Vinegar Syndrome: Two Double Feature DVD's: Judy (1970) / The Night Hustlers (1968) / Baby Rosemary (1976) / Hot Lunch (1978)

Judy (1970) /The Night Hustlers (1968)

Starring: David Haller, Sandy O'Hara, George Mead, China Valles, Joe Varo, Andrea Barr, Margo Billings, Marcel De Lage

Judy: A sex killer is on the loose, terrorizing working girls in Boston’s seedy ‘combat zone.’ Will a rogue ex-detective solve the mystery before more buxom beauties meet an unfortunate demise?

My Review and Thoughts:

Not even a minute in and you get full-blown nudity and lesbian sex. this is a true classic drive-in double feature

First is Judy which came out in 1969 and is a hoot of a film with pure softcore porn, booby licking, fondling, and female vertical smiles showcased in all their glory, mixed with lesbian sex throughout.

Add in a sex crazed killer and you have a true classic grind house film.

This stars Dave Haller as Gunner Sloan and with a name like that you know this is going to be one wild, sleazy, gritty, erotic, grind house wonder, forgotten in time, but thanks to Vinegar Syndrome, behold you have Judy. A truly erotic, nasty, sleazy, exploitation film, brought to all the fans of this type of cinema.

This has nudity throughout, masturbation, lesbian sex, fellatio, taking a shower, being choked and raped and murdered.

Fans of this old-school soft-core sleazy movie cinema who pays $.50 to get your rocks off with a prostitute in the dark, hidden in the isles of grind house flashbacks with drunks and cigarettes will come together and love this wild interesting, comical at times, and truly an eye-opening sexploitation of the time.

David W. Hanson directed only two films and this sleazy film is one of them. It was co-directed by the co-writer George Meadows.

I enjoyed this, because I love grind house cinema. I love those old-school sleazy exploitation films of the 1970’s and 80’s. Those forgotten little gem's that seem to be swept under the rug, or thrown in the dumpster.

Thankfully this one was rescued and finally brought out so that all can explore and be entertained by it, in that sleazy, cigarette smoking, dirty cinema, sticky floors, dim and non-working lights, with stale popcorn and the pervert concession man staring at your date or your pick up, while playing pocket pool.

Plot is simple, sex, a detective, rape and murder, sex, a detective, rape, sex sex, sex, boobs, lesbians, sex and did I mention lesbian sex.


This is an older film, so it's going to show an older age, these movies were not filmed the greatest when they were made. The camerawork from its time is very aged and so it does not age that great, but what is great about this one is it can be seen. It's good, and its quality it's not great, but it's an amazing restoration so that people can continue to enjoy this drive-in feature.

No real problems with the audio whatsoever. You get that old-school sleazy music, that laid-back funky type of soundtrack.


Overall I feel the movie works. Vinegar Syndrome did a wonderful job bringing this forgotten little film out on DVD, plus it's a double feature, two movies for the price of one. This brings back those classic days of drive-in cinema, when you could load up on junk food, grab a blanket, bring a friend, bring your family, you get my point.

I remember going to the drive-in as a kid watching sometimes three movies in a row. I remember as a kid sitting in front of the car on the blanket spread out on the grass, listening, eating popcorn and watching the films. All that wonderful glory under the night sky, the stars shining, vehicle after vehicle, kids running around playing, women and men necking in the cars. It was a hoot, it's a forgotten reality that I miss greatly.

I highly praise Vinegar Syndrome just because I love the quality of what they do. They save films that most movie buffs haven't even seen. For us old-school, hard-core lovers of cinema, those 70’s and 80’s and even 1960 films of a Grindhouse drive-in nature, Vinegar Syndrome create that forgotten reality for the masses of old school and now a new school generation of old-school cinema.


The Night Hustlers (1968)

Plot: In this oddity, a group of vice cops trade stories of their sleazy busts

My Review and Thoughts:

Boy, do we have a hoot here. This is one of the weirdest, interesting, strange, softcore drive-in second bill I have ever seen. It's a bunch of men sitting around the table telling stories of their sexual escapades.

Tons of booby fondling, tons of fake sex, and tons of random boob shots. I have a question for all you ladies out there: Do women sit around combing their hair, talking on the phone or cooking naked with their boobs just hanging out?

I really don't know how to explain this movie other then it's a softcore eroticism. The acting is downright horrible, but you really don't watch these types of films for the acting, so I'm not going to fault it for that. It is what it is, filled with humor, and that silly grind house soft-core nakedness. A true one of a kind oddity of the 70’s.

In one shot you have a stripper playing with the pole while a bunch of men sit around looking at her, not really making any motion and then when she stops stripping, one guy in Speedo's and another guy in daisy Dukes start twirling themselves around the pole, and all the guys in the audience are screaming and yelling. So, you have a somewhat homoerotic reality mixed in with a stripper. The stripper then for no apparent reason starts masturbating while the guys entertain themselves.

