Impulse Pictures DVD Double Feature: Sex Hunter (1980) & Nurse Girl Dorm (1985)

Nurse Girl Dorm: Sticky Fingers (Assy Fingers) (1985)

Plot: There's a new group of young ladies working at St. Elizabeth Hospital and they're all looking for love. These nurses are watched over by a strict dorm supervisor, but with the help of the mysterious Yuki, they can sneak in their boyfriends at night. Yuki is a terrible influence on the girls, but she sure knows how to have fun!

Sex Hunter (1980)

Plot: A beautiful young ballet dancer is accepted into a prestigious and exclusive dance academy. Overjoyed at the opportunity to further her career and repair her relationship with her boyfriend.

My Review and Thoughts:

Nurse Girl Dorm
Film (3/5)

Sex Hunter
Film (5/5)

These two films are wonderfully collected and showcased from the Nikkatsu Roman Erotic Film Collection.

One must realize going into these type of films is that the Japanese had an interesting way with bringing forth erotic films, considered pornographic for the time, and for their culture. You see in Japanese cinema you cannot show pubic hairs, or male or female genitalia. A lot of the times what they did was film the process without showcasing any actual image other than the motion, and the moaning.

They got away with this by using interesting camera techniques. For covering the vagina or penis, they used towels or legs or objects and so on. You would hear the moans, see the butts in motion but no penetration or pubic hair was shown. These films play out like late night Erotic films on Showtime or Cinemax, but for that time and culture, they were risqué and very frank, blunt and forward in the pornographic world.

Impulse Pictures brought out both naughty films of Japanese ladies in all their beautiful succulent glory, from fake sex, to finger masturbation and more.

Both films are a true hoot to watch. Nurse Girl Dorm is a comical, silly, outrageous, humorous and very erotic film. The comedy plays out like watching the 1980's American Porky's films.

The Sex Hunter is an S&M sexual artsy, and twisted take on domination and sexual control.
The Nikkatsu Corporation is an entertainment company that started business in 1912.

This company would produce Japanese films and television and was the oldest movie studio in Japan. The company specialized in all types of cinema, and one of their key productions was the one and only Pink Films as they are known.

The term Pink Film is a term used to describe adult content in Japanese cinema. Mistakenly this term has been used to only describe Japanese erotic porn films, which it is not meant to do. Pink Film can represent dramas, actions, thrillers and exploitation films. With violent films, it can be referred to as pinky violence. Pink Film has mainly been described for softcore pornographic features, this however is a mistake in referring to only sex films, but that is what most viewers have done.

Now the studio I speak of in these two films Nikkatsu officially stepped into the market of Roman Porno a.k.a. romantic pornography and started to adventure into pink films in the 1970s due to their declining numbers in viewers at the movies for regular cinema. They turned and decided they would focus on sex, violence, S&M and sexual romance.

Pink Films or in America at the time they came out, we could call them grind-house cinema 
or b-movies or late-night cinema. Before the major studios started to adventure into the Pink Films, mostly independent, lower budget companies created these films. Major studios like Nikkatsu came along with other major studios and ended up owning the subject, basically pushing out all the others.

In changing their studio to mainly Pink Films, they ended up losing a lot of their main directors, but they also ended up creating new thought-provoking directors, and building future careers. Pink Films for the company would run for almost a little over 17 years, until 1988 when they brought forth their last remaining Roman Porno. Sadly, after all the years of entertainment and supplying the world with comedy, action, erotic and violence, they went bankrupt in the 90's.

Interesting to note the company was bought in 2005 and started making films again under a new corporation. People might scuff and overlook this type of cinema, but one must realize how much of an impact this genre made and is still making. It has a huge underground following, a cult following, there has also been documentaries and books, websites, and just word of mouth in these interesting pieces of erotic cinema.

From Horny Japanese men in Nurse Girl Dorm, sneaking around Japanese women. Sneaky around to have their ultimate pleasure, all the way to Controlled Masochistic sex in Sex Hunter. Both leave a lasting mark on the viewer.

In both you have Nipple and boobie fondling, masturbation, anal sex, showers, sexual toy play, lesbian sex, three ways, vacuum cleaner masturbation, S&M, blowjobs and so much more in the fake sex department.

Nurse Girl Dorm is a comical funny silly 80s throwback film of the erotic nature of a bunch of horny guys and horny women getting there rocks off by any means, often in a humor filled way.

Sex Hunter is a somewhat beautiful sadistic sadomasochistic orgy of eye candy. This Pink film is more of a film with a story, more of a thought-provoking subversive genre of film. It's a twisted little film of sex and violence, with sex.

Now what's awesome about Sex Hunter is it's directed by the one and only master of film himself Toshiharu Ikeda. Horror movie fan's will know him from creating 1988's the Evil Dead Trap series.

He perplexed the Cinema world with many different types of stories, from horror, to action, to porno, to serious film. Sadly, at the age of 59 his body was found floating in the sea, and many believe it was suicide, because he expressed his depression. Some say it might've been an accident, but whatever it was I feel the Cinema world lost a great visionary, and a very talented artist.

I don't look at Sex Hunter as a Pink Film, yes it was brought out as a pink film and yes it does maintain the pink film aesthetic, but I look at this one as more of a darker Gothic tale, more of a sexual sadistic reality, more of an artsy twisted film from the genre. I think viewers of other cinema would enjoy this pink film.

Audio/Video (5/5)

Both are Formatted with Anamorphic, Color, Dolby, NTSC, Widescreen and Subtitled.
Extras (1/5)
Both have the Trailer, English Subtitles and Nurse Girl Dorm has Reversible Cover Art.


Nurse Girl Dorm
Sex Hunter

Both are films of the genre that stick out but Sex Hunter is the better of the films, it is more of a twisted hell. More of a movie that will stick with you not just because of its erotic nature, but because it tells a story along with its erotic reality.

I recommend both films for the pink film lover, and for those who like erotic cinema. I recommend Sex Hunter for those who like stylistic films, who see an art form in darker toned films, mixed with an erotic nature.