Impluse DVD Double Feature: The Chambermaids & Honey Buns

Honey Buns

Starring: Matt Hewitt, Ushi Digard, Rene Bond, Michelle Simone, John Barnum, Becky Pearlman, Sandy Carey, Kathy Hilton, Harvey Whippsnake

The Chambermaids:

Starring: Eric Edwards, Jeffrey Hurst, Valerie Marron, Levi Richards, Lynn Stevens, Mary Stuart, Andrea True

Honey Buns:

Plot: Poor Harry! He’s a clumsy, bumbling sad sack who works at the “Internally Yours” feminine hygiene company. Destined to remain eternally alone, Harry meets “The Magician”, a man who knows what Harry wants and gives him a red pill that will make all his dreams come true. Soon, Harry is making beautiful women appear and do his bidding, but there’s a catch! Just as soon as he gets aroused, the women vanish!

The Chambermaids:

Plot: Mary Ellen and Sally, two lovely maids at a local hotel, are tired of their boring, dead-end cleaning jobs. To liven up their work, these two horny honeys decide to give the guests a little extra “room service.” When some honeymooners and businessmen arrive, the humping and bumping gets even hotter for our heroines as the night goes on. In the morning, will they decide to keep their jobs after all?

My Review and Thoughts:

Honey Buns (3/5)
The Chambermaids (3/5)

These are two wonderful examples of porn films that stand out from the many films of pornography of the 1970's. Both are beautiful pieces of American smut. Impulse Pictures does a wonderful job in bringing out these forgotten odd, weird, and little a bit funny pornographic oddities.

Honey Buns was Directed by James Chiara. From what I can tell, this was his only film. He seemed to vanish off the face of the porn world.

This was originally titled Heads or Tails. What makes this a little bit different is there's a story-line in this porn film, or at least they attempted to add a little story between the sex shots.

Now this stars some beautiful ladies Ushi Digard and Rene Bond. Both are eye openers and with huge 70’s style bush. This film mixes a lot of comedy in with the porn story-line. Why can't Harry have sex? Why do women appear and then vanish before Harry gets his pickle picked?

The Chambermaids is from the golden age of pornography. This is from 1974 and basically, it's at a hotel and the maids want large tips and as you can guess they offer very special room service to horny men, and they even pleasure themselves.

In both golden films, there is a lot of weird, odd, fun, and interesting sex. Impulse Pictures 
did a great job in bringing both out for a modern generation. They preserved two wonderful golden pieces of forgotten porn. These two 70's porn create interesting and somewhat strange plots at times, yet both bring great odd appeal to the viewer.

The Chambermaids does the same but has a more typical porn sensibility.  Whereas Honey Buns has more of a strange and fanciful plot, and The Chambermaids is the Wam Bam Thank you Ma'am attitude. The Chambermaids has a wonderful female masturbation scene that will get all the viewers of this type of cinema wide-eyed and a little hot.

Did I mention Honey Buns has huge Hairy Balls and a Magician, I thought that needed to be mentioned?

Honey Buns has an interesting reality in that it stars an average looking Joe as your main character. No sexy hunk or not a male porn star. Harry is a silly bubbling goof. He can't get the woman or when he tries they simply disappear or walk away. Harry needs satisfaction. Porn magazines have become his go to, but now he needs to know why he can't get the girls. A magical magician shows up to help poor Harry.

Matt Hewitt plays the goofy, simple, silly nerd that can't get laid. He shines in the part. Owning the persona of the average office nerd. He becomes that character we all know or can relate to because we know someone like him or we ourselves are like it. Everyone around poor Harry is knocking the boots but he gets no porridge. He soon finds himself in all the joys his heart desires. 

Honey Buns is a retro classic that has been hidden, forgotten about, and now wonderfully somewhat restored and brought out for all the horny men and women of this style of film making.

Both these pictures are grainy but lovingly restored and fixed in the best ways possible. Not perfect, but both work in that they recapture the glory days of smut.

Ursi Digard who stars in Honey Buns as Yolanda is a true star in the cult, b-grade and Grind-house glory of cinema. She graced many countless films of the 70's and 80's, shining in such acting rolls in 71's The Cult, 71's The Toybox, 72's Blood Sabbath, 75's Ilsa She Wolf of the SS, 75's The Last Days of Pompeii, 77's The Kentucky Fried Movie, 79's Secret Valley of the Ultra-Vixens and so many others. She is a classic actress of retro cult cinema.

Honey Buns also stars another goddess of cult retro cinema, the one and only Rene Bond. Starring in 70's Country Cuzzins, 71's weird ultra-cool classic The Jekyll and Hyde Portfolio, 71's Necromania, 72's A Clockwork Blue, 73's Please Don't Eat My Mother, 73's Invasion of the Bee Girls, and many wonderful others.

Now The Chambermaids is a true campy classic that mixes the wonderful likes of erotic with silly over the top campy comedy. This film was basically lost. The negative was so damaged that it could only be restored at what Impulse has done to it. Its grainy and very scratchy, but they rescued a forgotten piece of campy cinema that thankfully for fans of this style, can adventure into its forgotten glory.

Both films are unique and interesting in that most of the players are average looking people. Small pickles, saggy boobs, hairy backs and average Joe's, play significant roles in both films giving it a more reality based setting. Most porn's at least this day and age are glamorized with makeup and perfect bodies and Hollywood features. These two old school gems of porn are perfect examples of forgotten retro cinema, that stands out in the underground department of film making.


Honey Buns (3/5)
The Chambermaids (2/5)

Both are: Aspect Ratio: Full-Frame 1.33:1

Both are brought out and cleaned to the best of the ability that can be. Honey Buns looks a lot better than The Chambermaids. Both have grain and scratches, but with that said it's okay because these where never filmed on high quality in the first place. I think Honey Buns shines in the best clarity whereas Chambermaids is very scratched. Both can still be enjoyed and to me it just enhances it because of the old style. It makes me think I am in a darkened Grind-house Neon Lights theater. The audio is the same, Honey Buns is better and Chambermaids has the popping and grind style, but you can still hear it in all its classic old school style.


Need I say more then what I have. Just know these are old school classics that should be graced with the love of underground style cinema. Perfect examples of the 70's style of pornographic filmmaking.