Intervision DVD: Phobe: The Xenophobic Experiments

Phobe: The Xenophobic Experiments

Starring: John Rubick, Tina Dumoulin, Lyon Tenbroeck


My Review and Thoughts:

This review is dedicated to John Rubick a.k.a. Sgt. Gregory Dapp.

As the great Inspector Gadget would say: “Wowzers”. This is a film that you should check your thinking process at the door and enter the world of pure Drive-In B-movie glory. 

Perfect cheesy fun. A true wild, over the top Cult film of pure perfection. If you love B-movie’s, then this is the film for you. If there ever was a movie that deserves the title of Micro-Budget or better yet, no budget, than it is this film, the one and only Phobe: The Xenophobic Experiments.

This was written and created back in the early 90’s. When one hears the plot, an alien soldier tracking a deadly monster, one could adventure into the imagination and think many possible wonders of sci-fi entertainment. Then you have the one of a kind, Phobe: The Xenophobic Experiments. This film was made for are you ready for this, two hundred and 50 Canadian dollars. That should tell you the overall brilliance of this Cheesy Cult shot on video masterpiece. In reality this was a movie that came together by a lot of community people, donating equipment and gear, plus volunteering of the cast and crew to complete this total late night Drive-in B-movie wonder. It basically became a stable for the local community channel. It would play often in the 90’s filling in spots that needed something playing, and because of that, this film started creating a fan base, and a Cult film style status. 

To make a long story short the movie after 20 years got its first theater screening at the 2015 Toronto’s Laserblast Film Society film festival. And so that leads to my point of this review, Intervision Picture Corp. has chosen this one of a kind B-movie classic and created a lovely, awesome experience on this DVD.

One does not have to look any further for this gem of cheese. Now fully remastered on this DVD, loaded with great special features. I had a total blast. This was a true hoot and experience to adventure into a truly no budget film, that came together and expressed a science fiction orgy of aliens, laser swords, spaceships, and a whole bunch of running and stale acting, but that is its ultimate perfection. This is everything one could want in a late night B-movie. This brings perfection to Direct to Video style 80’s and 90’s entertainment. The glory days of VHS, Ma and Pa video stores. This brings back that magic of the good old days.

So the plot to this wonderment of B-grade entertainment is that a created life-form from The Xenophobic Experiment has escape. Sgt. Gregory Dapp has been called into to recover the life-form. This life-form was created for one thing, WAR. The Phobe has escape to the planet earth and Dapp comes to track down and save the day from this deadly creature.

If Fred Olen Ray, Roger Corman and old school Doctor Who had a three-way and birthed a love child, it would be Phobe: The Xenophobic Experiments.

This was written, produced, and directed by Erica Benedikty. She created something truly memorable. Something that stands out and has not been forgotten after all these years. Now official getting a DVD release for a whole new generation to experience this one of a kind cheesy B-movie at its low budget best. Highly recommend this hoot of a film. This is a perfect DVD experience. Intervision Picture Corp created a great, wonderful outlet for this ultimate B-movie. A wonderful example of treating a forgotten film with a wonderful transfer and awesome special features.

Sadly, the main star John Rubick could not see this DVD happen. He died in a car wreck in 2003 at the very young age of 34, a true shame. But looking at this DVD that Intervision Picture Corp put together, showcases in honor of this film and the legacy of Sgt. Gregory Dapp. John Rubick now will always be remembered throughout the film world.


My Rating for Audio and Video: 5 out of 5

The film has never looked any better. A great remastering job. Looking at the older version and comparing it to the brand new Intervision Picture Corp it’s a 100 percent better. Amazing transformation for this new DVD. The audio is crisp, and the imagery is vibrant.


My Rating for the Extras: 5 out of 5

Audio commentary by writer/director Erica Benedikty, moderated by Paul Corupe ( and Peter Kuplowsky (Laser Blast Film Society). Really loved listening to this. It was a great experience learning about the history and the creation of this one of a kind film.

Director Erica Benedikty's first feature-length movie, BACK IN BLACK. This is an interesting special feature you basically get another film to watch. Kind of like a fantasy adventure film, treasure maps, sword play, a stone statue coming to life, comic books, cheesy horrible acting. This runs a little over 58 minutes.  

The Making of PHOBE: a documentary on the creation of the film and its continuing legacy. Basically what the title says. A look back on its creation. You get drawings and photos and script images along with the writer and director Erica speaking about her process in making the film. This has a run time of a little over 22 minutes.

Q&A with cast and crew following home town screening in St. Catharine’s, Ontario. Runtime of a little over 14 minutes. A great setting. Wonderful answers form the stars and creators of the film. The audience asked very good questions and there was a great humor in many of the responses.

Original FX shots from 1995 broadcast version of PHOBE. Runtime of 1 minute and 56 seconds.

Outtakes. A great funny set up of clips and outtakes that did not go as planned. Lots of laughs and humor. Running time of a little over 7 minutes.

Gribble Hell Performs Phobe Theme. A look at the soundtrack being performed and created. Runtime of 2 minutes and 45 seconds.


What more could a lover of Drive-In Cinema want. This is the beating heart of a B-movie lovers wet dream. A true hoot to see this truly one of a kind cult film. For a budget of 250 dollars this is the perfect example of brilliant film making at its lowest form, yet created a true Cult B-movie, cheesy classic that will always be remembered. A perfect DVD, perfect special features. A perfect cheesy good time, and I could not ask for anything more. Pure popcorn entertainment.