Twilight Time Blu-ray: From the Terrace (1960)

From the Terrace (1960)

Company: Twilight Time

Starring: Myrna Loy, Paul Newman, Barbara Eden, Ina Balin, Leon Ames, Elizabeth Allen, 
Joanne Woodward

My Review and Thoughts:

Film: My Rating: 4 out of 5

How can one not want to see this movie? The cast alone should bring you in with excitement. The one of a kind Paul Newman. The beautiful, amazing one of kind, can’t put into words her brilliance Myrna Loy. The extraordinary Ina Balin. The truly gifted goddess, Joanne Woodward and the flawless Barbara Eden. I mean how can one not want to see that cast perform. That’s like a total orgy of cinema perfection just in the cast. Even if the movie totally stunk, one could not deny the brilliance of that cast. Thankfully the movie does not fall into that category of stinking. It’s a great classic film from the 60’s that should be seen and honored. Twilight Time has honored this film with an excellent new Blu-ray that looks amazing, sounds unbelievable, and expresses everything in one product. That expression is powerful in care in honoring a film. Twilight Time always amazes me in crafting excellent transfers of film and dynamic sound quality.

Directed by Mark Robson. Robson was a fantastic director that created many varieties of film. From horror, drama, action, comedy and many other styles. From the often over looked and underappreciated 1955’s Trail, to the amazing action adventure 1965’s Von Ryan’s Express, and such interesting films like 1967’s Valley of the Dolls, 1974’s Earthquake. He had away in crafting films that do linger with you, and also brings many mixed emotions out inside you. I will always remember him for writing the screenplay, and directing the black and white horror classic starring the one and only Boris Karloff, 1946’s Bedlam. Robson left his mark on Hollywood and the film world. Sadly, I think he is often forgotten, and should not be. Thankfully Twilight Time honored this man with bringing one of his memorable films to a new generation or the old generation that loves it the same.

There are so many wonderful actors in this, some in small parts and others in bigger parts. From the master talented Malcolm Atterbury. Atterbury should need no introduction to any lover of cinema. His mastery has left a lasting mark on cinema. They don’t make performers like him anymore. Atterbury had a raw talent. From working in uncredited roles in film and TV to starring as a character actor. He had the movie blood flowing in his veins. On an interesting note he was in a few Alfred Hitchcock films, North by Northwest and also The Birds. Also starred in another Twilight Time Blu-ray release Emperor of the North which you can read my review HERE. Cult horror movie fans will know him from many films like I was a Teenage Werewolf (1957), Blood of Dracula (1957), How to Make a Monster (1958). I speak highly of him because he was pure cinema both great and small.

This also has the amazing Leon Ames in it. Started acting in 1931 and performed all the way until 1986 which might I add his last performance was in the funny, odd and unique film Peggy Sue Got Married. Many of his early vast career roles, he played uncredited parts, or character acting parts. Or as I like to refer to them as the background characters. He had parts in some of the great films 1945’s They Were Expendable, 1946’s The Postman Always Rings Twice, 1949’s Little Women, 1970’s Tora! Tora! Tora!.  Probably best known for many TV shows, Father of the Bride, the cult classic show Mister Ed. He like Atterbury was a fantastic performer that never wavered from that reality.

I think what makes this movie, and also makes me giddy with excitement seeing it again, is the (wait while I praise her), amazing, brilliant, flawless, extraordinary, sublime, goddess, excellent, masterpiece worthy, the praise of all praise, the one of a kind, the multi-talented, beautiful, sexy, sophisticated performer Myrna Loy. Loy is the very essence and definition of acting. She is what is so great about the film world. She graced the screen from silent’s to talkies. From 1925 to 1982. 139 performances. She is grace in front of the screen. I love her, I love everything about her. She shinned in so many moments on screen both great and small. From such greats like 1932’s The Animal Kingdom, 1934’s The Thin Man and its sequels, 1936’s Wife vs. Secretary, 1946’s The Best Years of Our Lives, she was and is someone that any film lover, movie buff should strive to watch everything she ever did.   

From the Terrace in based on the book by John O’Hara. O’Hara is a fantastic writer and if you ever get a chance I highly recommend you seek out his books to read. I have read four of his books and was thoroughly entertained and struck by his true talent at telling a good story that lingers with you.

The plot of the movie is your main character David Alfred Eaton has just come home from the War. His home is state Philadelphia. It’s 1946. His mom is an alcoholic due to years of being abused by his father Samuel. Samuel owns and runs a popular steel company. Samuel changed after the death of his firstborn son. The anger and frustration David has toward his father, and his ways turned him off from the business and family. David sets out to find his own way. Soon he meets a wealthy woman named Mary St. John. David pushes his family away to rid himself of the business and his father’s memories by starting his own Aviation business. Soon David finds himself seeking out, to outdo his father and all the memories. He joins in business with a businessman, taking him across country leaving his new wife alone on many of the outings. Soon David realizes his marriage, his business attitude and his many ordeals all come together to create havoc, after havoc as one obstacle leads to another. Affairs, business adventures, the ruthless pursuit to rid himself of his past, his father and his drive to succeed and out do his father leads David down a path, a journey of twists, turns, heartache, frustration and ultimate conclusion.

A fantastic dramatic film of flawless performances. Tight direction, believable, deep and tragic story of life and emotions. Twilight Time has done another lovely job with a new wonderful outlet to this classic film.

Audio/Video: My Rating: 5 out of 5

This like the other releases, is dynamic in transfer and sound quality. A beautiful vibrant imagery. Crisp to the eyes. The sound is nothing more than ear candy. A beautiful new outlet to this older film.

VIDEO: 1080p High Definition / 2.35:1
AUDIO: English 2.0 DTS-HD MA

Extras: My Rating: 2 out of 5

Slim Pickens on this one, but you get the important extra to me, the Isolated Music Score. The score is by one of the greatest musicians to ever live. Elmer Bernstein. He created throughout the years many wonderful pieces of music. A composer and conductor. His music film scores have always stood out. It’s a true shame to even say he was just a musician. His countless years of music love throughout cinema shines. From such amazing films as, The Ten Commandments, To Kill a Mockingbird, Ghostbusters, The Magnificent Seven, and many, many others. I could write a whole book on this man. His genius, his work, his sounds, his visionary expertise in the art form of music. This is a wonderful extra on this Twilight Time Blu-ray. The man behind the music score is a genius of talent. Anyone who is a movie lover should know his tunes. From hundreds, upon hundreds of films and TV. Over 50 years he supplied the beauty of ear candy. Also he was nominated for an amazing 14 Academy Awards. His music is still being used today on soundtracks. His legend lives on. Twilight Time honored this music master with this special feature, that is a must listen. He had many styles of music in composing, to Jazz, and so much more. A true mastery that shall never be forgotten. Sadly, he is no longer with us, but his music lives, and this special feature showcases that. Many of his films he worked on has been released by Twilight Time, a few I have reviewed, Kings Go Forth you can read my review HERE, Devil in the Blue Dress you can read my review HERE, The Birdman of Alcatraz you can read my review HERE, The World of Henry Orient you can read my review HERE.

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Did I mention the wonderful booklet insert by the film guru and amazing movie historian Julie Kirgo. Always a true treat to experience these film notes. She makes these products all the more entertaining.


A perfect transfer, perfect sound quality. A perfect film to experience in a whole new light. A wonderful Blu-ray by the important company Twilight Time who honors film in excellent ways. A truly wonderful new outlet to an older film that should be expressed and cared for and Twilight Time has done that yet again. Highly Recommended. 


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