Vinegar Syndrome Double Feature DVD: Abduction of an American Playgirl / Winter Heat

Abduction of an American Playgirl / Winter Heat

Welcome to another dose of Vinegar Syndromes, drive-in double bill feature Adult Style. It's time for Peek-A-Rama Vinegar Syndrome style. First is Abduction of an American Playgirl followed by Winter Heat.

Abduction of an American Playgirl (1975)

Starring: Eric Edwards, Alan Marlow, Darby Lloyd Rains.

My Review and Thoughts:

Two sexually charged men kidnap a random girl walking down the street after shopping. They plan on raping her over and over in a remote cabin. They plot and scheme, making it more perverse and sadistic, or at least they think so.

Not even three minutes in and you have a twat shot. Nudity, and two guys that are truly nuts.

First plan was to ball her, as they put it, and then after kidnapping her and taking her to the cabin, they realize she's from a wealthy rich family. So, they get it in their mind, to have a ransom demand for Jackie. They wish to make money because they're broke. The guys are truly dorky, comical and downright ludicrous. They're both, how do I put it, morons, dorky and they have no brains.

Now the guy’s names are, Fred and Dumbo. Fred is suffering from erectile dysfunction because Jackie won't stop crying, he can't get his balling on as he puts it, with her crying.
The plan doesn't go as they wanted because Jackie's father does not care, and Jackie can't stop fake crying. Jackie continues to smirk and laugh as each one of them leave the room, every time she starts crying, she knows how to work both. They are the dumbest criminals ever.

Now be warned this is not soft-core, this is not fake sex, this is full-blown hard-core porn. You get fellatio, 69-ing, a threesome, foursomes, lesbian sex, anal sex, and all the sexual acts you can think of over and repeatedly pre-condom era.

What turns out as a simple scheme of raping and ransom is going against both, Fred and Dumbo because Jackie is a nympho-maniac. Jackie love's sex. Jackie loves playing with them. It gets to the point were poor Fred and Dumbo can't take it anymore, and they end up calling other guys into please her. At one point, I thought she was going to udder the phrase: "Please sir, Can I have some more."

It’s one of those wild weird underground porn films with an actual plot. This is one of those late-night midnight screenings or the Girls Girls Girls establishments on 42nd Street of paying $.50 to get your rocks off while making the theater floor more sticky then it already is.
This is a wild fun, funny, comical romp of nudity, massive sex, and really a simple silly dumbest worlds criminal type of reality.

Now this stars Eric Edwards Mr. Master porn man himself, who has been in over 300 films. He is credited with the only porn man to ever act in the 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's, and 2000's showcasing porn films in each decade.

He stopped acting in porn and went to editing porn and editing films because of his children as he put it. His last porn feature was in 2002. He has gone by many pseudonyms such as Eric Cowards, Erik Edwards, Rob Emmett, Rob Everett, Rob Evert or Eric Rob.

What's interesting about Eric is he did the truly traditional acting in the 60's and started to switch to porn after acting onstage in play's and performances, and he was a part of the American Academy of Dramatic Arts.


It shows its age but it is transferred clearly and perfect for the viewer. The audio does have a little static in it, you can hear the snapping of static, but other than that, it's done perfectly and brought out by Vinegar Syndrome where you see everything visually, and truly crisp while viewing.


Sadly, all you get is a trailer.
+ Dual Layer DVD-9 | Region Free | 1.33:1 Full Frame | MONO
+ Scanned and restored in 2k from 35mm elements
+ Original theatrical trailer.


Now I want to repeat both these are full-blown porn. This is not soft core. This is not fake. I don't want people going into these thinking, they're just going to get a fake grind-house nudity sex film. This is full-blown penetration and sex, so you are warned.


Winter Heat (1976)

Starring: Jamie Gillis, Susan Sloan, Mickey Humm, Jennifer Jordan.

Plot: In this notorious roughie, a group of ex-cons terrorize and abuse a trio of helpless young women who are held hostage in a snowbound cabin.

My Review and Thoughts:

Now what is kind of interesting about this porn, is it plays on the homage of such horror films as the classic, Last House on the Left. You have four criminals, three guys, one girl, who break into a house occupied by three women. Soon all kinds of sex happens when the girls are forced to have sex, where they don't seem to find it that bad, or at least fighting it off that hard (no pun intended).

This is another one of those double bill porn films that you would find at a sleazy theater in the middle of the night, or those signs of neon plastered XXX Pleasure.

Vinegar Syndrome sure does know how to dig in the depths of cinema history, that is forgotten and bring out and showcase these forgotten little odd porn, grind-house, drive-in type feature films, that nobody has ever seen or like to admit they have seen.

Like I say, it plays on that cabin out in the middle of nowhere, and crooks coming into your private spots, oh I mean personal private spots, called your home. It takes you back to those old gritty 70 films that showcased their violent glory. This is like a porn horror film, or a porn home invasion film.

Now the dialogue is what it is. The acting well, it's a porn film. Looking past, the negativity, I think it's a great little feature film, because it plays like I say on those 70's films. It showcases a more sinister porn, sex, violence, where they are forced into the engagement.
I will say this, I don't think I have ever in history seen oatmeal rubbed on a female twat or boob before until now.


Vinegar Syndrome did a great job re-capturing this film for the new generation of porn hungry pre-condom fiends. The film is messy, grainy but still works. The audio you can hear the static at times but it's really overlooked.


You get absolutely nothing which is a bummer. I would have liked to see maybe interviews by the cast or commentary or something, even though it is a porn film, it would've been nice to see where are they now.

+ Dual Layer DVD-9 | Region Free | 1.33:1 Full Frame | MONO
+ Scanned and restored in 2k from 35mm elements


Both films are truly interesting in their own ways. Abduction is a silly comical porn, whereas Winter Heat is a more profound sinister induced interesting plot woven porn. I do like Winter Heat more than I do Abduction because it's more of a story, and more of an interesting stance on the home invasion reality.

For lovers of classic 70's porn, lovers of pre-condom porn, this is a must see. Both are stylishly done for lovers of this kind of cinema. It's interesting to see porn films get a good treatment, a good so-so transfer, and a somewhat cleaning or remastering of the films. Vinegar Syndrome did a great awesome wonderful quality job. The studio is truly passionate and understands what all genres of fans want. I highly recommend this for the porn 70's style pre-condom lovers.