InterVision DVD Release: Murderlust (1985)

Murderlust (1985)

Starring: Eli Rich, Rochelle Taylor, Dennis Gannon

My Review and Thoughts:

This is a late night, all night viewing of the forgotten and obscure cinema that's swept its way under the rug of time, or into the makeup of cheesy nachos. I grew up with the greats like Roger Corman and Saturday Matinees, Ghoul hosted midnight viewings, cult following masterpieces of corniness. From simple B-movie glories. From modern made for TV features, to direct to video action packed explosive cinema. Sometimes cinema is forgotten. Sometimes for a good reason, but other times not, for there is always a gem in the pile, even with all it's outrageous, over the top clarity.

Murderlust is a 1985 Horror thriller. One of those countless VHS horrors of the 80’s. 

InterVision Picture Corp has finally brought this forgotten little horror Drive-In gem to DVD. This is one of those B-grade drive-in wonderment's that flooded the Ma and Pa Video stores. They were a dime a dozen back in the day. Murderlust falls into the category of Cult style film of the 80’s, even though many have not seen it. Thankfully now you have the chance to adventure into this forgotten 80’s B-grade gem.

The plot is a weird and wild reality of Crime, and horror mixed in. Steve is a Sunday school teacher. But what people don’t know is he is also a Serial Killer. Now Steve can’t get his pickle to work, his penis malfunctions. His rage is a growing brutality when he is not teaching about the Sweet Blood of Jesus, he is abducting and brutalizing women and throwing their bodies out like trash.

A serial killer, a broken penis, a rope, Boobies and naked women bring this trashy serial killing horror film together. It’s a perfect way to spend time eating popcorn and flashing back to the 80’s, with it's wonderful hairdos. I found this to be a fun trip back into the realms of 80’s Slasher style of cinema, even though it’s not a masked man carrying a kitchen knife or Machete, it’s still plays on that reality.

I think it’s more of a Crime Drama than an actual horror film. Most of the deaths you don't see, or are not all that graphic, so comparing it to Slasher films, or horror films of the day, this is a total different concept and reality.

Now this was directed by Donald M. Jones, an all-around B-grade Guru of the 80’s. He brought out many lower budget, lower class B-cinema for the masses of B-movie loving fiends. 

If you have read my reviews of the past, then you know that I love Drive-In, B-movie cinema. I collect lower budget, B-grade cinema like a 2 Dollar hooker collects crack rock. B-movies make for a perfect time of laughs and senseless entertainment. B-movies are total popcorn entertainment. 

Jones directed some of those horrible, wonderful, let’s all roll our eyes and giggle, or say to ourselves: “What the bloody hell am I watching.” From 1973’s Schoolgirls in Chains, to 1982’s The Forest. 1982’s Deadly Sunday, 1988’s Lethal Project, 1991’s Molly and the Ghost, and others. He dropped off the map in 1993, but popped back up in 2011 with the 8-minute short film, Space-Time in Violet, and then again in 2015 directing the horror film Evil Acts. I think what makes Jones different than most average B-movie directors, is he is a man of many talents. Not only a director, but a cinematographer, editor, producer, writer, working with the camera, acting, special effects and even working on the music. Murderlust is a prime example of brainless entertainment, and that is why it works, at least in my viewpoint.

I must mention that this stars Eli Rich, which this was his first starring role in a feature length film. He seems to have retired from acting as of 1991. He was in a few other films like 1989’s The Jigsaw Murders and he did work on many television shows. I think he captured the weird odd ball reality of the serial killing character of Steve Belmont in all it’s wonderful B-movie glory.

Now what is even better for the B-movie fiend is you get a second feature directed by Jones on this DVD. So, you get two cheesy movies for the price of one, which in my book is total B-movie heaven. The second film is 1987’s Project Nightmare. The plot to this dozy is two men are stuck out in the middle of the desert, and something, some type of force is following them, the men must escape this unknown reality. All the while what they don’t realize is they are part of a government experiment. This is a sci-fi thriller that also has trademarks of a horror film. It too, is weird, cheesy, all over the place, but that is what makes this a golden ticket, just like Murderlust. Both features equal popcorn entertainment.

InterVision has done a wonderful job in resurrecting these two forgotten B-movie glories for a new generation, and an old generation to return to. A perfect DVD, two features equal popcorn cinema bliss.


Special Features

Murderlust Extra:
Audio Commentary with Writer/Producer James C. Lane. I found this to be a perfect listen. I always love hearing from those who had apart in making of the film. This commentary you get to hear from the writer and producer himself, which is perfection for any movie lover of this style of entertainment.

Project Nightmare Extra:
Audio Commentary with Writer/Producer James C. Lane


It’s hard to explain this style of cinema unless you understand this style of cinema. This is back in the day when you took a trip into the unknown. A trip into the vast recesses of low budget wonderment. This is about fun, simple, no-brain cinema at its best. A perfect DVD Highly recommended for any lover of 80's B-grade cinema.


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