who loves her even though her line of work is placing the pickle in the jar, or the wiener in the bun. Now Love ultimately wants to get out of the business.  But there is one more job to be done. Her, and a couple of other call girls take a job in a mansion. What they don’t realize is the mansion has been raided, and taken over by insane lunatics. The ring leader is a man known as Hate. So begins the ordeal. You can see where this is going, and in reality you can expect what is to happen just from that plot. Now I will say there are moments that are truly original, and the concept that transpires on screen is something unique at times. The main flaw is the story, I feel the movie is edited wrong and pieced together in flashbacks, or moments to explain, or create character development. A lot of the film feels jumbled together, but in the end, I still was entertained even with all its confusion and at times poor acting.

If you go into this wanting a high class film then don’t. Go into this wanting a B-movie with a low budget feel. Lovers of B-grade entertainment. Simple horror, yet this one tries to step above the average horror film and does so in certain spots.  

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Cheesy, simple, over the top entertainment. Low budget drive-in flare. Late night entertainment of the horror mentality. The Last house can be summed up in two ways, you either like it, or you hate it, or in some cases you are stuck in the middle. You didn’t like it, but you didn’t hate it. In my viewpoint I watched, and watching it once, was enough. I look at it this way, if your a diehard, low budget horror lover with cheesy moment expectations, corny dialogue, and corny acting at times, then this is a complete winner in that regard. Wild Eye Releasing has honored this low budget film with a wonderful DVD outlet. Some great special features which I found more entertaining than the movie itself. Great cast. Interesting editing style that I feel ultimately failed in the completion of the movie. I am and always will support independent low budget cinema. Wild Eye Releasing is a top notch company that honors the low budget film world, and has done so yet again.