Reel Gore Releasing's: Masks (2011)

Masks (2011)

Distributor: CAV

Starring: Susen Ermich, Magdalena Ritter, Julia Witt, Norbert Losch, Dieter Rita Scholl, Michael Siller, Marcel Trunsch,

My Review and Thoughts:

First and foremost, I have to mention this horror label Reel Gore Releasing created by Cult Epics founder Nico B and producer Steve Aquilina. This company is amazing in the reality of how much love, passion that they have given their products. They clearly gear the product releases to the fans of this style of entertainment, and that makes these releases all the more important. Masks is a fabulous product. A high quality Blu-ray, which comes along with the DVD version and a CD of the film.  

This is a very interesting horror mystery film that clings to the watcher’s thoughts. It’s a thriller that bleeds tension and an overall complex story that displays itself in many tight, tense moments of vivid Giallo Italian style suspense. This is clearly a wonderful throwback and homage to the classic style of Italian filmmaking known as Giallo. This is a mystery weaved around the art of classic cinema and the deep recesses of the murder mystery angle of Giallo cinema that I love, and grew up with. This explores all the art form of Dario Argento, Mario Bava and Lucio Fulci. This expresses such Giallo masters like Paolo Cavara and Alfonso Brescia. This bleeds the very foundation of all those wonderful classics of this style of cinema. Giallo over the years has come back here and there. Some are hits, some are misses and I have seen some that really stand out, and I personally think this is one of them.

This is a brutal perfection of pure cinema throwback bliss, that any horror fan should absolutely embrace.

This low budget wonder truly shines. So many try to capture the intensity and unique quality of classic Giallo but fail so horrible, or at least fall flat in just being another watchable horror film, but Masks is not one of those. Masks, shines in capturing what is so great about the classic Giallo. Masks is one of those unique gems that fans of this style of entertainment will embrace or at least should. I was transfixed on its story and conclusion. The characters, direction and overall feel is something that stands out.

The story is about your main character named Stella. Stella is accepted into a private school. She enters a drama school in hopes that her dreams and wishes of becoming a stand out actress can further itself through learning. Stella ends up deeper then she could have imagined due to the strange, odd, weird, and sometimes hostile persons in reality. Now she has a goal, in learning to further her acting. What she soon discovers is the school has a haunted past through a method that is mysterious and forbidden. The original school owner created a method that sent performers to their mental ability to stay sane. This form of acting is said to create a sense of madness in growing oneself to the next level of acting mastery. This form achieves one to adventure into the realms, in a somewhat reality of entering evil, or a sampling of darkness inside the soul. This leads to a roller coaster of madness, insanity, murder, and lots of blood and mystery.

Written and directed by Andreas Marschall. I became a huge fan of Marschall back in 2004 with his film Tears of Kali. To me I saw an instant uniqueness about his style of filmmaking. Not only does he direct his films, but he writes them, creating a personal stamp through a tight haunting style of direction to a mysterious brutal story telling that comes across for the watcher. Both Masks and Tears of Kali are worthy to praise in that they have the diehard fan of horror at heart. Marschall is honored with this amazing special edition Blu-ray/DVD + CD edition by Reel Gore Releasing. This is a stunning and utterly amazing high quality product that has to be seen and experienced to fully grasp the brilliance of it.

Starring the amazing beautiful Susen Ermich as your main lead character Stella. Which I have to add that this is her first feature film starring role. Which might I add is amazing because she captures the part perfectly. She makes you believe her role. She owns the tension and terror. Also starring the gorgeous Magdalena Ritter. Ritter is another flawless performer that I feel shines in her many roles in cinema. I have watched her performing many years now and I have always felt she has never got the true acting limelight she deserves. Also starring another wonderful German actor Norbert Losch. Losch is a great character actor, one who always shines on screen no matter how small or large the part is.

I have to mention the absolutely beautiful, dark and stunning cinematography. Sven Jacok-Engelmann did a fantastic job at creating a haunting and surreal atmosphere for the film. Sven makes the film complete with that classic feel of Giallo. Also I have to mention the amazing music, composed by Sebastian Leverman and co-composed by Nils Weise. The music soundtrack is hauntingly brilliant and plays with the senses. It adds an overall Giallo darkened state of tension that you would expect in this style of filmmaking.   


I feel the audio and video is perfectly displayed. The audio is crisp. The colors are vibrant. I feel the camera work such as the close-up’s, add that classic Giallo style of filmmaking. It showcases itself spot on. There is an odd lighting at times, giving a brightness in spots. I feel this just adds to the odd appeal to the film, giving it more of a classic Drive-In style of entertainment. The audio and video I feel are also an added reality to the conclusion of this film.

German Language
Optional English & Spanish Subtitles.
Widescreen Anamorphic 2.35:1.
DTS-HD MA 5.1 Surround/Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo


My Rating: 5 out of 5

You get a wonderful vast array of extra’s on this wonderful produced Blu-ray. I am a huge fan of companies that give solid special features to the fan seeking out high quality, high produced products and this is one of those high products.

You get a wonderful booklet. 22 pages in length. Gives a biography of the director. Has production stills. A review by Kier-La Janisse and also has an interview with the director. There is a forward to the booklet written by Andreas Marschall.  

EXCLUSIVE ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK CD comes in the first 3,000 units. An amazing listen to the overall music from the movie. It contains 21 music tracks and is a great listen for any movie fan.

Also you get a baseball card size, card with the image of Susan Ermich, which is representing a Reel Gore Girl.

BEHIND THE SCENES: This has a running time of a little over 15 minutes. It is what you would expect, you get to see the overall production of the film. Seeing the crew at work. Watching the actors get ready for their parts.

DELETED SCENES: This has a combined running time of a little over 4 minutes.

MUSIC VIDEO CLIP: A running time of 4 minutes and 23 seconds. Showing a music group bringing a heavy metal sound in a sort of promotion to the film.

2 TRAILER’s: Theatrical trailer with a running time of 1 minute 47 seconds. 2016 Trailer with a running time of 1 minute 59 seconds.

SLIDESHOW: A great little collection of images from the film and also publicity for the film. This has a running time of 2 minutes and 24 seconds.


This is an overall perfect experience. A wonderful collection of extra’s. Amazing video and audio quality. Wonderful product. A great Giallo experience of entertainment. A solid tale of performances. Tight direction. A haunting perfect score. Amazing imagery. Dark deep and bloody gore. This is a perfect horror tale that leaves the fan of this style of entertainment perfectly satisfied in all its gory glory.


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