ReelGore Releasing's Blu-ray: The Curse of Doctor Wolffenstein (2015)

The Curse of Doctor Wolffenstein (2015)

Distributor: CAV

Starring: Mika Metz, Isabelle Aring, Roland Freitag, Stephanie Meisenzahl, Robin Czerny, Julia Stenke, Mario Zimmerschitt

My Review and Thoughts:

Behold the film that leaves nothing unexplored inside the body. Literally, you the viewer experience a carnage of violent candy for the diehard gore lover. 

Blood, guts, boobs, and visceral exploration of the violent mind of insanity. This is a trip that many will not take, but for those who love gore, horror and simply put, plain brutality. This is a solid entry into the realm of extreme horror. Extreme eye opening, nasty gut turning, mind altering, nightmare inducing horror smut, is the best way to describe this film.

This is directed by actor, special effects guru, producer, writer, editor Marc Rohnstock. He is the man behind such gore-tastic embodiment’s like Graveyard of the Living Dead, and Necronos – Temple of Doom. If you don’t know these movies than you haven’t experienced gory trash cinema. There possible is nothing more brutal than a film by Marc Rohnstock. 

Now that can be looked at in two different ways, either you’re a fan of brutality, or you’re not, and so it comes down to your taste in cinema. One can say they like horror, and enjoy horror films, but there is also something that needs to be clarified in that statement. If you like horror like Hollywood horror, meaning PG-13 or films like Final Destination, or even the Saw series, those have nothing in describing what Marc’s films are. 

Marc touches the very fabric of murder, insanity, and the destruction of the human body in trying to film, and make it look like a snuff film. He takes brutality to the next level, and showcases fake murder, and tries to make it look real, feel real, or simply just takes buckets of blood, plastic limbs, and throws everything else into the mix.

This is another amazing Blu-ray product released by Reel Gore Releasing. This top quality Blu-ray is packed with special features, and comes lovingly with an artistic slip cover and a brutal imagery, to showcase the extreme nature of what your about to enter. I am a huge fan of Reel Gore Releasing. There past releases such as Masks, which you can read my review for HERE. They truly honor a different style of film. They garner the rare, forgotten, underground film world, and express it to all the lovers of this style of cinema. Gory, brutality, and nudity describes it all.

The plot to the film starts with a flashback of 80 years ago. There was a deranged Dr. Victor Wolffenstein who was obsessed with the idea of being immortal. He created a vaccine that through his vast work, was able to create the ability for immortality. But like all experiments or mad scientist actions, the vaccine leaves Dr. Wolffenstein with a horrible flesh rotting necrosis. In his attempt to remain solid and whole, he started killing local persons so that he could replace limbs and parts of his body falling off. His body was rotting away. And so as you would guess like small villagers hunt down Dr. Wolffenstein to stop his brutal murders, capture him, and bury him alive. Now you flash to the present day. And yes as you would guess 5 teenagers are part of the plot. These teenagers are trying to find the location of a RAVE party. As you would guess, they end up getting stuck, in yes, as you would guess it, in that same village that took justice into their own hands. And yes as you would guess it that buried alive Dr. Wolffenstein just happens to wake up. Then begins, screaming, chasing, blood, blood, blood, and guts, gore and more blood, guts and boobies and twats.

Starring a relatively young and new cast. Or at least actors and actresses that have just started in the career, some with 4 to 5 roles on their resume. I felt each person did what they were supposed to do. Each victim maintained a believable reality. The gore and violence for the most part looked extremely real, there were moments that the gore or sawing off of limbs looked like plastic props, but still did not take away from the gory wild trip of extreme bloodshed.

The main star of this film is the main character himself. Dr. Wolffenstein who is played wonderfully by Mika Metz. Metz has been acting for a while now and has starred in many features. He has acted in both drama, adventure, comedy and yes Horror. From 2011’s horror film, Hell, to 2014’s La Petite Mort II. As of this writing five more films that he is a part of are in post-production and filming. I really enjoyed him as the character of Dr. Wolffenstein. I think he made you believe his horror created monster, through actions. I feel Dr. Wolffenstein through Metz's acting and the script writing of the character by Marc Rohnstock is a new modern day monster, bogeyman to remember.

All the actors formed well in these parts. Sometimes there was some over acting, or stale acting, but nothing really to take away from the film. All the players stood out and key roles, Isabelle Aring, Robin Czerny, Roland Freitag, Stephanie Meisenzahl, Klaudia Pawluk, Julia Stenke, Mario Zimmerschitt all did great jobs.

If I had to choose any one negative, it is that, it’s too long. This film could have been cut by 20 to 30 minutes easily. But with that said, many will love this 111-minute gore orgy. Total horror fans will absolutely love it in all its uncut and uncensored glory. 

This is not for everyone, but for those few that love gory Grindhouse style extreme underground horror, than look no further. Fans of Nekromantik, Cannibal Holocaust, old Italian gore-fest cinema on the lines of Fulci, then this brutality is for you.

Truly a gut busting and sick, demented exploration of blood and gore, and yes, that’s why it works.


My Rating: 5 out of 5

The audio and video are spot on. The sounds of the victims scream, or the atmosphere that surrounds the actors are all detailed through high quality audio. The imagery is crisp. Vibrant in color, the mixes of blood and gore shine through the flawless texture of the filming. The movie comes together in a high quality transfer. For an underground horror film, the movie showcases itself as a high quality film, through audio and video.

German language with an option for English subtitles. I enjoy that because I don’t speak German, although I wish I did, and plus it’s always better to watch a film in its original language.

1.78:1 (16x9) Widescreen
DTS-HD MA 5.1 Surround/Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo


My Rating: 4 out of 5

The first 3,000 Units come with a Baseball style card, of one of the Reel Gore Girls. I don’t know if all the cards are the same, but the one I received was one of the Gore Beauties laying on a slab cut open, butt naked, showing off her birthday suit Twat included, or was that just a Beaver.

This not only comes with the Blu-ray, but also the DVD Disc version of the film.

Behind the Scenes program. A nice little look on the making of the film behind the shots.

Bloopers: A fun little trip of the mistakes. Nice comical moments that make you smile.

Short Film

Trailer and Slideshow.


Need an arm or leg. How about a spleen. Maybe some intestines. Whatever the case, Dr. Wolffenstein is there to give it to you. A wonderful Blu-ray product. A high quality transfer to Blu-ray. Perfect audio and video. The product itself is top notch. The special features are great. Looking at it from a product point of view it is basically flawless. Rating the film, it has its followers. If you’re a gore whore. A fan of Grindhouse cinema. A lover of gory Italian films of Cannibals and Zombies Lucio Fulci style, then this is your ultimate cup of Tea. 

I personally loved it. I grew up watching the old Drive-In, Grindhouse goriest, splatter cinema, and so this marks that understanding and reality with a check-mark to view. It’s basically 111 minutes’ of violence.  


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