Backwater (2013)

Back Water (2013)

Starring: Justin Tully, Liana Werner-Gray, Andrew Roth, Thomas Daniel.

My Review and Thoughts:


back·wa·ter ˈbakˌwôdər/


a part of a river not reached by the current, where the water is stagnant.

an isolated or peaceful place.

a place or condition in which no development or progress is taking place.

This is surprisingly a solid horror thriller. It leaves an interesting mix of emotions in the viewer. There are so many Out in the middle of nowhere horror films. Countless rehashed plots that tend to be boring in seeing the same thing over and over again. Thankfully Backwater does not go down that same reality. Yes, it has its clichés, but it also has an added intensity that many films don’t have of this nature. The acting is so well done that it allows you to be freaked out, or emotionally drained after viewing. You felt the characters and the ultimate ordeal happening.

Cass and Mark go on vacation. Yes, in the wilderness. Swimming, camping and a carefree good time that is until strange things start to happen. As Cass and Mark are enjoying a peaceful, fun swim, they hear what seems like someone screaming for help, which becomes the first moment that starts the uneasiness. Cass and Mark meet a fellow fisher man and some local officers during their relaxation. All seems well. Mark and Cass use the basic reality of everything is okay, we are safe, let’s enjoy our vacation. But there is that nagging inner voice that plays with the mind that there is something wrong with certain qualities of their surroundings. They can’t quite put the Hammer to the Nail in understanding the whole picture. Soon that whole picture comes into play and Mark and Cass’s vacation will enter a sinister reality that forever changes both of them. Slowly throughout their camping trip their journey enters a spiraling tense, dreadful ordeal.

Written and Directed by Christopher Schrack. Schrack did a solid job in creating a memorable independent horror thriller that does get under your skin and also plays with the senses. A dreadful reality that plays with your mind. This is Schrack’s second feature as both writer and director. He has a true talent in capturing real life emotions on screen that greats an unrelenting tension that slowly builds deep inside the viewer, making the viewer watch. Backwater is that intensity.

As I have mentioned what makes this film stand out is the acting. Liana Werner-Gray acted her butt off in the role of Cass. Brilliantly believable. A true terror induced reality that made you believe the horror. Equally important is Justin Tully as Mark. Tully also captured a flawless performance. The chemistry between the two felt real. Felt intense. Felt truly dramatic. Felt scarred. The believability by both is priceless.

A good horror thriller that in my viewpoint is worthy to praise and seek out.