Vinegar Syndrome DVD: Marilyn and the Senator (1975)

Marilyn and the Senator (1975)

Starring: William Margold, Nina Fause

Plot: 'The Senator,' who, despite being married, agrees to impregnate a beautiful CIA agent. As complications ensue with the senator's ability to perform, his wife and associates become increasingly suspicious of his affairs, resulting in a myriad of bizarre plot twists and revelations.

My Review and Thoughts:

Film: (3/5)

Here we go again into the recesses of the porn industry. Here is another classic of 1970's adult entertainment. A spectacle of pre-condom sex and wild nudity.

Vinegar Syndrome has done it again in bringing out a 70's porn. They bring it for the new generation by cleaning up the film and making it beautiful. When it first came out it ultimately was grainy in using cheaper film stock and not visually crisp. What Vinegar Syndrome does is re-master these porn obscurities, and make them look better than they did when they were first issued.

Directed by the one and only cult creator of cinema Carlos Tobalina. He was a writer, producer and actor and most of all a director. He directed many interesting wild over-the-top sexual silly B-grade erotic cinema pieces. He was a natural talent at creating cult films. With over 40 films he directed each one stands out in their own weird way. This being one of them. This is an interesting erotic porn that has everything that you would expect in a porn erotic grind-house type of film.

Marilyn and the Senator is for fans of that 70's porn. That 70's sexual and grind-house sexploitation movies. Boobies, full frontal, lesbianism to penetration and so on.
This 1975 adult film stars Nina Fause who was a 70's adult stable in this type of cinema. This also stars William Margold the adult movie icon and actor in over 150 films. Interesting to note is that William was the former director of the coalition of free speech and the co-founder to the group Fans of X-rated Entertainment. Now many will know him for his statement in an interview about his daughter. The statement to note is quite controversial, whether he meant it or not, I don't know, but his statement during an interview stated that he would act in a sex scene with his own daughter. Which is quite disturbing and very sick, but whether he was just shooting BS I don't know. In any form or fashion, he is a character, and a very interesting man to listen to. He captured many scenes in porn and is still functioning today in cameos and so on. He also is an adult entertainment director. He has done just about everything you can think of in the porn industry, from writer, to actor, to director, to producer. He is someone that has a passion and an ultimate knowledge of porn history. He is like a walking historical book of the porn industry. He is truly a one-of-a-kind character and a cult figure in the industry of adult entertainment.

This also has the one and only cult icon Liz Renay in a cameo. She graced cinema in John Waters’ 1977 film Desperate Living.  Liz Renay was stunning and was awesome in many characters throughout her many years of acting. She always graced Cinema and had an ultimate pleasure in doing what she did on screen. What's interesting is she was girlfriend to killer gangster Meyer Harris "Mickey" Cohen. She always was a true star and ultimate burlesque dancer and striptease act.

Liz was a true cult goddess and truly an image that will never be forgotten. She captured countless flawless moments and explored many personas, and gifted the cinema world with her body, her looks, and most of all her attitude.

This also stars another 70's porn stable Sharon Thorpe who was a part of 40 films in the 70's. Now this also stars a cult related actor of cinema, none other than William Kirschne. He started acting in the 50's but every part he played was uncredited because he was just standing in or was one of the extras. He will best be known for besides being in many saucy films, he was in cult films from the 70's such as Sweet Sweetback's Baadasssss Song (1971) and the ultra-cult awesome b-movie flick The Corpse Grinders (1971).

Standing out is the very beautiful redheaded porn goddess Serena. What made Serena stand out in the porn industry is she was a very spirited female porn actress. She did just about anything you can think of in porn. She was willing to do it and was very versatile in it. She was a very passionate female actress that captured the world of sexual pleasure and owned every part she did. She was a landmark actress of porn and disappeared after the late 80's, retiring from the industry. During her career, she did have parts in non-porn films but usually was uncredited or just a stand in. Other films of hers that stand out to me are World of Sexual Fantasy (1976). Fantasm Comes Again (1977). Night Flight (1980).

Vinegar Syndrome did it again bringing out an ultra-cool cult classic of the adult entertainment world. They did it again with another wonderful example of their passion for the fans of this type of cinema.

What makes this stand out as a very brilliant DVD, is it’s the full-length director's cut, and was scanned from the 35mm camera negative.

This was saved and unearthed once again and placed on a DVD for this new generation to explore this classic 70's porn film.

Audio/Video: (3/5)

Aspect Ratio: 1.85:1 Anamorphic Widescreen
Sound: Dolby Digital Mono English

Extras: (4/5)

The commentary which is one of the extras which has the star himself William Margold, must be listened to. For the purchase of the DVD is worth it just to listen to William speak about the film.
Restored In 2K From The Camera Negative
Audio Commentary with Star William Margold
Original Theatrical Trailer

Overall: (3/5)

Clocking in at a whopping 130 minutes, this is possibly one of the longest of its kind, that I've seen or at least that I remember. That's what makes this one stand out and gives an overall difference to this genre. A two-hour long sex film, but that's where it is different, for it's a comedy, satire and can be considered a full-length feature film. When you think of the porn industry, you don't think of it that way, it's more like a Wham Bam thank you ma'am type of mentality. In my view, Vinegar Syndrome, has done it again and brought out a classic forgotten 70's film to a new generation in all it's wonderful uncut glory. So, if you are a 70's adult entertainment lover, then you can enjoy this ultra-classic retro naughty and saucy comedy sexual romp.