Mondo Macabro DVD release: The Snake God (1970)

The Snake God (1970)

Starring: Beryl Cunningham, Nadia Cassini

Plot: Abandoned by her rich industrialist husband on a remote Caribbean estate, Paola befriends Stella, a beautiful local girl who is an adept of a hidden voodoo cult. The two women become inseparable, sharing their most intimate secrets. Everything goes well until Paola demands that Stella take her to one of the voodoo ceremonies that she attends every week. There Paola falls under the spell of Djamballa, the powerful snake god, from whose magic there is no escape.

My Review and Thoughts:

Film (4/5)

Brought out by one of my favorite DVD companies of all time Mondo Macabro. They bring films out that never get the light of day, or those that are unearthed and brought out from the hidden darkness of the forgotten cinema world. To me Mondo Macabro DVD is the place to go to look for these wonderful obscure pieces of cinema, overlooked and yet dugout for fans of this type of genre. The Snake God DVD is another prime example of the amazing work of this company.

The Snake God is something truly unique. Something truly eye-opening and very visually sexual, and bizarre for the viewer. The weirdness of this film is what makes it all the better to view.

This was directed by a stunningly visionary talent that graced many films that have become cult classics throughout the years, Pierro Vivarelli. He worked on the original script for the classic Django starring the one and only Franco Nero. He wrote the 1977 cult adult classic Emmanuelle in America. He directed the over the top trashy thriller Satanik (1968) which he also acted in. Piero Vivarelli (1927–2010) was a brilliant writer, director, and an actor. He was an all around truly stunning piece of classic Italian, grindhouse cult Cinema.

The Snake God is an early Italian attempt at Blaxploitation, yet becomes a sexploitation film that brings the viewer into an odd setting of female exploration, ancient god rituals, and sex swapping. The film is woven with all the wild sex, interracial sex swapping, and truly is a politically incorrect Italian film done in the style of the old gritty Grindhouse sex films of the past.

This stars a true cult film goddess Nadia Cassini who was in the ultra-cheese-tastic and corny b-movie wonder, Starcrash. Always a wonder to view. She is a gifted classic cult actress gracing many memorable characters in cult cinema. She graced 1976's Emanuelle Silver Tongue. 1971's ultra-weird eye orgy, When Women Played Ding Dong.

This also stars the wonderful and amazing cult actress/writer/singer Beryl Cunningham. Fans of cult cinema will know her from 1970's cult Weekend Murders, also starring in 1976's Ugly Dirty and Bad. She also starred in the one and only 1972's The Black Decameron. She is a gifted talented and beautiful actress that captured a spark in her roles. She is stunning as always in her role in the Snake God.

How can you go wrong with these cult films, sex, voodoo, dancing women, did I mention beach sex? This is a wild ritualistic voodoo film, that only the Italians could do in the 1970s. Truly an obscure, lost, weird film.

The Snake God is for fans that understand and enjoy these ultra-rare and weird pieces of cinema. These types of films are an acquired taste. Those who seek these out may ultimately enjoy them. These films are for fans of cult cinema, grind house cinema, B-movie Cinema, late night films, sex crazed drive-in voodoo and Italian eye candies of twisted plots and over the top effects.

A Wonderful DVD to own for those who enjoy this type of cinema. I highly recommend for the fans of Cult Cinema. Truly a forgotten piece that was finally unearthed and created for a new DVD that can grace the shelves of all the fans of this wonderful genre.

Audio/Video (4/5)

I have nothing to compare this to. I have never seen this movie until now, and I've never owned another copy. This was filmed back in the day when it was not so good to begin with, but this DVD cleans it up and makes it Crisp. The audio is good. The visuals are good, and it's great that this has been recorded and brought out and enhanced for this generation.
Language: Italian | Subtitles: English (Optional, embedded in Mkv file)

Aspect ratio: Cinemascope 2.35:1 | Length: 94mn

Extras (3/5)

Just being able to own this film is an extra. Just being able to showcase that this exists once again for the fans that enjoy this kind of genre is an extra.

Interview with Director
Production notes

Overall (4/5)

Like I said this is for fans that appreciate this type of cinema. Fans that understand the quality of cult cinema. This is a wonderful DVD. A wonderful unearthing of a film that truly graces the inner fan of Cult Cinema.

Mondo Macabro are for the fans. For they truly know how to give gifts of unearthed, forgotten films. They grace this type of genre of film. They showcase, the bizarre and the weird, the underground, the grind house, the foreign, the lost films of their time. This is another wonderful DVD brought out for fans. The Snake God is truly a one of a kind film that must be seen to be understood or respected.