Reel Gore Releasing Blu-ray: The Orphan Killer (2011)

The Orphan Killer (2011)

Starring: Diane Foster, David Backus, Matt Farnsworth

My Review and Thoughts:

It's time to turn your brain off and put your love for Drive-In b-grade wonderment of entertainment to it's test. Time to take a trip into nothing more than a bloody, gory reality of viewing.

The Orphan Killer is a total throwback to the reality of ultimate gore and violence. This is an acquired taste, not all will get this style of cinema, but for those who love or are a gore hound of simplistic films, then this is a total winner. This is a total B-grade piece of cinema. The acting is horrendous at times and the plot is what it is, but that’s all the point, because these styles of films are not meant to be award worthy, they are meant to just entertain with blood and guts, and a Drive-In of entertainment that bleeds the old Grindhouse cinema days.

This is a 2011 film and is happily brought out on a wonderful top notch, high quality Blu-ray that utterly stands out in that the company Reel Gore Releasing always pays great respect to the films they choose.

This is directed by a new comer, Matt Farnsworth, and is also written by Matt Farnsworth. Now not only does Matt write and direct, he also stars in it as Officer Mike Hunt. This is his second feature film as director, his first being the 2005 Crime drama Iowa.

The best way to describe The Orphan Killer is, if Herschell Gordon Lewis had an incestual orgy with Jorg Buttgereit and Roger Corman, and then ended up miraculously giving birth. This would be the prime example of that love child between them.

Your main characters are Audrey and Marcus. Now to add to all the child dysfunction, their parents were brutally murdered. Both are sent to Saint Michaels Orphanage. Now to make a long story short, Audrey is adopted and Marcus is left behind. His violent nature is all over the place due to his parent’s brutal murder, and his total isolation at the orphanage. He is punished by having to wear a mask. Flash forward and as you would guess, murders start to happen. Brutal murders it seems to all those that caused pain and suffering or at least all those that just happen to get in the way of a psychotic killer seeking revenge.

Starring David Backus as the Orphan Killer and Diane Foster as Audrey. Both maintain their roles in different styles. Each seem to control and execute the reality of their characters into a believable reality.

This is a low-budget creation sparking a bang at times, and most of all a blood red bath. Go into this with the idea of a Late-night Ghoul Hosted Midnight Movie, and it works with all its cheesy acting and drive-in mentality. This plays out like a low-budget, direct to video reality. For those who love the torture porn type of scenario in horror films. This is a pure visceral watch of violence, and you become the victim.

Some will like, some will not. It does have its flaws, but it also has its brutal reality of hardcore type scenario's of a graphic over the top violent nature. Truly a brutal blood drenched mayhem, one pissed off killer seeking his justice.


The audio and video are splendid and is a high-quality reality to this Blu-ray. The video is vibrant in color and the audio is crystal clear to the ears. A perfection.

English Language
Optional Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese subtitles.
Widescreen Anamorphic 2.35:1.
DTS-HD MA 5.1 Surround/Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo


A nice array of special features. I would have expected more, considering some of the other Reel Gore Releasing Blu-ray’s, but I still enjoyed the Video Diary, anything dealing with how movies are made is a huge plus in my book.

Behind the Murder - Exclusive Video Diary
Trailer, Music Clip, Slideshow
And you get the Collectible O-Card which always displays a Gore girl and the bloody mayhem of the films brought out by Reel Gore Releasing.


As I have stated this film is not for everyone. This is a spiraling orgy of violence and B-grade cinema, that lingers on the boundaries of a Late Night, Drive-in Style, Grindhouse flick. This is a wonderful product by a wonderful company. They supply the darker more twisted pieces of cinema. A brutal array of violence and darker horror. Highly recommended Blu-ray for the gore hound.


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