InterVision Blu-ray Release: Lady Libertine (1983) and Love Circles (1985)

Lady Libertine (1983) / Love Circles (1985)

Starring: Lady Libertine: Christopher Pearson, Jennifer Inch, Sophie Favier, Alain Dumaurier

Starring: Love Circles: John Sibbit, Marie-France, Josephine Jacqueline Jones, Pierre Burton, Sophie Berger, Philippe Baronnet, Michelle Siu, John Allen, Lisa Allison, Timothy Wood

My Review and Thoughts:

Here is a trip into an erotic nature of cinema. Both films, a double dose by erotic master Gérard Kikoïne. InterVision has done an amazing job in creating this Blu-ray for all the lovers of 80's Soft-core erotica. This is a priceless example of how to treat these older forgotten pieces of underground cinema.

Lady Libertine is truly an erotic original. A twisted little film. You are introduced to a teenage cross-dresser named Frank. Frank is adopted by a nobleman that oddly and weirdly has his own strange sexual realities. The movie comes together mixing a dose of voyeurism and ultimate sadism. The erotic becomes not only pleasurable but a twisted reality of pain. A very shocking film of the many aspects of eroticism. Frank, a virgin, deflowered in an erotic sadism of pleasure and pain.

There is a story behind Lady Libertine. This was a film taken to court by one of the stars of the film, Sophie Favier. Sophie was a hugely popular TV Host in France. She fought to stop the film from coming out to the public. The film had been delayed for a long time in being re-released and Sophie did not want her peaceful TV image to be seen in an erotic film, she ultimately lost the fight. I have always said when it comes to actors and actresses if your ashamed of a film then you should not have done it in the first place.

Lady Libertine was produced by the magazine Playboy. This 1984 production caused controversy then, and after watching this for the first time, it’s still maintains a lot of controversy in my viewpoint. This goes by another name also, Frank and I. The title Frank and I is the book this film is based on, by Bill Adler. The book came out in 1902. What makes this film also stand out is that for a soft-core erotic film, it had a big budget, allowing it to stand out more. The production is amazing. Costumes and sets look brilliant, it truly adds a period piece setting with its production value.

The wonderful, sexy Jennifer Inch plays the part of Frank and Frances. What makes this reality shocking is she would go on to star as the character Ruby Gillis in the Family oriented Anne of Green Gables min-series in 1985 and Anne of Avonlea in 1987. She drops away from acting in 1990 and has not performed since. She was a beautiful and vibrant actress that truly stands out and owned and created her character of Frank and Frances with an acting clarity. She made you believe her part. Sensual and erotic.

Also, starring Christopher Pearson in what I can tell is his only acting role. He plays the part of Charles de Beaumont which is the main male lead.

Directed by, believe it or not, one of my favorite visionaries of cinema. The movie world tends to overlook directors like Gérard Kikoïne. Mainly due to the erotic style of cinema created. Gérard Kikoïne was so different because he added depth to his characters and the stories being displayed. All his films have a more mastery style of filmmaking. Most film makers of the erotic nature don’t really add or create anything worthy to praise, but with Gérard Kikoïne, his films had so much more than just soft-core eroticism, they had passion in performance, wonderful characters, sets and costumes, his visionary style stood out. He directed one of my favorite Horror thriller's, starring one of my favorite actors of all time Anthony Perkins. I speak of the 1989 horror thriller Edge of Sanity, which was a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde style of story. Gérard Kikoïne started directing in the early 1970’s, and did so up to 1990.

As I have stated this also stars Sophie Favier who is a huge France TV personality often playing herself as a TV host or in TV game shows. She acted in 4 other feature films and some TV series. She continues as of 2016 working on television. Because she had become a popular TV host, she fought and sued as I have stated to stop the release of the film. Thankfully the courts did not give into this Nazi style of trying to ban certain persona's or visionary talents. I think Sophie was wonderful as the character Maud Collins in this erotic feature. She should be proud of her role.

The film is set in the 1880’s. You are introduced to Charles de Beaumont who is a very rich nobleman. There the nobleman meets Frank. A teenage young boy orphan. Charles wants to educate the young boy. Frank is not a very good student. Soon what shocks Charles is that he discoveries that Frank is not a boy, but a cross-dressing girl named Frances who has a dark secret.

The second feature on this awesome and amazing Blu-ray product by InterVision is Love Circles. This is a wild trip around the world with three realities to this journey. Lust, sex, and pleasure. Orgies, a nymphomaniac. Random meetings, random screws, a trip of sex around the world. This is like an anthology with one subject to bring each story together, and as you would guess, sex is the main glue to the story. This 1985 Comedy Erotic romance is an eye-opening adventure. 

InterVision did it again in creating an ultimate outlet to forgotten cinema.  


Lady Libertine
English 2.0, French 2.0, Spanish 2.0

Love Circles:
English 2.0, French 2.0


Interview with Director Gérard Kikoïne
Gérard Kikoïne at the Fantasia Film Festival


Another priceless and wonderful Blu-ray brought out lovingly by InterVision. If you love classic soft core erotic films then this is a must. A perfect Blu-ray, double feature of erotic pleasures that only director Gérard Kikoïne could create. This is a wonderful Blu-ray, high quality, top notch example of how to treat these forgotten soft-core erotic gems of cinema.


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