Stray (2015)

Stray (2015)

Starring: Gabrielle Stone, Dan McGlaughlin, Arita Trahan, Andrew Senseing, Samantha Fairfield Walsh, Sean Patrick Folster,

My Review and Thoughts:

I was contacted by the writer and director to review this film. Going into movies that I have no knowledge of is also a treat in itself. I personally like, not really knowing anything about a movie, going in blank slate is always a fun ordeal. Thankfully this was a thoroughly entertaining experience. There is nothing worse than having to review a movie that's bad and then telling the person that sent it to you, that it's bad, thankfully that is not the case with this film.

Your main character is Jennifer. The story starts with a peaceful setting that quickly alters itself as Jennifer pushes herself from a van, escaping an unknown man by stabbing him. Jennifer quickly melds into the forest. Soon she arrives in Chestnut Hill. A quiet, peaceful place. Soon Jennifer is smack dab in a lover’s triangle. Lies and a dark past play out in full force. Jennifer has many secrets and her past is filled with a violent reality. The point is can Jennifer stop being a Stray and face the reality of who she is, or is everyone around her ready to face the truth of who she is.

Directed by new comer to directing feature films, Nena Eskridge. She captures her characters in a tight, structured clarity that the viewer can’t help become a part of the setting of the film. Written, directed and produced by Nena. I personally think, that for it being a first feature film, the conclusion worked. The characters where fleshed out. The story that unfolded on screen becomes in away a natural setting of real reality. You the viewer end up becoming a part of the story.

Starring the very beautiful and talented Gabrielle Stone as your main character Jennifer. Stone becomes the part and is able to express a believability. I have to mention Stone is the daughter of one of my favorite actresses, Dee Wallace. Stone has been acting since 2006 and I feel she has a bright future. Her character of Jennifer expresses that flawless potential to be remembered. The character Jennifer is written and executed in a way that you know the character. You can relate to the character no matter how dark or hidden the character is.

This is a film with a micro-budget. For that reality yes there are moments that could have been better, but the story, acting and ultimate direction over shadows those few flaws. I feel for a micro-budget film it created a memorable reality. The ultimate character study of Jennifer and this small town, plus the darkness hidden in her past all come full force into a setting that makes one believe, understand, and appreciate just how this micro-budget film came together.

Also starring a new comer to the acting world Dan McGlaughlin. Dan captures a wonderful character also. He brings to life the character of Greg Wells. He captures also that believable reality to the character. I think he also executed a great character on screen. I think all the character’s work because of the acting. Andrew Sensenig who plays the character of Marvin Brightman also works through a great performance. Sensenig is almost like a veteran, already in close to a 100 Films and TV projects. I most recently saw him in the horror film Sorrow (2015) and We Are Still Here (2015). Also Samantha Fairfield Walsh captures the character of Sarah Bosworth excellent also. The whole cast works, each one has their character spot on. 

The movie was an Official Selection of the LA Femme International Film Festival of 2015. Also an Official Selection of TBUFF Tampa Bay Underground Film Festival 2015.


I was thoroughly entertained. I enjoyed this movie for it's complex interesting characters. I thought it was directed good, the acting was good, the rich, deep story-line displayed itself in a believable reality. I felt the movie was a solid film to recommend.