That's how this whole movie takes place, flashbacks of weirdness told by police officers around a table.


Again, this one is probably lost through the time and the film abandoned, and not given any real treatment. It is scratchy at times, it's not crisp, you can tell it's old, it's a very aged movie, but this is one of those type of cinema pieces that has been forgotten by time, so any negative is really a plus. Vinegar Syndrome did a great job bringing this oddity back into the limelight and for that it’s gets points.


Well I'm a diehard fan of drive-in cinema, I love grind house cinema. I love those old weird features and this was clearly the second half of what you would see in the olden days. In the past, you use to be able to go into the drive-in or even a theater matinee, get two for the price of one. One being the greater picture and the last being the lesser value, and that's clearly what this double bill DVD is. Judy was more entertaining then, The Night Hustlers.

Both feature films leave a lasting impression upon the viewer. Each one is original, unique and truly an odd ordeal to be hold for the fans of this genre of cinema. Fans will love both. The plots are silly, the acting is way off, but most of all it grabs the fans, the cult followers of drive-in cinema. Judy and The Night Hustlers are truly cinematic oddities pushed toward the cult following of this type of cinema.


Baby Rosemary (1976) /Hot Lunch (1978)

Starring:  Desire Costeau, Juliet Anderson

Baby Rosemary: After the death of her father, a beautiful, though sexually traumatized, young woman enters an erotic nightmare while awaiting his funeral. “Baby Rosemary” is a haunting adult film like no other.

Hot Lunch: Andrew’s life has hit rock bottom. After being fired from his job and discovering that his girlfriend is having an affair, he hits the streets looking for work only to discover a non-stop series of sexual delights waiting for him at every turn.

My Review and Thoughts:

Here’s another double feature of the old days of erotic cinema. This is an odd mixed set of films, specifically for Baby Rosemary, because it’s more weird, and disturbing at the same time. The concept of mixing porn with an unsettling atmosphere is done here, which is always as bit disconcerting in my book.

Something these old X rated films seemed to do in the golden years of Grindhouse and underground cinema is mix a violent tone in with the sex. Most people watch sex just to get off. So, adding a darker tone is always interesting, because it is in direct contrast with the notion of sexual gratification. At times, it makes for an interesting film like the first film in this double feature Baby Rosemary. A twisted little darker sexual porn. This is directed by John Hayes who did other films outside of porn such as exploitation films and mixing in a little splash of trashy horror though out his career with such over the top retro-classics like Grave of the Vampire and Garden of the Dead.

Baby Rosemary is most defiantly one to see. It is a slightly psychological film, mixing in past actions of nightmares with a reality of an average erotic film.  It plays sort of like a pornographic nightmare realized, coffins, cults, rape, sex, nightmares and orgies at a funeral home, need I say more.

Hot Lunch is more of a basic sex romp. This is another weird tale at times but nothing like the first one. It is also directed by Hayes, but it is much more straightforward in its approach, and nothing like the bizarreness of the first half of this Peekarama double bill.

Both these films contain sex, and yes more sex. Baby Rosemary is very enjoyable, odd, and very different. Something that I feel lovers of grindhouse and weird trippy style of cinema will really enjoy.

Baby Rosemary stars the very beautiful knock out goddess Lesllie Bovee. A true eye candy starlet of sexual desire. It also stars the porn legend and veteran John Leslie who stared in over 300 pictures. He was a master talented porn icon. He sadly passed away at the age of 65, but his legacy in the adult world lives on. Those who research and consider porn a major part of film, will always know him for his many great porn industry roles.

Both these features are classic and truly memorable doses of eye candy, and truly bizarre porn oddities. Two true golden age porns resurrected and brought out lovingly on this double feature Peek-a-Rama DVD by the one and only masters of odd and smut cinema, Vinegar Syndrome.


It’s old porn films, but thankfully they showcase a better print then the original, and these films where never filmed in crisp beautiful ways, so you should expect some grain and popping noises, but with that said these two look better than they ever have. I saw Baby Rosemary a while back and it was horrible looking transfer, but this DVD version makes it shine. This is the must own version of both films.

+ Dual-Layer DVD-9 | Region Free | 16:9 Anamorphic | MONO
+ Scanned in 2k from 35mm original negatives


+ Original theatrical trailer for BABY ROSEMARY
+ Hot and Soft theatrical trailers for HOT LUNCH
+ Alternate soft scenes for HOT LUNCH


Great retro porn. Four films resurrected nicely on DVD, by those masters of vintage erotica restoration Vinegar Syndrome. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.