Steam Room Stories Volumes 1-3

Steam Room Stories (2010-2015)

Format: DVD

Company: Cinema 175

Starring: Chad Olson, Ben Palacios, Chris Sean Reid, Adam Bucci, Josh Wise, Joe Fidler, Tamario Fletcher, Steve Snyder, Justin Clark, Michael Poursh.

My Review and Thoughts:

Film:  My Rating: 5 out of 5

This is a 248-minute comical romp of sexy guys in towels. This is a skit comedy that came off of You Tube. This series of shorts grew a huge following and still has a following today. A mix of sexiness around comical moments of DUDES expressing themselves. These have a classic sense of sketch comedy with a modern twist of shirtless heart-throbs. Geared toward the gay community but all orientations are fans of this wild, sexy, and most of all steamy reality.

This DVD puts all 99 episodes together. You can buy this as three separate Volumes or the one I am reviewing is all three Volumes in 1, which is a huge plus. This is one laugh after the other. It is one of the best web series I have ever been able to enjoy. As the web series moves forward you become attached to the players on screen. Each one has a style of their own, but each one creates a laugh out good time. I cracked up in many of the spots to the point I had to stop watching. There are moments that are just a hoot to experience. 

Now just to show you how popular this series is, there has been well over 31 million watches. Well over 72 thousand subscribers to the You Tube Channel. This 3 Disc Special Edition DVD is truly an entertaining experience to watch all the episodes of this brilliant, landmark of You Tube show. Equal parts sketch comedy, with equal parts sexy manliness. Ripped bare chested sexy models in towels and undies, need I say more. Geared to both male and female viewers, this series of sketches stand out above and beyond a lot of comical flare out there. 

Starring a wonderful collection of performers. Each guy owns their parts, and makes you follow along. Each one play off each other’s acting skills to create the comical banter. 

Directed, co-written and created by J.C. Calciano. J.C. has directed 3 films which are all really a tie in with Steam Room Stories. 2010’s Is It Just Me, 2011’s Cupid, 2014 The 10 Year Plan. J.C. is able to capture, create, and bring forth memorable stories, and most of all entertainment. Steam Room Stories is a prime example of that talent. A fun, wild, simple, silly, comical enjoyment of true laughs, and giggles, wrap around some wonderful eye candy of hot guys in hardly anything covering their hot bods.


My Rating: 4 out of 5

This is a web-series but filmed with a spark of excellence. The audio and video are perfected. The audio is crystal clear, the video is vibrant in color and imagery.

1.78 Anamorphic Widescreen. Stereo.

Extras: 4 out of 5

You get some wonderful extras. SRS Live Online chats with the guys, hosted by stars Coco Peru and Miss Ricefield 1981.

A wonderful feature of Bloopers, which is priceless. Never aired episodes. A trailer for the Steam Room Stories and also trailers for Cinema175 movies. 

3 Disc Set. containing all the first 99 episodes with the original cast. On a news worthy note, Volume 4 with episodes of 100-133. Like I said what is so good about this 3 Disc set, is it’s the first 3 volumes of this wild over the top series of skit perfection. A wonderful comedy series that truly knows how to induce the funny inside just about anyone. A set of hot guys, towels, and steam.


Sexy, fun perfection. Comical sketches of giggling inducing enjoyment. What I like about it, is it is out there, edgy, sometimes blunt, or at least always blunt. It’s a series of guys, who like guys. A gay comical romp of pure steamy hotness surrounded with the back drop of comical bliss. It’s like Saturday Night Live, Mad TV, In Living Color all filmed in one spot, the Steam Room of a gym. Want to laugh, see sexy guys, then look no further than this priceless series of skits that demand to be watched and remembered.