Twilight Time Bluray: Another Woman (1988)

Another Woman (1988)

Starring:  Ian Holm, Mia Farrow, Gena Rowlands, Martha Plimpton, Gene Hackman, Blythe Danner, Betty Buckley

Company: Twilight Time

My Review and Thoughts:

My Rating: 4.5 out of 5

This was a different style of film for Woody Allen. It is one of his shortest films, clocking in at a short 81 minutes. It’s also one of the films, that does not linger on the comedy aspect, that most of his films do. This is all drama.

The plot is about a woman named Marion Post played flawlessly by Gena Rowlands. She is a philosopher. She is going through a sort of mid-life crisis. The building she lives in is going under construction so she has no peace of mind, as she is writing a book. So, to get peace and quiet and to write her book, she rents an apartment room downtown in New York. This apartment happens to be alongside an office for a psychiatrist. There in her new room she can hear the conversations and meetings in the psychiatrist office. She becomes interested and drawn toward a woman named Hope who is pregnant, and is a patient of the psychiatrist. 

Twilight Time has released many Woody Allen films on Special Edition, 3,000 Unit Blu-ray’s. Which you can read my reviews for all of them by looking in the Twilight Time Section on the Left-hand side. From: A Midsummer Night’s Sex Comedy / Love and Death / The Purple Rose of Cairo, most recently Interiors, and many others. Woody Allen needs no introduction to the cinema world. His vast career of films as both writer, director, actor and so on, have been hits, misses, but always unique and interesting.

Woody Allen has a style that only he can do and get away with in film. He has a natural talent of creating truly original pieces of cinema. His ultimate completion of films is something that stands out as being one of a kind experiences.

You either love or hate Woody Allen movies. Most of Allen’s films are simple, down to earth and nothing grand, just great interaction and performances. That performing holds the watcher, and creates a satisfied experience, no matter how simplistic it is. Woody Allen is just one of those unique, masterly, gifted and iconic performers, directors, and writers that are, few.

One of your main female leads, is his once wife, and often a stable in many of his early films, actress Mia Farrow. Always a wonderful treat to see. An amazing actress that owns and creates a memorable character that only she can do in every film she starred in. My personal favorite is one of my favorite horror films of all time, the one and only Rosemary’s Baby. I often return to this film repeatedly. 

Farrow’s acting in Rosemary’s Baby is something that shines with complete clarity in how to create a perfect horror film and build a character. That brings me to the character of Hope in Another Woman. Mia can bring this character to life in a believable reality like she always does.

Starring another fantastic stunning lady of cinema Gena Rowlands. Rowlands is an actress that blesses the screen with her presence in anything see does. Starting in 1954 and still working today. She is beautiful, graceful and has an expertise in front of the camera no matter how small the part, or how big the part is.

Also, starring a very underrated actress that I have often felt should be a household name. She has been a part of my life since I was a child. Watching her as I grew up in such 80 classics like the one and only Goonies and a comedy favorite of mine 1989’s Parenthood. She also starred in another Twilight Time Special Edition release 1990’s Stanley & Iris. Loved her in 1998’s John Water classic Pecker. No matter how big or small Martha Plimpton is a golden ticket of acting perfection. From TV shows to feature films to voice acting, I love watching and seeing her act. I am a huge fan of her performances. She can act in comedy and drama and everything else. Perfect seeing her in this.

Also, starring the extraordinary master Gene Hackman who really needs no introduction to film. A master talent of acting. Starring in some of my favorite films, the one and only western Unforgiven. But my all-time film I return to is, which is also a wonderful Special Edition released Twilight Time Blu-ray Mississippi Burning, which is such a perfect film in my book. You can read my Twilight Time review of Mississippi Burning in the Twilight Time section. He also starred in one of my favorite comedy classic’s The Birdcage. A god of cinema. A master talent of old-school and new school perfection.


My Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Yet again a flawless example of how to treat a film. Giving a film a new outlet. A wonderful clarity in picture and sound. High definition. Crisp in audio and vibrant in colors.

VIDEO: 1080p High Definition / 1.85:1
AUDIO: English 1.0 DTS-HD MA
1988 / Color


Slim pickings here, but still you are given the wonderful isolated Music Track.

Isolated Music Track
Original Theatrical Trailer
Limited Edition of 3,000 Units


This was my first time seeing this film and I personally must say I absolutely loved it. The drama enriched plot and character development, even though the movie is so short, it still maintains the growth the film needs to attract the viewer. I think this is an excellent film.

Like most Allen’s films, the movie is jam packed with stars of young and old. Classic actors and actresses. It’s always wonderful seeing a vast array of cinema acting perfection. The wonderful amazing Ian Holm who I will always love from the original sci-fi classic Alien. The amazing male roles, Philip Bosco, Fred Melamed, Kenneth Welsh, David Ogden Stiers, and the one and only, god rest his amazing acting soul, the one of kind acting thespian John Houseman. The wonderful and beautiful female roles, besides the one’s mentioned above in the review, you have Blythe Danner, Betty Buckley, Sandy Dennis, Frances Conroy. An amazing cast in this film which I feel shines.

Twilight Time has done an amazing job in transferring this to High definition 1080p Blu-ray. Highly recommended.


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