Intervision Blu-ray: Christina (1984)

Christina (1984)

Company: InterVision

Starring: Jewel Shepard, Karin Schubert, Ian Sera, Enrique Johnson, Emilio Linder, Tony Isbert, Pepita Full James, Emiliano Redondo, Helen Devon, Anne-Marie Jenson, Josephine Jacqueline Jones

My Review and Thoughts:

Behold one of the great forgotten about Erotic B-movies of the 80’s. This wild over the top, erotic cheese-fest is a one of kind flick. InterVision has brought this forgotten gem out on a lovely Blu-ray. This was a true hoot visiting this picture again. I had seen it a long time ago and totally forgotten about it until now. The plot is absolutely ludicrous but that is the charm of the picture. Christina Von Belle who happens to be a wealthy heiress is, are you ready for this, kidnapped by a lesbian terrorist group. This Lesbian group is holding her hostage for ransom. Now just when you think that is over the top, she escapes but falls into the clutches of a gang of Chefs, yes you read that right. Now these culinary thugs want some of the ransom also.

This is being brought out on a lovely Blu-ray by an awesome company that brings out forgotten cinema, or cinema that never gets the lime light or push that it deserves. InterVision is a wonderful company that gives the lover of Drive-in, B-movie, low budget, underground Cult cinema an outlet. This Christiana Blu-ray is perfect. I was in Drive-in Cult obsession with being able to experience this film on a high quality, High Definition Blu-ray.

This stars one of the best B-movie goddesses. Jewel Shepard. Shepard is a golden ticket of cult, b-movie, drive-in bliss. From 1985’s The Return of the Living Dead to 1987’s Party Camp. She is and will always be a true Cult star in my book. Christina is one of those defining roles of cheesy wonderment. She captures the part flawlessly in all it’s wild, ridiculous ways. She wrote a fantastic book for all the fans of Cult cinema and B-movie love, Invasion of the B-Girls. It’s a great book about cult stars, mainly the females that become stardom in the fan base world of Drive-In cinema.

This also stars the very beautiful and sexy Karin Schubert. Another goddess of the B-movie world, mainly erotic and also Adult Entertainment. What is so interesting about her acting reality is she has adventured into many forms of entertainment. From Westerns, comedy, adventure, erotic, porn; she was a shining star in the cult cinema world.   

Directed by Francisco Lara Polop who was a diverse director, from erotic, to horror, to comedy and everything else. One must know that when you go into these type of films, one has to expect a different style of entertainment. Christina is one of those classic 80’s erotic B-movies, that lovers of Drive-In entertainment, Cult Status cinema, underground entertainment will latch onto and fall in love with. If your a fan of this style of entertainment, then Christina works in all it’s wonderful, B-movie glory. What is so interesting about Francisco Lara Polop is that he not only was a director, but was a writer, producer, and worked just about anything involved with film. The last movie he worked on was the horror film 1990’s The Monk. I think Francisco had an interesting visionary reality to his film making. 

Most people would just brush off this style of cinema such as Christina, but Drive-In Cult like B-movies are truly one of the greatest parts of film making, and deserve all the praise that they get. I personally am a huge B-movie fiend. I am very affectionate toward the lower budget cinema. Lower budget cinema to me, seems more real, more artistic, more in-depth. Most people would look at Christina and say oh it’s just another erotic B-movie, and never give it a second glance, I am not one of those. I feel B-movies of any style is a vibrant part of the movie business.


The film has never looked any better than this release. The HD 1080p is fantastic. The imagery is crisp and vibrant and looks like a new print. There are a few moments of grain, but nothing worth mentioning because the movie is so well taken care of and brought out on new outlet worthy to praise. Fans of this style of entertainment will be in total movie heaven. The audio is the same, crystal clarity. A perfected sound. One can hear and understand clear conversation. There is no pin pointed noise or anything that distracts from the film.


Sex, nudity, lesbians, kidnappers, more sex and more nudity and more lesbians. A fantastic Blu-ray. A wonderful transfer. Perfect audio. Imagery is vibrant. Would have loved some special features, but oh well. It’s still a fantastic Blu-ray and is worthy to own for any fan of this style of entertainment.