Saturday Late-Night Triple Horror Feature: The Taking of Deborah Logan, I Spit on your Grave 2, I Spit on your Grave 3

The Taking of Deborah Logan (2014)

Starring: Jill Larson, Anne Ramsay, Michelle Ang, Ryan Cutrona, Anne Bedian, Brett Gentle, Jeremy DeCarlos, Deputy Linda Tweed,  

My Review and Thoughts:

There is still one type of horror film that gets too me. And that is possession films. They are so twisted in plot and there are many that stand out. It also sadly is a plot that’s been overdone, just like zombies, and vampires currently. Going into to this, there was already two let downs to me, unoriginal plot, and hand held camera horror. I can’t stand how so many films this day and age are using the tired old Blair Witch concept, but I still give them a go, no matter how much I can’t stand most of them.

I was surprisingly entertained by this one. I think it’s mainly because of the stunning and amazing actress Jill Larson. She is brilliant in the part and totally fits the part in a creepy, twisted and disturbing ordeal. She gives it her all and creates a shocking performance that massively sticks inside your head. Her frail and skinny nature mixed with her age and the demented plot gives a sadistic imagery. Jill Larson is the golden ticket in the part and makes the film work. Jill has been acting since the 70’s in both small screen and big screen cinema. She is more likely best known for playing the long running character Opal on the daytime soap opera All My Children. She is an extraordinary performer and her talent shines in this part, and is what saves the picture from being nothing more than another hand-held camera film.

Also, one of the important parts is played by Anne Ramsay. She and along with Jill Larson, control the film, and each one makes you believe the plight taking place. The chemistry between them are perfect and stands out. Both play off each other. Ramsey has been acting since the 80’s and is always a treat to see in my viewpoint. Most will know her from her character Lisa Stemple on the TV series Mad About You.

It was also nice seeing veteran actor Ryan Cutrona. Cutrona has been acting for many years and is one of those character actors that never really got the lime light that he deserved. Most will remember him from playing recurring characters on the TV series The Practice, The West Wing and 24, also playing in the modern classic TV series Mad Men. He is just one those actors that you might not know his name, but you know him when you see him.

The down fall is the other characters. They are the basic no dialogue, and no structure other than screaming or arguing at the camera. Please, listen to me, people who decide to make these real time, lost footage blah, blah, blah films, write dialogue that is not people screaming and fighting with each other, it gets on the nerves quickly, and is boring as hell and frustrating. Plus, write believable characters. The stuff that people do in these type of films is not reality based. Normal people would not do some of the stuff that takes place in films like this.

Every moment with Jill Larson is worth watching. If I could edit out everybody else’s, “oh my god, what's that.” or the yelling and screaming then I would return to this film often. I recommend it for Jill Larson’s amazing performance and twisted conclusion.

Directed, edited, produced and co-written by Adam Robital. This is Robital’s first feature length directorial debut. It will be interesting to see what comes next for this new director. Being a hand-held camera horror, there is really no skill behind the direction part. He also did the editing to the film, could have used some tweaking, but overall, it’s a basic hand held camera horror, which are a Dime a Dozen this day and age. Robital’s co-writer is actor, producer, director Gavin Heffernan.

The movie is represented in the old tired way of film students filming. They come to film a documentary about a woman suffering with Alzheimer’s but end up filming more than they bargained for as the supernatural takes places. You follow along with the story in several days, supposedly retrieved crime scene footage. There is nothing new, nothing original. Don’t go into this wanting anything fresh. It’s a tired old setting. A basic hand held horror but it has one thing going for it, and that’s Jill’s performance.


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I Spit on your Grave 2 (2013)

Starring: Jemma Dallender, Yavor Baharov, Joe Absolom, Aleksandar Aleksiev, Mary Stockley, Valentine Pelka, Georgi Zlaterev, Peter Silverleaf, Michael Dixon, Kacey Barnfield.

Plot: Katie is trying to make it in the cutthroat world of modeling. When she innocently accepts an offer to have new photos taken for her portfolio, the experience quickly turns into a nightmare.

My Review and Thoughts:

Truly a sadistically brutal film that's shockingly violent at times. This is the uncut version that was not shown in theaters. The cut version was a huge mess and so this is the unrated version that I am viewing. The rated version did cut out many moments or shortened them. The cut version is at times sadistically brilliant revenge film. A rape and torture film where the victim gets her ultimate justice.

Huge fan of the original 70's version. Huge fan of the remake.

I am a fan of parts of Part 2. This one does not hold up logically as the others do. There are to many stupid moments or unrealistic happening in this one. I must say this is sadistically brilliant in many ways. The rape scene was very violent, the overall torture was very violent and hard to watch.

I don't know why this movie got such negativity from reviewers because it's sadistically violent, just like all the others. Yes, it has its flaws but it still works as a basic revenge sequel. I can see if they watch the cut version why it has so much negativity toward it. The movie cut or uncut has flaws in the story which does bring it down and makes the viewer dissatisfied but still I was thoroughly entertained by it even with it's stupid mistakes and flaws in story.

The uncut is a brilliantly done psychological disturbing film, almost on the grounds of a little too much, because it holds nothing back.

I think it works. I enjoyed it, felt its premise, very in-your-face. One girls will to survive during a horrible ordeal comes to life.

Jemma Dallender does a fantastic job and is a believable victim in her pain and suffering and her ultimate vengeance plays out flawlessly for the viewer at hand. She brings Katie to life, makes Katie believable, gives Katie the substance that any rape victims feel.

It's hard to watch the brutality; it’s hard to watch any bodies brutality. This film is hardcore and is filmed in such a reality way that makes the viewer want to turn away. It is violent, it is disgusting and disturbing. Three monsters, three guys and they deserve what comes to them.

Now for the negativity. There are many flaws in this that are not reality-based. There is the concept that this skinny scrawny woman can lift, limp weight of a full-grown man. How she ever got the men in the position she did to torture them I will never know. Without help there's no way she would've lifted and positioned the way she did, and so that does kind of play with the viewer.

Plus, the reality that someone could come in and just take her out of the police station without detectives being competent enough to do their job, and to follow through with protocol is ludicrous.

Looking past, the negativity it's still worth a great watch for those who love the torture porn type of scenario in horror films. A pure visceral watch of violence and a helpless reality for your victim and the viewer.

I can in all honesty say I have never seen someone’s death by chunky poop water. This is just gross.

Some will like, some will not. It does have its flaws, but it also has its brutal reality of hardcore type scenario's of a graphic revenge film. Truly a vengeance, one girl pissed off seeking her justice.


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I Spit on Your Grave 3 (2010)

Starring: Sarah Butler, Gabriel Hogan, Doug McKeon

My Review and Thoughts:

I really liked the remake, I Spit on Your Grave (2010). Did not care so much for Part 2 because of it's many flaws, but yet still entertained me. What makes part 3 more enjoyable is it continues the storyline of the remake. Jennifer has now changed her name to Angie. She is now in therapy, and her world is stained by the actions she went through, and the revenge she instilled upon those who hurt her in Part 1.

Angie is now hardened, and looks at all men as despicable. The over intense way that Angie is portrayed at times is a little too much. It is a movie that clearly is against men at times, or showcases all men as rapist. The regard of intensity in this reality can turn many people off. Trust me, not all men are rapist dogs, or at least the movie showcases this reality.

Angie enters a therapy meeting for rape victims, where she meets Marla, another rape victim who looks at all men as rapist dogs. Both feed off each other’s hatred, and bitterness toward scummy men. Soon Angie finds herself stalking, and seeking out men who demoralize women. The therapy or friendship with Marla seems to help Angie, and she slowly changes her hardened ways. Just when things are changing for Angie, her world is turned upside down again, when Marla is killed.

Soon Angie is up to her old ways again seeking out men who get away with rape, and using women as victims. Angie is looked upon by the police as men are taken out one by one. A justice served that only one who's Spit’s on Graves can give.

The movie has flashbacks of the 2010 film as Angie thinks back to her brutal rape, torture, and her ultimate justice, she displayed. What makes this one really stand out is the very twisted, and graphic violence. One death has a truly hardcore Penis stabbing, and brutality that makes even the hardened Gore-whore go, “Did I just see that.”  This movie is very graphic, very intense, and displays of gore in a graphic nature, are more intense than the first 2. I thought I would never say this for a modern horror film, some of this hardcore violence is a little much. There is a brutality to the film that leaves a lasting impression.

Something that also stands out is the display of emotional drama. The solid acting by the therapy group, adds a sense of quality to the film. Meaning, yes, the violence is brutal, and disturbingly thick, but there is also an emotional side to the film. Doug McKeon was fantastic as Oscar. Sarah Butler is a fantastic actress that makes you believe her victim persona, and ultimate hatred. Her thick brutal nature displays itself in a believable reality that leaves you the viewer in an intense struggle in trying to accept, or fathom the hatred, and violence inside Angie/Jennifer’s persona. In the end the movie gives mixed emotions.

Spoilers Stroll Down past the Spoiler

Angie is disturbed. Her persona changes from Justice seeking, to full blown criminal in the end. Where I Spit on your Grave displays a mentality of getting Justice for the wrongs, I Spit on Your Grave 3 strays from that concept in changing Jennifer into a hardened cold blooded murderer, which really turns off in being a lover of I Spit on your Grave. I Spit on Your Grave was a female, (both the original and the remake) that had you the viewer following along with her actions in her Justice, and revenge. In this one, Jennifer becomes, nothing more than a cold blooded, unlikable character in the end. It wasn't about Justice, it was about simply killing. 

End of Spoilers

The start of the film was a turn off with the all men are evil plot, but slowly turns into a revenge style movie where Angie seeks out truly horrible men who rape, and murder women and children. This is a movie geared to people who love this style of film, rape-revenge. A violent film with the flare of the old Grindhouse style of content.

This is an unapologetic movie in its violence and gore.

It’s a movie that displays an anger, and a true building of hatred seeking of justice to those victims denied justice by court systems, and the law. I am not condoning the violence, but I understand what these movies display. I understand that victims, and family members of victims, deserve justice and sometimes, let’s just say, things happen, or at least they should, and Angie solves that reality through her means of Justice.

One plus to this film is it’s produced by the original director of the 1978 version, Meir Zarchi, adding a little nostalgia to the mix of the film.

This is an okay movie, I have mixed feelings about it, because of what I mentioned in the spoiler section. Overlooking that reality, the movie is a solid rape revenge film.